Clinical Trials: Community members make the case for engagement as an ethical imperative in infectious disease epidemics

There are concerns raised about the social value of conducting research in such situations like the Ebola epidemic in West Africa where the infectious disease epidemic resulted in high mortality and morbidity associated with Ebola.

Still on Buhari and his many visits for medical care outside Nigeria

I am just as disgruntled as many Nigerians over the trips of President Buhari of the shores of Nigeria to seek medical care. Worse still, this is a President who promised to stop medical tourism.

I have nothing to say about his performance as the President of Nigeria because truly, I have nothing to say; absolutely nothing. I however have to speak up for his failure as President to exercise wisdom about his medical care.

Nigeria’s CCM: Peer review forum demands better performance

Members of the Peer Review Forum, a civil society-led advocates group that seeks to promote accountability in the HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria responses in Nigeria, have called for better performance of Nigeria’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM). 

The forum made the call during its planning meeting in Ibadan recently.

The members noted that gaps in the CCM’s performance have started to erode the ability of Civil Society Networks to actively engage with aspects of the HIV response being supported through the Global Fund.

Preparing for the HIV Vaccine Awareness Day in Nigeria

he New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society (NHVMAS), in partnership with her media partners, is preparing to celebrate the HIV Vaccine Awareness Day with a big bash.

Ensuring free antiretroviral therapy to people living with HIV: The example of OYOSACA

The leadership of the Oyo State Agency for the Control of AIDS is making impressive strides in the state’s HIV and AIDS response. The institution of user fees by many hospitals and facilities providing antiretroviral drugs for use by people living with HIV has been a bane of contention for Civil Society in Nigeria.

As 2018 Civil Society Accountability Forum in Nigeria holds in December, can government be accountable to its promises?

The 2018 edition of the Civil Society Accountability Forum is scheduled to hold on the 14th and 15th of December, 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria. The theme for this year’s conference is “Domestic Resource Mobilisation: Public and Private Sector Investment”.

Long-term activists in Nigeria’s HIV civil society space meet to discuss the journey so far

Ten activists who have served for many years in the HIV Civil Society space in Nigeria met April 12th in Ibadan, Oyo state, to discuss the status of the field, looking at the journey so far, the successes, current challenges and especially how antiretroviral therapy access for people living with HIV in Nigeria can be improved.

The meeting was hosted by the Oyo State Agency for the Control of AIDS.

Buhari’s visit to America still haunts me till today

President Buhari’s visit to the United States to meet and talk with President Trump was televised. The image of President Buhari still haunts me till today. The deal he struck also haunts me.

Causing disruption of HIV prevention research norms: What can activism do?

Cults and Cabals exist in all societies. The research enterprise is not excluded. Fraternities exists in the research enterprise and many junior ones try to join these fraternities to enable them get privileged access to grants for their research work.

The lords of these fraternities try to sustain a rhythm of practice – they define research priority, and identify groups and individuals that get the choicest grants.