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Akinwale, OB, Kehinde LO, Ayodele KP, Jubril AM, Jonah OP, Ilori O, Chen X.  2009.  A LabVIEW-based on-line robotic arm for students’ laboratory. 2009 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. :Paper2009-1179., Austin, Texas: ASEE
Pelling, M, Blackburn S, Asiyanbi A, Ayanlade A, Antje C, Lewis E.  2014.  Lagos Case Study. in M. Pelling and S. Blackburn (eds), Megacities and the Coast: Risk Resilence and Transformation. , Oxford UK: Routledge
Salami, AT.  2006.  Land Cover Classification in Nigeria, . : A Report Submitted for the Global Mapping Project, Under the Auspices of International Steering Committee for Global Mapping (ISCGM) Japan, through the Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation, Abuja.
Ajayi, CA.  2007.  Land Policy Reform (Proposed Review of Land Use Act) and Economic Empowerment: Problems and Prospects. Ogun State Branch of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers. , Abekuta
Ajayi, CA.  2007.  Land Policy Reform: Review of the Land Use Act in Nigeria, 13th December. Annual End of the Year Party/CPD Programme organized by the RICS Nigeria Group. , Sheraton Hotel Tower, Ikeja
Sanyaolu, ET, Adeoti FO.  2017.  Land Use and Land Cover Dynamics in Abeokuta, South-Western Nigeria. ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. :798-810., Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife: Faculty of Environmental Designs and management
Orimoogunje, O, O E, Adesina F.  2009.  Land use changes and forest reserve management in a changing environment: South-western Nigeria experience, 2009/11/01. 2:283-29. Abstract

This paper investigates how human activities have influenced and altered land cover. It also indicates that the nature of cultural substitution of the indigenous forest species have significance for the functioning of the earth system. It therefore attempts to quantify the ecological implication of land cover change consequent upon land use. The paper integrated a topographical map of 1969 and satellite imageries from Landsat MSS 1972, and Landsat TM 1991 and 2000 with ground truthing and socio-economic surveys to assess changes in forest resource use and land cover in south-western Nigeria. The study argues that land cover modification and conversion is directly related to loss of biodiversity and has negative effect on the ecological setting and that there is need to develop more environmentally and socially equitable approaches to forest management.

Oluwagbenga, OOI, Ekanade O, Adesina FA.  2009.  Land use changes and forest reserve management in a changing environment: Southwestern Nigeria experience.. Journal of Geography and Regional Planning . 2(11):283–290.land_use_changes_and_forest_reserve_management_in_a.pdf
Adeleke, BO, Orimoogunje OOI, Shote AA.  2017.  Land use dynamics and rural landscape transformations in southwestern Nigeria. Canadian Journal of Tropical Geography. 4(2):22-33.Land use dynamics and rural landscape transformations
FASHAE, OA, AYOMANOR R, Orimoogunje OOI.  2017.  LAND USE DYNAMICS AND SURFACE WATER QUALITY IN A TYPICAL URBAN CENTRE OF SOUTH-WESTERN, NIGERIA. Analele Universităţii din Oradea, Seria Geografie. 27(1):98-107.10.auog_724_adeola.pdf
Ayanlade, A.  2016.  Landuse Change within Okomu and Gilli-Gilli Forest Reserves, Southwestern Nigeria: its climatic and societal implications. Tropical Ecology. 57(3):193-203. Abstract

The study evaluated the climatic and societal implications of vegetation
degradation in Okomu and Gilli-Gilli Forest Reserves (OGFRs) of Nigeria. Both remote sensing
and non-remote sensing data and methodologies were used. Landsat data between 1984 and
2011 were used as quantitative data while social survey was carried out for qualitative data
collection and assessment. Both remote sensing classification and Normalized Difference
Vegetation Index (NDVI) methods were used in this study. The results show that deforestation
resulting from farmland encroachment has increased in Okomu Forest Reserves (OFR) but was
relatively low in Gilli-Gilli Forest Reserves (GFR). In 1984, about 17 % of the reserves were
deforested, and this increased to 37 % in 2011 in OFR. These values reveal a massive
deforestation. Forest disturbance within the GFR is much less than OFR possibly because high
rate of illegal oil palm development in OFR. The result shows no significant impacts of
vegetation degradation on local climate, but people in the communities around the reserves
reported several climatic extreme events as a result of vegetation removal. However, the study
could not reveal direct significant impact of vegetation degradation on local climate but there
were rather indirect impacts from climate events. The results from social survey show that over
80 % of local people perceived high rate of heavy erosion and flooding mostly from year 2000 to
2011. It is obvious from the social survey that unrestrained felling of forest in the region has
also rendered the soil vulnerable to erosion and flooding since forests tend to reduce the impact
of erosion and floods. There is a need for proper enforcement of forest conservation laws in order
to reduce the rate of deforestation, not only in OFR and OGR but also in all forest reserves in
the country.

Omolaye, BV, Adekogbe OS.  2018.  Language Tonality through Dialectical Registration in Selected Musical Tracks of Adéolá Fáléye. Trend in African Oral Literature, Creative Writings and Contemporary Society.. , Ibadan: University of Ibadan Press Plc6-omolaye_b.v.__adekogbe_o.s._musical_and_language.pdf
Adisa, A, Lawal O, Arowolo O, Akinola D.  2011.  Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 09. African journal of medicine and medical sciences. 40:221-4. Abstract
Adewumi, A, Akindeinde S, Aderogba A, Ogundare B.  2017.  Laplace Transform Collocation Method for Solving Hyperbolic Telegraph Equation, 2017/04/10. 2017:1-9. Abstract

This article presents a new numerical scheme to approximate the solution of one-dimensional telegraph equations. With the use of Laplace transform technique, a new form of trial function from the original equation is obtained. The unknown coefficients in the trial functions are determined using collocation method. The efficiency of the new scheme is demonstrated with examples and the approximations are in excellent agreement with the analytical solutions. This method produced better approximations than the ones produced with the standard weighted residual methods.

Adewumi, A, Akindeinde S, Aderogba A, Ogundare B.  2016.  Laplace-Weighted Residual Method For Problems with Semi-Infinite Domain, 2016/09/29. 7:59-66. Abstract

This paper presents an efficient numerical method for the approximate solution of problems involving boundary condition at infinity. The whole idea of the method is based on the combination of Laplace transformation method and weighted residual method. Numerical examples are given to show the validity and applicability of the proposed method and the results obtained are compared with other methods in the literatures.

Skews B.W, Muritala A.O, Lucovig L., C. L.  2010.  Large scale shock wave diffraction experiments. 29th International Congress on High-Speed Photography and Photonic.
Monárrez, R, Braun M, Coburn-Flynn O, Botelho J, Odetoyin B, Otero-Vera J, Quartey N, Peixe L, Aboderin A, Okeke I.  2019.  A large self-transmissible plasmid from Nigeria confers resistance to multiple antibacterials without a carrying cost, 02. Abstract
Monárrez, R, Braun M, {Coburn-Flynn} O, Botelho J, Odetoyin BW, {Otero-Vera} JI, Quartey NKE, Peixe L, Aboderin AO, Okeke IN.  2019.  A Large Self-Transmissible Resistance Plasmid from {{Nigeria}} Contains Genes That Ameliorate a Carrying Cost, dec. Sci Rep. 9:19624., Number 1: {Nature Publishing Group} Abstract
Famuyiwa, FG, Adebajo AC.  2013.  Larvicidal Activities of the Leaves of Eugenia uniflora L. (Myrtaceae), 1–5th Sept, 2013. 61st Conference of the Gesellschaft für Arzneipflanzenforschung (GA), Planta Medica; 79(13): PE12. 79, Number 13, Institut für Pharmazeutische Biologie und Phytochemie, WWU, Münster, Germany: Georg Thieme Verlag {KG} Abstract


Famuyiwa, FG, Adebajo AC, Aladesanmi JA.  2011.  Larvicidal activity of Eugenia uniflora in Aedes aegyptii, 4-9th September. 59th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research, Planta Medica; 77(12): PM183. 77, Number 12, Antalya, Turkey: Georg Thieme Verlag {KG} Abstract


Adediji, DA, Agbedahunsi JM, Adewoyin F.  2017.  Larvicidal and ovicidal properties of some plants from asteraceae family against zika virus, dengue and chikungunya vector, Aedes aegypti Linn. (diptera: culicidae), 03. Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine. 20:37. Abstract
Adediji, DA, Agbedahunsi JM, Adewoyin F.  2017.  Larvicidal and ovicidal properties of some plants from asteraceae family against zika virus, dengue and chikungunya vector, Aedes aegypti Linn. (diptera: culicidae), 03. Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine. 20:37. Abstract
Famuyiwa, FG, Adebajo AC.  2012.  Larvicidal properties of Eugenia uniflora leaves. Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America . Vol. 3(10):400-405.
Adewoyin, F, Adewunmi, Omisore NO, Olorunmola F, Elusiyan C, Agbedahunsi J.  2012.  Larvicidal, Molluscicidal and Antitrichomonal effects of Methanolic Extract of Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill Leaf from South-West Nigeria, 12. Nigerian Journal of Natural Product and Medicine. 16:29-32. Abstract