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Ayoh'OMIDIRE, F.  2016.  OXENTE, Viva o português brasileiro!. Nova Edição Atualizada. , Lagos: Fobeh Publishers
Gbadegesin, AS, Eze EB, Oluwagbenga OOI, Fashae OA.  2015.  Frontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century. , Ibadan: Ibadan University Press AbstractFrontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century_Contents

The primary object of this book is to present current issues and problems relating to environmental sustainability and to discuss them as elements of the earth’s surface. This book is timely because of the widespread interest in geographical approaches to solving environmental problems. However, the celebration of the two Giants of Geography – Emeritus Professor Adetoye Faniran and Professor Olusegun Areola from the Department of Geography, University of Ibadan, Nigeria afforded scholars to share their interest especially because of the opportunity to celebrate the erudite Giants by holding a National Colloquium on Frontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century. The collections of articles in this book result from the scholars’ concerns to evaluate environmental geographical applicability to environmental management in several natural resource fields. The study of such complexes requires more than one individual. This has led to the concept of interdisciplinary research which involves diversity of skills and specialties. Environmental geography has for some time been prominent in research and management studies, but only a few components have been measured or considered in most instances.

Adesina, OA.  2015.  A Journey Through the Beautiful World of Differential Equations (Inaugural Lecture). , Ile-Ife: Obafemi Awolowo University Press
Ayoh'OMIDIRE, F.  2015.  Pèrègún y otras fabulaciones de mi tierra. Edición . , La Habana, Cuba: Editorial Arte y Literatura
Caleb, M.  2013.  CV. View My CV
Mejiuni, O.  2013.  Women and Power: Education, Religion and Identity. Abstract

Education is an important tool for the development of human potential. Organizations and individuals interested in development consider knowledge, skills and attitudes, obtained through formal, non-formal and incidental learning, as invaluable assets. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect on fundamental elements that shape the process through which education is attained: How do people learn, and what are the conditions that facilitate effective learning? Answers to these questions demonstrate that no education can be politically neutral, because there is no value-free education.

The traditional or indigenous education systems in Nigeria, which covered (and still cover) physical training, development of character, respect for elders and peers, development of intellectual skills, specific vocational trainings, developing a sense of belonging and participation in community affairs, and understanding, appreciating and promoting the cultural heritage of the community were, and are, not value-free. In other words, the goals and purpose of education, the content, the entire process and the procedures chosen for evaluation in education are all value-laden.

This book attempts to show that the teaching-learning process in higher education, and religion, taught and learned through non-formal and informal education (or the hidden curriculum), and other socialization processes within and outside the formal school system, all interface to determine the persons that women become. This education enhances or limits women’s capabilities, whether in the civic-political sphere or in their attempts to resist violence. Hence, education and religion have ways of empowering or disempowering women.

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