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Oladipo, OT, Philip TV, Bamigboye RA, Oloyede FA.  2020.  Morphology and anatomy of three species of Asplenium L. at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Ife Journal of Science. 22:65–73., Number 1 Abstract
Oladipo, OT, Philip TV, Bamigboye RA, Oloyede FA.  2020.  Morphology and anatomy of three species of Asplenium L. at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Ife Journal of Science. 22:65–73., Number 1 Abstract
Muse, WA.  2007.  Morphometric study of a field population of Zonocerus variegatus L. (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae). Nigerian Journal of Entomology. 24:17-26.
Makinde, JT.  2004.  Motherhood as a Source of Empowerment of Women in Yoruba Culture . Nordic Journal of African Studies . 13(2):164-174.
Anuodo, A O., AOAAGMO.  2016.  Motivating Factors for Entrepreneurship Education and Functional Skills among Secondary School Students in Osun State.. Ife Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Management. 2(1):205-221.
Folayan, MO, Ajila OC, Oribabor P.  2000.  Motivators to higher job performance: the applicability of Herzberg motivation concept . Nigerian Journal of Medicine . 9(4):125-129.
Oluwadiya, KS, Kolawole IK, Adegbehingbe OO, Olasinde AA, Agodirin O, Uwaezuoke SC.  2009.  Motorcycle crash characteristics in Nigeria: implication for control. Accident Analysis & Prevention. 41:294–298., Number 2: Elsevier Abstract
ADESOLA, F.  2003.  Moummar Gaddafi of Libya and the World. Nigerian Forum. Vol. 24(9 – 10.):289–303.
Ogunfolakan, A, Ogundiran A, Oshineye BK, Steyn G, Géloin CG, Mande CI, Martineau J-L, Amutabi CMN, Owino PM, Ojo CO, others.  2009.  Movements, borders, and identities in Africa. 40: University Rochester Press Abstract
Komolafe, EO, Komolafe MA, Shehu BB.  2005.  The MRC crash study: Any lessons for us? [3], 2005 Annals of African Medicine. 4(2) Abstract
Adesina, F, Maduekwe N.  2014.  Multi Level Modelling of the Linkages Between Vegetation Cover Dynamics and Socio-economic Factors in the Idemili River Basin of Anambra State, Nigeria, 2014/09/02. Abstract

This study assesses the relationships between socio-economic factors and the spatial dynamics of vegetation cover inthe Idemili River Basin of South Eastern Nigeria. It is based on a socio-ecological systems dynamics modeling
concept highlighting locality scale relationships between vegetation cover densities and socio-demographic,
economic and socio-cultural factors in the basin. The modeling was implemented using regression techniques with
pixel level NDVI indicators of vegetation cover density developed from remote sensing image datasets and
indicators of eight socio-economic factors developed from a household survey of the basin. NDVI values for the
basin ranged from -.117 to .410 indicating a high level of human impact on vegetation. Modeling results showed that
bivariate relationships between vegetation cover dynamics and socio-demographic variables were the most
significant, with R Square values > .60 for linear and nonlinear models. Vegetation cover density had high inverse
correlations with population, urbanization levels and number of households in localities. Population/urbanization
status of localities was also the most significant principal component or underlying dimension linked to spatial
dynamics of vegetation cover in the basin accounting for 50% of factor variations. Relationships between vegetation
cover densities and economic factors (occupational and household energy patterns) and socio-cultural factors
(environmental knowledge, values and governance) were weaker, and less significant . The study showed that factor
interactions are a prominent aspect of vegetation-society relationship in the basin with both adverse and beneficial
implications to vegetation cover.
Keywords: Environmental change; multi-level modeling; socio-economic; vegetal cover

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Aregbesola S.B., ATA, O.A. E, O.A. T, I.O. A, B.A. F, A.F A.  2019.  A multicenter clinicopathologic evaluation of odontogenic tumours in Nigerian children and adolescents. Nig. J Oral Maxillofac Surgery. 5:29-32.
A, B, P M, N T, W A, M E, C M, R A, C O, P A, O O, A A, H O, B A, R B, A O, I O, E A, P O, L A-R, A A.  2015.  Multidisciplinary approach to genomic research in Africa: the AfriCRAN model. . Pan African Medical Journal . 21(229):1-5.
Braimah, R, Oladejo T, Olarinoye T, Adetoye A, Osho P, Ramat O, Braimah, R.O..  2021.  A multidisciplinary approach to the management of temporomandibular joint ankylosis in a sickle-cell anemia patient in a resource-limited setting, 2021/05/04. Abstract
Agho, ET, Oluwadaisi AM, Oyetola EO, Ajike SO, Ayinde EA.  2020.  Multifocal Epithelial Hyperplasia: a case report and review of literature. Nigerian Journal of Dental Research. 5:185–190., Number 2 Abstract