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Sola-Ojo, FE, A AA, F ayeye TR, A BAH, Ibiwoye DI, A FN.  2016.  EFFECTS OF FEEDING PROCESSED BAOBAB (Adansonia digitata) SEED ON THE HEAMATOLOGY AND SERUM BIOCHEMISTRY OF BROILER CHICKS. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):895-903.sola-ojo_et_al_6.pdf
Ayoola, TJ, Oyerinde AA.  2016.  Efficiency and Financial Distress in the Nigerian Banking Industry. ICAN Journal of Accounting and Finance. 1(1):101-121.
L.A, J, E.T O, J.A A, A.A A.  2016.  EXPERIMENT AL INVESTIGATION OF FOULING CHARACTERISTICS OF DIESEL OIL. Ife Journal of Science. 18(3):721-728.jimoda_et_al_13.pdf
Adegoke, BF, Adegoke OJ, Oyedele, J.B.  2016.  Factors Influencing Women Participation in Homeownership in Nigeria. ournal of Property Management. 34(1):67-78.
Oluwagbenga, OOI, Fashae OA, Oke TO, Akinwumiju AS.  2016.  Flood Vulnerability in a Part of Southwestern Nigeria. Academic Journal of Environmental Science. 4(3):055-061.flood_vulnerability_in_a_part_of_southwestern_nigeria.pdf
Adeniyi, TA, Oyebanji OO, Adeonipekun PA.  2016.  FLORAL DIVERSITY IN THE WETLANDS OF IBEJU-LEKKI AREA, LAGOS, NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(3):729-737.adeniyi_et_al_14.pdf
Fawole, OG, MacKenzie AR, Cai X.  2016.  Gas flaring and resultant air pollution: A review focusing on black carbon. Environmental Pollution. 216:182-197.
Bienczak, A, Cook A, Wiensner L, Olagunju A, Mulenga V, Kityo C, Kekitiinwa A, Owen A, Walker S, Gibb D, McIlleron H, Burger D, Denti P.  2016.  The impact of genetic polymorphisms on the pharmacokinetics of efavirenz in African children. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. doi: 10.1111/bcp.12934(Epub ahead of print) Abstract

AIM: To characterise the efavirenz steady-state pharmacokinetics in African children using model-based approach, quantifying demographic and genotypic effects on the drug's disposition, and conduct simulations allowing prediction of optimised doses of efavirenz in this population.

METHODS: We modelled the steady-state population pharmacokinetics of efavirenz in Ugandan and Zambian children using nonlinear mixed-effects modelling. Individual mid-dose efavirenz concentrations were derived and simulations explored genotype-based dose optimisation strategies.

RESULTS: A 2-compartment model with absorption through transit compartments well described 2086 concentration-time points in 169 children. The combined effect of SNPs 516GT and 983TC explained 44.5% and 14.7% of the variability in efavirenz clearance and bioavailability, respectively. The detected frequencies of composite CYP2B6 genotype were 0.33 for 516GG|983TT, 0.35 for 516GT|983TT, 0.06 for 516GG|983TC, 0.18 for 516TT|983TT, 0.07 516GT|983TC and 0.01 for 516GG|983CC. The corresponding estimated clearance rates were 6.94, 4.90, 3.93, 1.92, 1.36, and 0.74 L/h for a 15.4 kg child and median (95% CI) observed mid-dose concentrations 1.55 (0.51-2.94), 2.20 (0.97-4.40), 2.03 (1.19-4.53), 7.55 (2.40-14.74), 7.79 (3.66-24.59) and 18.22 (11.84-22.76) mg/L, respectively. Simulations showed that wild-type individuals had exposures at the bottom of therapeutic range, while slower metabolisers were over-exposed.

CONCLUSIONS: Dosage guidelines for African children should take into consideration the combined effect of SNPs CYP2B6 516G > T and 983 T > C.

M.O.Olawole.  2016.  Impact of Weather on Road Traffic Accidents in Ondo State, Nigeria: 2005 -2012. Analele Universităţii din Oradea – Seria Geografie. 26(1):44-53. Abstract4.auog_697_moses.pdfWebsite

Road traffic accidents and their related deaths have become a major health problem
and concerns. Studies have examined the impact of weather on road traffic accidents and
casualties. However, the effect of weather on road traffic accidents in the existing literature is
scanty in Nigeria. In the light of the growing interest in understanding the interrelationship
between climate change and transportation including road traffic accidents, this study
examines the impact of rainfall and temperature on road traffic accidents in Ondo State,
Nigeria between 2005 to 2012. Secondary data on monthly road traffic accidents, rainfall and
temperature were derived for the study duration from the Federal Road Safety Commission
(FRSC) and Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET). A total of 337 road traffic accidents
occurred between 2005 and 2012, 30.83% were fatal, 52.56% were serious and 16.60% were
minor accidents. The main finding is that the total road traffic accident is a function of
several other factors than rainfall and temperature. Specifically, correlations between road
traffic accidents and elements of weather were generally low and never exceeding 0.41. Both
rainfall and temperature were negatively and positively correlated on yearly bases. Similarly,
multiple linear regression models between road traffic accidents and the weather elements on
yearly bases show that the variations in road traffic accidents accounted for by rainfall and
temperature are equally low never exceeding 25.7%. In order to determine whether or not the
weather effects on road traffic accidents are significant, continued research using additional
weather and no weather variables is needed to replicate this study in the country.

Oke, IA, Ismail A, Lukman S, Foghi PU, Adeosun OO, Amele SA, K B; A.  2016.  AN IMPROVED SOLUTION OF FIRST ORDER KINETICS FOR BIOCHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND. Ife Journal of Science. 18(3):739-752.oke_et_al_15.pdf
OBOKOH Lawrence, MONDAY James, OJIAKOU.  2016.  Microfinance banks and small and medium sized enterprises access to finance: The Nigerian experience. Banks and Bank Systems,. Vol. 11(4):111-121.my_paper_mfbs__smes_access_to_finance_bbs.pdf
M.O.Olawole, O.M.Olapoju.  2016.  Mode Choice of Undergraduates : A Case Study of Lecture Trips in Nigeria. Indonesian Journal of Geography. 48(2):145-156. AbstractWebsite

Travel behavior and determinants of mode choice of university students in Nigeria are neither well
understood nor well represented in literature. This study model `modal choice of undergraduates, using data
from students travel survey and logistic regression to determine factors influence modal choice of
undergraduate students in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The results indicate that walking
dominate modes for on-campus and commercial bus for off-campus students, while motorcycles taxi is used by
few of the sample. Mode choices are influenced by a combination of socio-economic and trip factors. A key
finding is extent that these variables positively affect the odds of using walk and commercial bus modes
especially with reference to student residence: on and off-campus. The results suggest investment in pedestrian
infrastructure and development of intermodal transport system as a means of making the university livable and

Idowu, PA.  2016.  Online Spatial HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Monitoring System for Nigeria. Improving Health Management through Clinical Decision Support Systems. , France: IGI
Ayodele, TO, Olaleye A, Faturoti TF, Adegoke OJ.  2016.  Optimal Allocation to Real Estate in a Mixed-Asset Portfolio: Evidence from an Emerging Market,. Journal of Contemporary Issues in Real Estate, Department of Estate Management. 3(1):18-32.
Bankole, Samson, Schrank, Eckart, Adeonipekun P.  2016.  PALEOECOLOGY OF THE NEOGENE AGBADA FORMATION, NIGER DELTA, NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):845-859.bankoletal2.pdf
Ojo, J.  2016.  PESTICIDES USE AND HEALTH IN NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):981-991.ojo_13.pdf