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Tajudeen Adewumi Adebisi obtained his Bachelor’s degree (Education/English), Master’s degree (Adult Education), and Doctoral degree (Adult Education) from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Nigeria. He started lecturing in 2007 as one of the pioneer lecturers in Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria. Dr. Adebisi is now lecturing in the Department of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. He is an expert and consultant in the Field of Adult Education, Adult Learning and Human Resource Development, Retirement Education, Workplace/Work-based Education and Vocational & Technical Education. He has written extensively on these areas in scholarly journals. Among his published articles are: Attaining Sustainable Livelihood and Democracy through Vocational Training and Livelihood Diversification. (Journal of NNCAE, 19 (1) 2013); Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Skills by Polytechnic Students in Osun State, Nigeria (Journal of Educational and Social Research 5(1) 2015) Vocational Education in Nigerian Junior Secondary Schools: An Antidote to Youths Unemployment. (The African Symposium: 11 (2), 2011, co-authored with Clement Oni). Commercial Motorcycling: Antidote to Unemployment or Breeding Ground of Crimes and Woe? A Case Study of South-Western Nigeria in Contemporary Nigeria: Transitional Agencies of Change edited by Sati U. Fwatshak, Austin Texas, Pan African University Press (2016); 237-247.