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Oseni, OM, Nailwal T, Pande V.  2020.  Momordica charantia L. (cucurbitaceae), a vegetable of utmost nutritive and pharmacological importance, 2020/07/08. :1-21. Abstract

Traditional medicine has been playing a crucial role in developing countries as it provides primary health care needs for a large majority of the population. This article reviews the current research on the phytochemicals, nutritive value, ethnobotanical uses, and pharmacological importance of Momordica charantia. The phytochemical analysis of this plant revealed that the plant is rich in nutrients and phytochemicals which are of great benefit. Also, the plant is among the plants popularly used in traditional medicine and has been proved to be effective. The biological activities of the plants had been carried out by many authors and their results have been documented. In addition, among the biological activities of these plant are antidiabetic, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hypolipidemic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antimalaria, antiviral, anticancer and antifertility. Moreover, some bioactive constituents such as alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, saponins, glycosides, sterols, mucilages, and oleanolic acids are significantly present in the plant. It is now obvious that Momordica chlarantia can help as a natural source product in the treatment of many diseases particularly diabetes, cancers, cardiac, liver and kidney, malaria, and skin infection when properly administered.

Aransiola, E, Shittu T, Oyewusi T, Adetoyese A, Fagbeyiro O, Eyibio U.  2020.  Lignocellulosic Pretreatment Methods for Bioethanol Production, 04. :135-162. Abstract
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Erhabor, GE, Akinsulore A, Awopeju OF, Arawomo AO, Erhabor JO.  2020.  Perceived Stigma and Its Relationship with Anxiety, Depression and Stress Among Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Ile-ife, Nigeria. D26. CLINICAL AND EPIDEMIOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN TB. :A6377–A6377.: American Thoracic Society Abstract
Folayan, M, Haire B, Peterson K, Yakubu A, Tegli J, Brown B.  2019.  Chapter 17: Criminalisation and "Reckless" Ebola Transmission: Theorizing Ethical Obligations to Seek Care, 2019/07/01. Abstract
Odeyemi, TI, Abioro T.  2019.  Digital Technologies, Online Engagement and Parliament-Citizen Relations in Nigeria and South Africa. Perspectives on the Legislature and the Prospects of Accountability in Nigeria and South Africa. (Fagbadebo, Omololu, Ruffin, Fayth, Eds.).:217–232., Cham: Springer International Publishing Abstract

As an institution of governance, the parliament is the soul of democratic societies. The parliament typifies the presence of the people in the running of governmental activity. It monitors the actions of public officials towards ensuring adherence to initiatives and measures that advance the people's well-being. Relations between parliamentarians and citizens are, thus, critical on two fronts. Parliament – citizen relations are important in ensuring that elected parliamentarians are responsive to the desires of their constituents; and enable the people to hold their elected representatives accountable. In bridging communication gaps between the people and lawmakers, the Internet, social media and mobile phones, as digital technologies, have prospects in enabling the desired level of citizen engagement critical to democratic practice. This chapter explores, in comparative terms, the use of digital technologies by the national parliaments in Africa's two largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa. It examines the extent to which digital technologies are used in facilitating parliament – citizen relations in the two countries and how this connects with citizens' demands of accountability on national parliaments, and links between elected representatives and their constituents. The paper draws on data obtained through measurement of the online resources, especially websites and social media pages, of the parliaments. The chapter contributes to frameworks on how digital technologies can enhance parliament – citizen relations and good governance in sub-Saharan Africa.

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