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M.O.Olawole.  2016.  Impact of Weather on Road Traffic Accidents in Ondo State, Nigeria: 2005 -2012. Analele Universităţii din Oradea – Seria Geografie. 26(1):44-53. Abstract4.auog_697_moses.pdfWebsite

Road traffic accidents and their related deaths have become a major health problem
and concerns. Studies have examined the impact of weather on road traffic accidents and
casualties. However, the effect of weather on road traffic accidents in the existing literature is
scanty in Nigeria. In the light of the growing interest in understanding the interrelationship
between climate change and transportation including road traffic accidents, this study
examines the impact of rainfall and temperature on road traffic accidents in Ondo State,
Nigeria between 2005 to 2012. Secondary data on monthly road traffic accidents, rainfall and
temperature were derived for the study duration from the Federal Road Safety Commission
(FRSC) and Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET). A total of 337 road traffic accidents
occurred between 2005 and 2012, 30.83% were fatal, 52.56% were serious and 16.60% were
minor accidents. The main finding is that the total road traffic accident is a function of
several other factors than rainfall and temperature. Specifically, correlations between road
traffic accidents and elements of weather were generally low and never exceeding 0.41. Both
rainfall and temperature were negatively and positively correlated on yearly bases. Similarly,
multiple linear regression models between road traffic accidents and the weather elements on
yearly bases show that the variations in road traffic accidents accounted for by rainfall and
temperature are equally low never exceeding 25.7%. In order to determine whether or not the
weather effects on road traffic accidents are significant, continued research using additional
weather and no weather variables is needed to replicate this study in the country.

Oke, IA, Ismail A, Lukman S, Foghi PU, Adeosun OO, Amele SA, K B; A.  2016.  AN IMPROVED SOLUTION OF FIRST ORDER KINETICS FOR BIOCHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND. Ife Journal of Science. 18(3):739-752.oke_et_al_15.pdf
OBOKOH Lawrence, MONDAY James, OJIAKOU.  2016.  Microfinance banks and small and medium sized enterprises access to finance: The Nigerian experience. Banks and Bank Systems,. Vol. 11(4):111-121.my_paper_mfbs__smes_access_to_finance_bbs.pdf
M.O.Olawole, O.M.Olapoju.  2016.  Mode Choice of Undergraduates : A Case Study of Lecture Trips in Nigeria. Indonesian Journal of Geography. 48(2):145-156. AbstractWebsite

Travel behavior and determinants of mode choice of university students in Nigeria are neither well
understood nor well represented in literature. This study model `modal choice of undergraduates, using data
from students travel survey and logistic regression to determine factors influence modal choice of
undergraduate students in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The results indicate that walking
dominate modes for on-campus and commercial bus for off-campus students, while motorcycles taxi is used by
few of the sample. Mode choices are influenced by a combination of socio-economic and trip factors. A key
finding is extent that these variables positively affect the odds of using walk and commercial bus modes
especially with reference to student residence: on and off-campus. The results suggest investment in pedestrian
infrastructure and development of intermodal transport system as a means of making the university livable and

Idowu, PA.  2016.  Online Spatial HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Monitoring System for Nigeria. Improving Health Management through Clinical Decision Support Systems. , France: IGI
Ayodele, TO, Olaleye A, Faturoti TF, Adegoke OJ.  2016.  Optimal Allocation to Real Estate in a Mixed-Asset Portfolio: Evidence from an Emerging Market,. Journal of Contemporary Issues in Real Estate, Department of Estate Management. 3(1):18-32.
Bankole, Samson, Schrank, Eckart, Adeonipekun P.  2016.  PALEOECOLOGY OF THE NEOGENE AGBADA FORMATION, NIGER DELTA, NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):845-859.bankoletal2.pdf
Ojo, J.  2016.  PESTICIDES USE AND HEALTH IN NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):981-991.ojo_13.pdf
Olagunju, A, Khoo S, Owen A.  2016.  Pharmacogenetics of nevirapine excretion into breast milk and infants' exposure through breast milk versus post-exposure prophylaxis. Pharmacogenomics. 10.2217/pgs-2015-0016(Epub ahead of print) Abstract

Aim: The influence of genetic factors on nevirapine (NVP) breast milk pharmacokinetics and breastfed infants’ exposure were investigated.

Patients & methods: Associations between nine SNPs in NVP disposition genes in mothers and its plasma and breast milk concentrations were explored in nursing mother–infant pairs.

Results: NVP pharmacokinetics in maternal plasma, breast milk and infant exposure indices were influenced by CYP2B6 516G>T and 983T>C. The median (range) milk-to-plasma area under the curve (AUC0–12) ratio was 0.95 (0.56–1.5). Calculated as percentages of pediatric treatment, infant postexposure prophylaxis and maternal weight-adjusted doses, the maximum exposure indices were 3.64% (1.99–9.88), 26.0% (9.93–79.1) and 13.8% (5.77–27.7), respectively. Infant plasma concentration as a result of exposure through breast milk (n = 93), pre-exposure prophylaxis (n = 10) and both (n = 27) were 660 (104–3090), 1020 (401–3325) and 2720 ng/ml (1360–7290), respectively.

Conclusion: The clinical significance of the observed differences between routes of infants’ exposure warrants further investigation.

Asubiojo, OI.  2016.  POLLUTION SOURCES IN THE NIGERIAN ENVIRONMENT AND THEIR HEALTH IMPLICATIONS. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):973-980.asubiojo_12.pdf
Idowu, PA, OlutolaAgbelusi, Alademoko TA.  2016.  The Prediction of Paediatric HIV/AIDS Patient Survival: A Data Mining Approach. Asian Journal of Computer and Information Systems. 4(3):87-94.
Olagunju, A, Bolaji O, Megan N, Back D, Khoo S, Owen A.  2016.  Pregnancy affects nevirapine pharmacokinetics – evidence from a CYP2B6 genotype-guided observational study. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. doi: 10.1097/FPC.0000000000000227(Epub ahead of print) Abstract

OBJECTIVES: Previous studies on nevirapine pharmacokinetics during pregnancy reported contradictory findings.

METHODS: The magnitude of pregnancy-induced changes in nevirapine pharmacokinetics was investigated in a genotype-guided study preceded by a pharmacogenetic association study of six genes involved in its disposition.

RESULTS: CYP2B6 516 G>T and 983 T>C were associated independently with plasma nevirapine concentrations in pregnant (n=110) and postpartum (n=122) women and were used for stratification. NR1I3 540C>T and P450 oxidoreductase 1508C>T were associated with lower and higher plasma concentrations in pregnant and postpartum women, respectively. In the intensive pharmacokinetic phase, apparent clearance (CL/F) was higher in pregnant (n=31) than postpartum (n=28) women (P=0.022) and AUC0-12, Cmax and Cmin were significantly lower. When stratified on the basis of composite CYP2B6 516 G>T and 983 T>C genotypes, CL/F was similar between pregnant (n=6) and postpartum (n=9) women with no variant alleles, but Cmin was below target (3400 ng/ml) in most patients in both groups. In women with one variant allele, clearance was 40.6% higher (P=0.0009) and Cmin was below target in 58% (11/19) of pregnant and 0% (0/10) of postpartum women. Similarly, clearance was 51.7% higher (P=0.008) in pregnant compared with postpartum women with two variant alleles. Cmin was below target in 50% (3/6) of pregnant and 0% (0/10) of postpartum women.

CONCLUSION: Nevirapine exposure is significantly reduced during pregnancy. The pharmacodynamic consequences in patients at risk of suboptimal exposure and potential dose optimization strategies warrant further investigation.

ASAOLU Taiwo, ADEDOKUN Samuel, MONDAYJ.  2016.  Promoting Good Governance through Internal Audit Function (IAF): The Nigerian Experience. International Business Research,. Vol. 9(5):196-204.my_paper_promoting_good_governance_through_iaf.pdf
Ojo, JO.  2016.  RADIOACTIVITY IN SOME FOODS AND SOILS FROM JOS TIN MINES, JOS, NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 18(4):1065-1071.ojo_joshua_19.pdf
Abiola, OA, Oke AO, Koya OA, Adewole BZ.  2016.  Simulation study of typical auto-mechanics tasks. Leonardo Journal of Sciences. 29:13-24.
Fawole, OG, Owoade OK, Hopke PK, Olise FS, Ogundele LT, Adewole OO.  2016.  Source apportionment analyses for fine (PM2.5) and coarse (PM2.5e10) mode particulate matter (PM) measured in an urban area in southwestern Nigeria. Atmospheric Pollution Research. 7:1-15.