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Ayanlade, A, Jegede MO.  2016.  Climate change education and knowledge among Nigerian University Graduates. Weather, Climate, and Society. 8(4):465-473,AmericanMeteorologicalSociety,USA. Abstract

The introduction of climate change studies in universities has a fundamental role in helping the general public, especially the next generations, to recognize the global challenges of climate change and to find ways of adapting to the changing climate. This study examined the level of climate change education and perception of Nigerian university graduates. A mixed method approach was used to obtain data relating to perceptions, understanding, and level at which climate change has been taught in Nigerian universities. The results from this study revealed that about 70.7% of university graduates received brief lectures in some special elective courses during their university education, while only 4.1% were taught more than three semesters/terms in some special elective courses. It was also revealed that graduates from departments of environmental sciences have more class experience on climate change than students in the humanities and other faculties. The major finding of this study is that students appear far more informed about climate change, usually from the Internet and international media, than the level of climate change education they were taught in university. These results show the need for the introduction of climate change studies in Nigerian universities, with over 71% of participants believing that climate change studies should be included as a required course in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Faniran, A, Oluwagbenga OOI.  2016.  Creation and Environmental Care for Global Security and Peace: The Theocentric Option. American Journal Academic Research. 1(1):A12-A24. Abstractcreation-and-environmental-care-for-global-security-and-peace-the-theocentric-option.pdfWebsite

The main thrust of this paper is to assess the impacts of the human being on the environment as a result of their perception of the environment mainly as a resource that must be exploited. Particular attention was paid to different strategies adopted by scholars in terms of managing nature both in the past and present with a view to ascertaining the extent of degradation and the tendency of wanton anthropogenic modification of the environment. The study was based on archival research methods and expository review of relevant studies. Suggestions on how environmental sustainability could be attained in the near future were proposed. Finally, as an alternative to ecocentrism and anthropocentrism, a theocentric perspective was suggested since materialism was regarded as one of the most serious dysfunctional values for the ecosystem. Therefore Christians needed to re-orientate their relationship with the material properties.

Olorunfemi, E, Ojo J, Aboyeji OS, Akeju M, Okezie C.  2016.  DETERMINATION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION LEVELS FROM CELL PHONES AND GSM MASTS IN ILE-IFE, SOUTHWEST NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):1041-1051.olorunfemi_et_al_17.pdf
Idowu, PA, O S, JA B.  2016.  Development of a web based Cardiovascular Disease Risk Monitoring System. Ife Journal of Information Communication Technology. 1(1):4-16.
Mobolaji, J, Bamiwuye S, Bisiriyu L.  2016.  Differentials in contraceptive discontinuation among Nigerian women: Exploring the ethnic variations. Differentials in contraceptive discontinuation among Nigerian women: Exploring the ethnic variations. Ife Research Publications in Geography. 14:47-48.mobolaji_et_al_2017.pdf
S, L, A I, Asani MA, Bolorunduro KA, Foghi PU, Oke IA.  2016.  EFFECT OF SELECTED FACTORS ON WATER SUPPLY AND ACCESS TO SAFE WATER IN NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(3):623-639.lukman_et_al._5.pdf
Adegoke, OJ.  2016.  Effect of Valuation Variance and Inaccuracy on Nigerian Commercial Property Market: An Empirical Study. Journal of Property Investment and Finance,. 34(3)
Sola-Ojo, FE, A AA, F ayeye TR, A BAH, Ibiwoye DI, A FN.  2016.  EFFECTS OF FEEDING PROCESSED BAOBAB (Adansonia digitata) SEED ON THE HEAMATOLOGY AND SERUM BIOCHEMISTRY OF BROILER CHICKS. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):895-903.sola-ojo_et_al_6.pdf
Ayoola, TJ, Oyerinde AA.  2016.  Efficiency and Financial Distress in the Nigerian Banking Industry. ICAN Journal of Accounting and Finance. 1(1):101-121.
Agbalajobi, DT, Agunbiade AT.  2016.  Electoral violence and women’s participation in electoral processes: challenges and prospects for future elections in Nigeria. Unilag Sociological Review (USR). 12(2):73-94.
Ayanlade, A, Howard MT.  2016.  Environmental impacts of oil production in the Niger Delta: Remote sensing and social survey examination. African Geographical Review. 35(3):272-293,Taylor&Francis. Abstract

This study examines environmental change in Tsekelewu, Niger Delta Region. Both remote sensing and social survey methods were used to assess the impacts of oil exploration activities around the Tsekelewu community. Landsat data between 1984 and 2011 were used for spatiotemporal change in the environment around the community while mixed method approaches were used to collect social data. The results show that several mangrove forest areas were degraded around Tsekelewu during the 1980s and 1990s while the vegetation appeared regenerated during the 2000s, although, at a very slow rate. The rate of regeneration noted from 1999 to 2011 has not fully compensated for the mangrove loss that occurred during the 1980s and early 1990s. After 15 years of uncontrolled forest destruction, little vegetation regeneration, the area was taken over by brackish water mangrove.

L.A, J, E.T O, J.A A, A.A A.  2016.  EXPERIMENT AL INVESTIGATION OF FOULING CHARACTERISTICS OF DIESEL OIL. Ife Journal of Science. 18(3):721-728.jimoda_et_al_13.pdf
Adegoke, BF, Adegoke OJ, Oyedele, J.B.  2016.  Factors Influencing Women Participation in Homeownership in Nigeria. ournal of Property Management. 34(1):67-78.
Oluwagbenga, OOI, Fashae OA, Oke TO, Akinwumiju AS.  2016.  Flood Vulnerability in a Part of Southwestern Nigeria. Academic Journal of Environmental Science. 4(3):055-061.flood_vulnerability_in_a_part_of_southwestern_nigeria.pdf
Adeniyi, TA, Oyebanji OO, Adeonipekun PA.  2016.  FLORAL DIVERSITY IN THE WETLANDS OF IBEJU-LEKKI AREA, LAGOS, NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(3):729-737.adeniyi_et_al_14.pdf
Fawole, OG, MacKenzie AR, Cai X.  2016.  Gas flaring and resultant air pollution: A review focusing on black carbon. Environmental Pollution. 216:182-197.