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Akindele, ST, Adeyemi OO, Aluko K.  2011.  The Myth and Reality of Women in Politics: A Discourse of the Core Issue. African Journal of Political Science and International Relations. 5(4):190-207.abstract.docx
Ajayi, N, Omotayo B.  2004.  Mutilation and Theft of Library Materials: Perceptions and Reactions of Nigerian Students, 2004/03/01. 20:61-66. Abstract

Mutilation and theft in libraries is a menace that has persisted, and the worsening state of libraries in Nigeria appears to have aggravated its intensity and the consequent detrimental impact. Using a structured questionnaire administered to undergraduate students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and a stratified focus group discussion (FGD), information was elicited on their perception of the methods of theft, attitudes to and perceived implications of theft on academic performance and library use. The results reveal that insensitivity to the need of other users, high cost of books, non-detection of previous acts of theft and frequent power outage are some of the factors responsible for mutilation and theft of library materials. It was also revealed that students are aware that mutilation and theft prevent effective use of the library, deprive users of vital information, including from recommended texts, and hence impact negatively on the academic life of the users.

Adedoyin, RA, Idowu AO, Adagunodo ER.  2005.  Musculoskeletal Pain Associated with the Use of Computer Systems in Nigeria. International Journal of Health Care Engineering. 13(2):125-130.
Oláy{\'ıwolá, MA, Odébòdé O{\'ıy{\`ıM.  2011.  Multivariate Analysis of Planktonic Foraminiferal Assemblage of Southwestern Nigerians Surface Continental Shelves’ Sediments. European Journal of Scientific Research. 54:84–101., Number 1 Abstract
Lynch, K, Omisore A, Atkinson T, Famurewa O, Vera J, Kingham T, Alatise O, Hricak H, Morris E, Sutton E.  2020.  Multistakeholder Needs Assessment to Inform the Development of an mHealth-Based Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy Training Program in Nigeria, 11. JCO Global Oncology. 6:1813-1823. Abstract
Oyedeji, O, Olutiola PO, Owolabi KD, Adeojo KA.  2011.  Multiresistant faecal indicator bacteria in stream and well waters of Ile-Ife City, Southwestern Nigeria: Public health implications. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology. 3(8):371-381.
I.K, O, A.T. A, A.O. O, O. F, O.O A.  2009.  Multiple Startup Scheme for TCP. Computer Science and its Applications. 16abstract21.docx
Owojuyigbe, TO, Durosinmi MA.  2018.  Multiple Myeloma as a Secondary Malignancy in a 44-year old Male Nigerian with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia: A Case Report. Nigerian Journal of Haematology. 1(2):30-35.
Agho, ET, Oluwadaisi AM, Oyetola EO, Ajike SO, Ayinde EA.  2020.  Multifocal Epithelial Hyperplasia: a case report and review of literature. Nigerian Journal of Dental Research. 5:185–190., Number 2 Abstract
Braimah, R, Oladejo T, Olarinoye T, Adetoye A, Osho P, Ramat O, Braimah, R.O..  2021.  A multidisciplinary approach to the management of temporomandibular joint ankylosis in a sickle-cell anemia patient in a resource-limited setting, 2021/05/04. Abstract
A, B, P M, N T, W A, M E, C M, R A, C O, P A, O O, A A, H O, B A, R B, A O, I O, E A, P O, L A-R, A A.  2015.  Multidisciplinary approach to genomic research in Africa: the AfriCRAN model. . Pan African Medical Journal . 21(229):1-5.
Aregbesola S.B., ATA, O.A. E, O.A. T, I.O. A, B.A. F, A.F A.  2019.  A multicenter clinicopathologic evaluation of odontogenic tumours in Nigerian children and adolescents. Nig. J Oral Maxillofac Surgery. 5:29-32.