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Adesina, F.  1990.  Planted Fallows for Sustained Fuelwood Supply in the Humid Tropics, 1990/01/01. 15:323. Abstract

This paper examines the potential of cultivating fallows to fast-growing tree species as a means of sustaining fuelwood production in the humid parts of the tropics. A comparative analysis of self-propagated and cultivated fallows is made. The cultivated fallow tree studied is Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.). The results show that wood productivity can be sustained under relatively short fallow periods if carefully selected suitable species are adopted.

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Ekanade, O, Adesina F, Egbe NE.  1991.  Sustaining tree crop production under intensive land use: an investigation into soil quality differentiation under varying cropping patterns in western Nigeria, 1991/03/01. 32:105-113. Abstract

Declining soil productivity is a major constraint to crop production in the humid tropics. This paper examines the efficiency of multiple cropping as an economic and biological method of sustaining tree crop productivity in western Nigeria. Soil characteristics under different crops and crop combinations were examined. In addition, soils under a forest in the same locality were considered as an illustration of soil quality in a condition of little or no human interference. The results show the forest unit to be the best in terms of soil quality, followed by cocoa/kola, plantain, kola, and cocoa units in that order. It is suggested that suitable combinations of tree crops can make for higher soil quality. In particular, the combination of plantain with cocoa may help to raise nutrient status, which is usually low under the latter.

Adesina, F.  1991.  Soil management with cultivated fallows in humid and subhumid Africa, 1991/05/01. 71:147-154. Abstract

This paper examines those variations in soil properties of woody fallows that may be expected as a result of the use of the tree Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) in fallow management in the forest areas of Nigeria. A comparative analysis of fallows of the tree and natural fallows was carried out. The results show that differences might be expected between the soil under the two fallow types with respect to pH, boron and available phosphorus. It is suggested that the tree is a suitable species for fallow enhancement in terms of soil restoration but that its use would involve some modification of soil management practices such as the amount and type of fertilizers applied. Key words: Gliricidia sepium, fallow management, soil restoration, woody fallows

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Ogunbodede, E, Sheiham A.  1992.  Oral health promotion and health education programmes for Nigeria--policy guidelines, 1992/02/01. African dental journal : official publication of the Federation of African Dental Associations = Journal dentaire africain / FADA. 6:8-16. Abstract

Nigeria like other developing countries is presently faced with the arduous problem of coping with scarce resources to control existing and increasing oral disease levels. The World Health Organization has emphasized the importance of oral health promotion for initiating successful, effective, preventive oral health programmes. At present however, Nigeria is without formal oral health promotion and health education policies or programmes. In the "National Policy and Strategy to Achieve Health for All Nigerians" (Federal Ministry of Health 1986), no specific mention was made of oral health promotion or oral health education. The present paper therefore proposes definitive policy guidelines that will help in the development of coherent oral health promotion programmes for the country. The approach proposed tackles causes common to a number of chronic diseases and incorporates oral health into general health strategies.

Ogunbodede, E, A. Ojo M, Otuyemi O, O. Hollist N.  1992.  Response of the oral tissues to prolonged uninterrupted coverage by a removable partial denture. Case report, 1992/05/01. Australian dental journal. 37:103-6. Abstract

The response of hard and soft oral tissues to prolonged uninterrupted wearing of a removable partial prosthesis in a Nigerian patient is discussed. To our knowledge only one case has been reported in the literature. In this case additional mucosal changes to the reported caries-free pattern is discussed.

Ogunbodede, E, Olusile A, Ogunniyi SO, L Faleyimu B.  1992.  Dental treatment needs in an African obstetric population, 1992/08/01. Tropical doctor. 22:126-7. Abstract