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Achimugu, P, Afolabi B, Oluwaranti A, and Oluwagbemi O.  2011.  Development of an Image Retrieval Model for Biomedical Image Databases. (
Achimugu, P, Afolabi B, Oluwaranti A, Oluwagbemi T, Gambo I.  2010.  Towards an Efficient Information Systems Development Process and Management: A Review of Challenges and Proposed Strategies. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA). 3(10):983–989.
Achimugu, P, Oluwatolani Oluwagbemi, Oluwaranti A, and Afolabi B.  2009.  Adoption of Information and Communication Technologies in Developing Countries: An Impact Analysis. Journal of Information Technology Impact. Vol. 9(1)(USA. [Online:]):pp.37-46. Abstract

Information Technology (IT) refers to several forms of information exchange between two or more computers through any of the several methods of interconnection, principally the Internet. These technologies provide speedy, inexpensive and convenient means of communication. The diffusion of these technologies in many countries by different sectors of the economy have been found to have direct positive impact on the organization’s efficiency and have led to more rapid acceleration of development in these countries.
In developing countries Nigeria precisely, preliminary investigations show that only a few organizations in the economy have adopted the IT, but there has not been formal study to determine the level of diffusion and the factors affecting IT diffusion as well as impact on the efficiency of the organizations. This study, is therefore, designed to determine the level of diffusion in the Nigerian economy, and the impact on the operations of these organizations as well as investigating the factors responsible for the present level of diffusion of these technologies in the economy.

Achimugu, P, Afolabi B, Oluwaranti A.  2010.  Software Architecture and Methodology as a Tool for Efficient Software Engineering Process: A Critical Appraisal. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA). 3(10):933–938.
Achimugu, P, Oluwagbemi Oluwatolani, and Oluwaranti A.  2010.  An Evaluation of The Impact of ICT Diffusion in Nigeria’s Higher Educational Institutions. Journal of Information Technology Impact. Vol. 10(1)(USA. [Online:]):pp.25-34. Abstract

Higher education is approaching the point at which Science and Technology particularly Information and Communication Technology (ICT), plays a vital role in nearly all phases of the educational process. The Internet has emerged as a major driving force of this dynamic development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) which has impacted positively in virtually every sector of the Nigerian economy. In the education sector, tertiary institutions use computers in their academic programs in order to produce good quality of research output and learning. This paper focuses on how ICT diffusion has impacted the higher educational sector positively in Nigeria. The research also exposes the effect of ICT diffusion on undergraduate and postgraduate students of Nigeria’s tertiary institutions. A combination of observation, interview and document materials for data gathering was employed as methodology for carrying out this research. The result of the research suggests that ICT is becoming a driving force for educational reforms and that ICTs have become an integrative part of national education policies and plans in Nigerian
tertiary institutions.

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