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Bello, SA, Abiona OO, Oluwatope AO, Sanmi ML, Onime CE, Eludiora SI, Aderounmu GA, Adagunodo ER, Kehinde LO.  2013.  An e-Business Grid Model Architecture for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. an e-business grid model architecture.
Bello, SA, Abiona OO, Oluwatope AO, Sanni ML, Onime CE, Eludiora SI, Aderounmu GA, Adagunodo ER, Kehinde LO.  2009.  An e-Business Grid Model Architecture for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.
Eziyi, J, Oninla O, Salawu T.  2018.  Ear infections in primary school children of south western Nigeria, 2018/04/26. 4:608. Abstract

p class="abstract"> Background: Prevalence of ear infections in primary school children in Nigeria is scarcely documented and available studies are mostly hospital based. The aim of this Community based study is to define the point prevalence of ear infections among school children.Methods: Using a multi- staged stratified sampling technique, 630 pupils aged 6-12years, attending Government owed primary schools in two local government areas in the South Western Nigeria were recruited for the application of a structured questionnaire, single examination and classification using their socioeconomic index.
Results: Three hundred and seven (48.7%) were females and three hundred and twenty three (51.3%) were males. Chronic otitis media had the highest prevalence of 7.9%, followed by acute otitis media and otitis externa (3.2%) while otomycosis (1.6%) had the lowest. Majority of the infections were unilateral and more prevalent in the males. It was observed that all the ear infections were more prevalent in pupils from the low socioeconomic class although not statistically significant.
Conclusions: These results shows that ear infections is still common in our primary schools and that socioeconomic status and sex of the pupils did not significantly affect the occurrence of these ear infections. There is a need to incorporate health education programme in schools to prevent ear infections and the attendant disabilities.

Eziyi, J.A.E., Oninla, O. A., Salawu TO.  2018.  Ear infections in primary school children of South-Western Nigeria. International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. 4(3):608-612.ear_infections_in_primary_school_children.pdf
Aderibigbe, DA, Oluwole OO, Olorunniwo OE, Atanda PO, Ogundare O.  2006.  Earing characteristics of cold-rolled and temper annealed aluminium 1200. Journal of Applied Sciences. 6:3103–3109., Number 15 Abstract
Folayan, MO.  2015.  Early childhood caries and the challenges associated with the use of ICDAS its diagnosis. European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. 16(4):261.
Folayan, MO, Salami O.  2018.  Early childhood caries – a diagnostic enigma . European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry . 19(2):92.
El Tantawi, M, Folayan MO, Mehaina M, Vukovic A, Castillo JL, Gaffar BO, Arheiam A, Al-Batayneh OB, Kemoli AM, Schroth RJ, GHM L.  2018.  Early childhood caries: country level determinants of prevalence and data availability. . American Journal of Public Health . 108(8):e1-e7.doi:10.2105/AJPH.2018.304466.
Eziyi, AK, Eziyi J, Salako A, Aderounmu A.  2010.  Early experience with endourology at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, 2010/03/01. 13:24-27. Abstract

Background: Endourological practice has revolutionized the diagnosis and the management of patients with various urologic abnormalities. But the level of practice in developing countries is unusually low, basically due to lack of necessary equipment and experienced trained manpower. Objectives: To present our initial experience with endourological procedures in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria with emphasis on the indications, complications and challenges encountered. Setting: The endourological section of our urology unit is new with some facilities for lower urinary tract endoscopes. A lot of the patients with various urological disorders who had endourological procedures were used in this study. Materials and Methods: Aprospective analysis of records of all patients who had diagnostic and therapeutic endourological procedures in our practice from September 2004 to December 2006 was carried out. Indications for the procedure, type of anesthesia, type of irrigation fluid used and complications and challenges encountered during the procedure were noted. Results: 201 medical notes were available for review. Atotal of204 procedures were carried out, representing twenty five percent of the total urological procedures done by the unit during the study period. The commonest indication for an endourological procedure was bladder outlet obstruction with benign prostate hyperplasia responsible in 108.0 (53.7%) of cases followed by cancer of the prostate in 36.0 (17.9%) and urethral stricture in 18 (9%) of cases. The commonest form of endourologoical procedure performed was urethrocystoscopy which constituted 89.6% while the second most common procedure was urethroscopy alone (9.0%) mainly for patients with urethral stricture. There were three complications, acute urinary retention, epididymo-orchitis, and heamaturia, following the procedure. Conclusion: Endourological procedures have refined and improved the management outcome of diverse urological procedures with minimal complications.

Onakpoya, U, Ojo O, Eyekpegha O, Oguns A, Akintomide A.  2020.  Early experience with permanent pacemaker implantation at a tertiary hospital in Nigeria, 07. Pan African Medical Journal. 36 Abstract
Haire, BG, Folayan MO.  2016.  Ebola "ring" vaccine trial was ethically innovative. American Journal of Public Health . 106(9):e1.
Folayan, MO, Brown B.  2015.  Ebola and the limited effectiveness of travel restrictions. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Journal . :doi:10.1017/dmp.2015.1.
Yakubu, A, Folayan MO, Sani-Gwarzo N, Nguku P, Peterson K, Brandon B.  2014.  The Ebola outbreak in Western Africa-ethical obligations for care . Journal of Medical Ethics . :doi:10.1136/medethics-2014-102434..
Folayan, MO, Yakubu A, Haire B, Peterson K.  2016.  Ebola vaccine development plan: concerns and proposed measures. . BMC Journal of Medical Ethics . 17:10.doi:10.1186/s12910-016-0094-4..
Haire, BG, Folayan MO.  2016.  Ebola: what it teaches us about medical ethics. A response to Angus Dawson. Journal of Medical Ethics . 42(1):59-60.doi:10.1136/medethics-2015-102657.
Bacher, U, Zander AR, Kröger N, Ibegbulam OG, Olusina DB, Oyekunle AA, Ocheni S.  2010.  EBV-Associated Malignancies.. The Open Infect Dis Journal. 4:101-112. Abstract
Adeoye, AM, Ovbiagele B, Akinyemi JO, Ogah OS, Akinyemi R, Gebregziabher M, Wahab K, Fakunle AG, Akintunde A, Adebayo O, Aje A, Tiwari HK, Arnett D, Agyekum F, Appiah LT, Amusa G, Olunuga TO, Onoja A, Sarfo FS, Akpalu A, Jenkins C, Lackland D, Owolabi L, Komolafe M, Faniyan MM, Arulogun O, Obiako R, Owolabi M.  2019.  Echocardiographic Abnormalities and Determinants of 1-Month Outcome of Stroke Among West Africans in the SIREN Study, 2019. Journal of the American Heart Association. 8(11) Abstract

Background: Little is known about the relationship between echocardiographic abnormalities and outcome among patients with acute stroke. We investigated the pattern and association of baseline echocardiographic variables with 1-month disability and mortality among patients with stroke in the SIREN (Stroke Investigative Research and Education Network) study. Methods and Results: We enrolled and followed up consecutive 1020 adult patients with acute stroke with baseline transthoracic echocardiography from west Africa. To explore the relationship between echocardiographic variables and 1-month disability (using modified Rankin scale >3) and fatality, regression models were fitted. Relative risks were computed with 95% CIs. The participants comprised 60% men with a mean age of 59.2±14.6 years. Ischemic stroke was associated with smaller aortic root diameter (30.2 versus 32.5, P=0.018) and septal (16.8 versus 19.1, P<0.001) and posterior wall thickness at systole (18.9 versus 21.5, P=0.004). Over 90% of patients with stroke had abnormal left ventricular (LV) geometry with eccentric hypertrophy predominating (56.1%). Of 13 candidate variables investigated, only baseline abnormal LV geometry (concentric hypertrophy) was weakly associated with 1-month disability (unadjusted relative risk, 1.80; 95% CI, 0.97–5.73). Severe LV systolic dysfunction was significantly associated with increased 1-month mortality (unadjusted relative risk, 3.05; 95% CI, 1.36–6.83). Conclusions: Nine of 10 patients with acute stroke had abnormal LV geometry and a third had systolic dysfunction. Severe LV systolic dysfunction was significantly associated with 1 month mortality. Larger studies are required to establish the independent effect and unravel predictive accuracy of this association.

  2009.  Ecological anatomy of some hydrophytes in Nigeria. African Journal of Biotechnology. 8(14):3377-3381.jayeola_and_folorunso_2009.pdf
Oluwagbenga, OOI.  2015.  Ecological Degradation under Selected Tree Crop Ecosystems in Ondo State, South-western Nigeria. . Frontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century. , Ibadan: Ibadan University Pressoluwagbenga_o.i._orimoogunje_ecological_degradation_under___selected_tree_crop_ecosystems_in_ondo_state.pdf