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Jaiyeola, TG, Adeniran JO.  2006.  On the Derivatives of Central loops. Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics. 1(3):233-244.atamv1n3_8.pdf
J.O., A, Aderinto JA.  2006.  On the Spot Literacy: Panacea for Drop –Out and Skill Development in Community Literacy Education in Nigeria,. The International Journal of Learning, (A publication of Common Ground. 13. (5) .:57-60.

In this contribution, I examine the availability of Open Access (OA) literature in Nigeria and
suggest, against the thinking among experts in international financial institutions, that
massive injection of public funds into education, and higher education in particular will
advance adult education and development. I also suggest that a more inclusive OA discourse
will impact positively on adult education and development in Nigeria.
Peter Suber (2006) in “Open Access Overview”, retrieved May 5, 2006 from, indicated that “Open-Access (OA) literature is
digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.” What
makes literature OA, then, is that it has to be available on the Internet and readers do not
have to pay to read, copy, download and share information, so long as the author is
acknowledged and is not misrepresented. The literature shows that the discourse on OA and
the OA movement focuses a great deal on open access to peer-reviewed literature/scholarly
publications and their pre-prints.

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