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Igumbor, E, OMOTOSO E, Khaleed A, Taleatu B.  2018.  Ab initio study of transition metals impurities and stability of complexes in germanium (Ge), 2018/08/13. 20:433. Abstract
Asafa, MA, Ogunlade O, Bolarinwa RA, Bisiriyu LA, Eluwole OA, Asafa ST, Oderinu KA.  2019.  ABO Blood Group System: Its Association with Anthropometric Indices among Young Adults of Yoruba Ethnicity. International Blood Research & Reviews. :1–7. Abstract
Soyoye, D, Ikem R, Kolawole B, Ala O, Owolabi F, Yusuff O, Ayandele CO.  2016.  Abstract #253: Relationship of Hyperglycaemia and Inflammation to Obesity in Type 2 Diabetes, 2016/05/01. 22:57-58. Abstract
Mburu, R, Folayan MO, Akanni O.  2014.  The Abuja +12 declaration: implications for the HIV response in Africa.. African Journal of Reproductive Health . 18(1):34-46.
Jegede, A, Adebiyi H, Erhun W.  2020.  Academic performance of students in other university courses after dropping out of pharmacy school, 10. Pharmacy Education. :346-356. Abstract
Olabanji, SO, Omobuwajo OR, Ceccata D, Adebajo AC, Buoso MC, Moschini G.  2008.  Accelector-based analytical technique in the study of some anti-diabetic medicinal plants of Nigeria. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms . Vol. 266(10):2387-2390.
Esimai, OA, Fatusi OA, Fatusi AO, Onayade AA.  2000.  Acceptance of Hepatitis B vaccine by workers in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital . East African Medical Journal. 77(11):608-612.
Olawole, MO.  2012.  Accessibility to Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT LITE) Bus Stops: An Empirical Study. International Conference on The role of urban mobility in (re)shaping cities - CODATU XV . :1-15., Addis Ababa,Ethiopia: CODATU
M.O.Olawole, O.A.Arilesere, A.S.Aguda.  2015.  Accessibility to rural services: A GIS-based analysis of secondary schools in Ife Region, Nigeria. The Nigerian Geographical Journal. 10(2):110-125.olawole_arilesere_and_aguda_ngj_2015.pdf
Adeniran, O, Ogundare B.  2018.  An accurate five-step trigonometrically-fitted numerical scheme for approximating solutions of second order ordinary differential equations with oscillatory solutions, 2018/11/14. 06 Abstract

In this paper, class of second order ordinary differential equation with oscillatory solutions is considered. Byemploying the trigonometric basis function, a continuous five-step scheme known as five-step trigonometrically
fitted scheme is derived to approximate solutions to the class of considered equation. Consistency and zero
stability of the developed method were proved. Stability and convergence properties of this new scheme were
also established. The scheme so obtained is used to solve standard initial value problems with oscillatory
solutions. From the numerical results obtained, it was revealed that the proposed method performs better than
some of the existing methods in the literature.

Ajayi, O, Aderogba M, Obuotor EM, Majinda R.  2018.  Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor from Anthocleista vogelii Leaf Extracts, 11. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 231 Abstract
Adebisi, T. A. and Olatunji, OI.  2017.  Achieving Sustainable Development in Africa through Inclusive Distance Learning. Readings in Education, Human and Sustainable Development, Essays in Honour of Professor Oluyemisi Oluremi Obilade. , Ijagun: Tai Solarin University Press
Ogunlusi, J, Oluwadiya K, Ogunlusi O, Oginni L, Oyedeji O, Ibigbami O.  2008.  Acquired Boneless Forearm as a Complication of Traditional Bone Setting, 2008/04/01. 31:288. Abstract

An 8-year-old girl sustained closed fracture of the right ulna 10 weeks prior to presentation. She was taken to a traditional bone setter who applied a tight splint. The patient reported pain, but the splint was not removed. A week after application of the splint, a foul odor was detected and removal of the splint showed extensive exposure of the forearm bones. Above elbow amputation was rejected by the patient's parents when she was taken to hospital, where she was admitted for 8 weeks by a second traditional bone setter. A trained nurse applied herbal concoctions and dressed the wound daily in anticipation that the skin would cover the exposed bone fragments. She was brought to our hospital for wound dressing so that the skin would cover the exposed bones fragments. Examination revealed a grossly shortened right forearm--by 7 cm compared with her left--extensive exposure of both radius and ulna at the anterior aspect of the forearm, and loss of sensation and movement of the fingers. Radiographs showed sequestrated radius and ulna with involucrum around the olecranon process. Above elbow amputation was offered to the patient but the parents again declined. The forearm bones detached while scrubbing the wound for review and removal of the sequestrated bone. The wound healed within one and a half weeks of dressing, resulting in an acquired boneless forearm.

Adebisi, TA.  2015.  Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Skills by Polytechnic Students in Osun State, Nigeria. Journal of Educational and Social Research. 5(1):83-94.
Oyedotun, K, Mirghn A, Fasakin O, Mahmoud B, Tarimo D, Manyala N.  2021.  Activated Carbon Derived from Biomass-Waste Okra As High-Performance Electrodes for Use in Supercapacitors, 2021/05/30. MA2021-01:495-495. Abstract
Sorsa, T, Alassiri S, Grigoriadis A, Räisänen IT, Pärnänen P, Nwhator SO, Gieselmann DR, Sakellari D.  Submitted.  Active MMP-8 (aMMP-8) as a grading and staging biomarker in the periodontitis classification. Diagnostics. 10:61., Number 2 Abstract
Adebajo, AC, Famuyiwa FG, John JD, Idem ES, Adeoye AO.  2012.  Activities of Some Nigerian Medicinal Plants against Aedes aegypti. Chinese Medicine . Vol. 3(3):Article22712;151-156.
Salawu, RO, Ayoola TJ.  2012.  Activity Based Costing Adoption Among Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria. Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing. 8(1):40-45.
Alade, GO, Akanmu MA, Obuotor EM, Osasan SA, Omobuwajo OR.  2009.  Acute and Oral Subacute toxicity of methanolic extract of Bauhinia Monandra leaf in rats.. African Jornal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Vol. 3(7):354-358.
Akanmu, MA, Adeloye AO, Obutor EM, Adelusola KA, Iwalewa EO, Ukponmwan OE, Lamikanra A.  2010.  Acute and Sub-Chronic toxicity potential effects of Alchornea Cordifolia (Euphorbiaceae) in rats. Nig. J. Nat. Prod.. 14:1-7.