Textiles and Dresses

Ademuleya, BA.  2017.  Textiles and Dresses. Culture and Customs of the Yorùbá. , Austin: Pan-African University Press


This study examined the production and contextual usage of clothe among the Yoruba. It classified the clothing tradition of Yoruba into two, namely ‘textiles’ - the design and production of cloths, and dress- the use of cloths in making apparel in its varieties and its actual use to adorn the body. It observed that apart from the Yoruba language, Yoruba textiles and dresses, are the major articles of culture that are central to Yoruba culture and identity. The paper described the Yoruba dresses made of the aso-òkè and àdìre as being essential to the social, political, economic and cultural life of the people and the sustenance of Yoruba cultural heritage. It noted that the cloths are not only used today for dresses but also as items for interior decorations such as furniture coverings, dress accessories and have also found relevance in the production of corporate gifts and souvenirs. The paper concluded that Yoruba textiles and dresses are cultural emblems and undisputable symbols of Yoruba identity.