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Ayanlad, A, Odekunle TO, Orimoogunje OOI.  2010.  Analysis of Impacts of Climate Variability on Tuber Crops in Guinea Savanna part of Nigeria : A GIS Approach. Journal of Geography and Geology . 2(1):27-35. Abstract

The study developed a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) database and mapped inter-annual changes in
tuber crop yield as a response to inter-annual rainfall variability in the Guinea Savanna ecological zone of
Nigeria. It also related the spatiotemporal variability in rainfall with tuber yields. Two major tuber crops were
used for this study (i.e. Cassava and Yam). Kriging and other GIS techniques were used for the spatial analysis.
Also, correlation and regression analysis were carried out on the dataset. The study fund out that rainfall varies
from one year to the other (550mm to 2987mm). The results showed that there were significant relationship
between tuber yield and total rainfall (r= 0.68, at p<0.05 for cassava; and r= 0.62, at p<0.05 for yam). The study
concluded that geospatial techniques are ample tools that should be explored further for realistic assessment of
the effects on climate of farming activities.

Olukoga, A, Folayan M, Harris G, Ajayi O.  2010.  An analysis of listening skills of healthcare students in Nigeria . West Africa Journal of Medicine . 29(2):104-108.
Sorsa, T, Gursoy UK, Nwhator SO, Hernandez M, Tervahartiala T, Leppilahti J, Gursoy M, Könönen E, Emingil G, Pussinen PJ, Mäntylä P.  Submitted.  Analysis of matrix metalloproteinases, especially MMP-8. in gingival crevicular fluid, mouthrinse and saliva for monitoring periodontal diseases. 70:142–163., Number 1 Abstract
Ajobo, O, Tijani AA, Bamire AS.  1995.  Analysis of Nigeria's Cocoa Agriculture: Time Series. Nigerian Journal of Tree Crop Research (CRIN). Ibadan, Nigeria.. 1(2):62-76.
kehinde Ajila, O.  2019.  Analysis of Post-Consumer Solid Textile Waste management among households in oyo State of nigeria.. journal of environmental protection . 10(11):1419-1435.
Araloyin, FM, Ojo O.  2011.  An Analysis of Real Estate Consumers’ Perception of Service Quality in Estate Agency Practice in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria. Journal of Economics and International Finance. 3(3):139–145.
Opawole, A, Kajimo-Shakantu K.  2021.  Analysis of risk occurrence in projects executed by small and medium sized contracting firms, 02. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. 654:012023. Abstract
Olawole, MO, Oladepo O.  2017.  Analysis of road crashes and associated burden in Ondo State, Nigeria. Zaria Geographer . 24(1):34-49.
Sabageh, D, Olaofe OO, Sabageh AO.  2012.  An analysis of the clinicopathologic characteristics of ovarian tumours in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 2012. 3(2):97.: Medknow Publications Abstract
Faiyetole, A, Adesina F, Oyebisi T.  2016.  An Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Actions or Inactions for Africa under Variable Climate Policies, 2016/06/27. Special edition: Environment and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century:pp96-104. Abstract

The four forecasted climate policy scenarios or representative concentration pathways (RCP), informed the findings of the fifth assessment report (AR5) of the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC). Depending on the emissions levels, economic status and population growth, the climate pathways, if adopted, would imply different costs and benefits to different countries or regions. In pertinence, with respect to economic status, the combined gross domestic product (GDP) of the ten highest emitters of Carbon dioxide in Africa, for instance, is currently less than for the seventh global emitter. In this study, stochastic analysis of the mitigative costs for RCP 2.6, 4.5, 6.0 and 8.5 (Wm-2) radiative forcing for CO2 were conducted from 2010 to 2100 for Africa and the Middle East (AME) region. For example, RCP 6.0 posed the highest % of GDP loss in 2030, and thereafter, RCP 2.6 maintained the highest % of GDP loss through the century. It is therefore arguable that AME in general, and Africa in particular, could pursue a hybrid of the four climate pathways in ensuring the associated economic benefits are maximized for the continent.

Babatunde, S, Ekundayo D, Babalola O, Jimoh J.  2018.  Analysis of the drivers and benefits of BIM incorporation into quantity surveying profession: Academia and students’ perspectives, 2018/10/10. 16 Abstract

PurposeBuilding information modeling (BIM) inclusion in education pedagogy is crucial in preparing skilled graduates for employment in the construction industry. Against this backdrop, studies on BIM education abound in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) programmes in higher education institutions (HEIs). However, there are limited empirical studies on BIM potentials in the quantity surveying (QS) profession in HEIs, particularly in developing countries. The purpose of this study is to identify and assess the BIM drivers and benefits as important to the QS profession using an empirical approach.
A comprehensive literature review was conducted to identify the BIM drivers and benefits in relation to the QS profession, which was used to design a questionnaire. To capture a broad perception, a questionnaire survey was carried out which targeted the academia and final year undergraduate students from two selected universities offering QS honour degree programmes in Nigeria. Data collected were analysed using mean score, standard deviation and Mann–Whitney test.
The study identified 12 BIM drivers in relation to the QS profession and the analysis of the ranking revealed that almost all the identified BIM drivers are considered by respondents as important. The study further identified 14 BIM benefits and the analysis of the ranking indicated that all the identified BIM benefits are considered as important. The results of the Mann–Whitney test indicated a slight statistically significant difference, particularly in one of the selected universities on the ranking of the BIM drivers and benefits as important to the QS profession.
Practical implication
The findings of the study provide empirical evidence on the current perceptions of the drivers and benefits of BIM to QS academia and students as they explore the concept for the advancement of QS profession.
This study would provide practical insights to use BIM for QS practice. Also, this study would contribute to improving the QS graduates and professional quantity surveyors understanding of the BIM knowledge applicable to QS profession.

Adebusuyi, AS, Olasupo MO, Idehen EE.  2013.  Analysis of the Perception of Organizational Politics by Employees of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Bangladesh eJournal of Sociology. 10(1):51-58.
Babatimehin, O, Uyeh J, Onukogu A.  2017.  Analysis of the Re-emergence and Occurrence of Cholera in Lagos State, Nigeria, 2017/06/01. 36 Abstract

This paper analysed the factors responsible for the re-emergence of cholera and predicted the future occurrence of Cholera in Lagos State, Nigeria using factor analysis, multiple linear regression analysis and a cellular automata model for the prediction. The study revealed six Local Government Areas (LGAs) under very high threat, nine under low threat, and Surulere and some parts of Amuwo Odofin under medium threat in the near future. These areas have an average population of 200,000 people each with the total tending towards millions of people, all under threat of cholera occurring and re-emerging in their communities. The factors relating to the re-emergence of the disease were discovered to be environmental (rainfall, R

Aremu, PSO, Umoru-Oke NA.  2006.  Anonymity and Timelessness in African Art: A General Overview. Reflections: A Journal of the Society of Nigerian Artists. 6::1–4. Abstract


Nwhator, SO, Umeizudike KA, Ayanbadejo PO, Opeodu OI, Olamijulo JA, Sorsa T.  Submitted.  Another reason for impeccable oral hygiene: oral hygiene-sperm count link. Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice. 15:352–358., Number 3 Abstract
Sarfo, FS, Ovbiagele B, Matthew OA, Akpalu A, Wahab K, Obiako R, Owolabi L, Asowata O, Ogbole G, Komolafe M, Akinyemi R, Owolabi M.  2020.  Antecedent febrile illness and occurrence of stroke in West Africa: The SIREN study, 2020. Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 418 Abstract

Background: Acute infections have been posited as potential precipitants or triggers of the occurrence of stroke among adults with traditional vascular risk factors. We evaluated associations between stroke occurrence and reported febrile illness within 4 weeks (potential antecedent infections) among West Africans. Methods: The Stroke Investigative Research and Educational Network (SIREN) is a multicenter, case-control study involving 15 sites in Ghana and Nigeria. Cases include adults aged ≥18 years with radiologically confirmed strokes. Controls were stroke-free adults matched with cased by age, gender and ethnicity. Detailed evaluations for vascular, lifestyle and psychosocial factors were performed. Participants were asked for evidence of any febrile illness within the past 4 weeks. We used conditional logistic regression to estimate adjusted odds ratios (aOR) with 95% Confidence Interval. Results: Among 3588 stroke cases recruited in Ghana and Nigeria between August 2014 and July 2018, 363 cases (10.1%) reported having a febrile illness within the 4 weeks prior to stroke occurrence. Having an antecedent infection was associated with stroke occurrence with an unadjusted OR of 1.19 (1.00–1.51) but aOR of 0.83 (0.59–1.17) upon adjusting for traditional vascular risk factors. Stress, aOR of 4.69 (2.59–8.50) and consumption of green vegetables 2.27 (1.35–2.85) were associated with antecedent febrile illness. Conclusion: 1 in 10 stroke cases reported antecedent history of febrile illness prior to occurrence of stroke but no independent association was observed in this study. Infectious exposures may be important triggers of cardiovascular events requiring further exploratory studies to better understand the role of this emerging risk factor.

Abiodun, AG, Egwu MO, Adedoyin RA.  2011.  Anthropometric Indices Associated with Variation in Cardiovascular Parameters among Primary School Pupils in Ile-Ife. International Journal of Hypertension. 2011:1-5.
Abiodun, AG, Egwu MO, Adedoyin RA.  2011.  Anthropometric Indices Associated with Variation in Cardiovascular Parameters among Primary School Pupils in Ile-Ife. International Journal of Hypertension. 2011:1-5.
Ikem, RT, Kolawole BA.  2001.  Anthropometric Indices of Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Nigeria Subjects. Nigerian Journal of Internal Medicine. , 4(1):6-8.
Adeyemi, OO, l Iro U.  2016.  Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria: A Critical Appraisal of the Role of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The Quarterly Journal of Administration. xxxv(1):53-70.