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Adesina, F.  1989.  Plant species characteristics and vegetation dynamics in the tropics, 1989/02/01. 33:67-78. Abstract

This paper attempts a differentiation of forest and savanna and an assessment of changes in these vegetation types based on their characteristic plant species. Farming activities are recognised as a main factor influencing the dynamics of the vegetations. The occurrences of plant species on selected fallow communities at various stages of development, along the regional boundary between forest and savanna, were therefore analysed. The analyses show that plant species not only differentiate between the two, but also suggest changing trends in their character. They show that forest and savanna are to a large extent, species specific, and that over a short term period, farming activities are capable of extending the present limit of savanna towards the forest areas.

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Adejuwon, J, Adesina F.  1990.  Organic matter and nutrient status of soils under cultivated fallows: an example of Gliricidia sepium fallows from South Western Nigeria, 1990/01/01. 10:23-32. Abstract

This paper examines the dynamics of organic matter and nutrients under planted fallows of Gliricidia sepium in South Western Nigeria, as an investigation into the behaviour of soils under such fallows. Data on soil characteristicswere collected from thirty fallow fields ranging in age from one to eight years. The data sets were described using the descriptive
statistics. Furthermore, the relationships between the soil properties and the age of fallow were evaluated with simple bivariate
correlation analysis. Compared with published data and trends in natural fallow, the study shows that the progress of the
planted fallow leads to greater organic matter build-up and increase in nitrate-nitrogen and potassium concentration in the
soil. It also shows that the biomass retain greater amount of nutrients during the fallow.