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Adedoja, O, Samways M, Kehinde T.  2021.  Age class of alien tree stands retained for mammal protection have differential effects on flower-visiting insect assemblages, 2021/07/10. Abstract

• Limited sunlight reduces plant productivity and foraging activities of pollinators, such as when alien trees shade out native flowering plants. The conservation management response is to remove the impoverishing effect of the alien tree canopy. However, alien trees can provide benefit for certain species when they provide significant scarce resources. We assess how flower-visiting insects respond to shading from young, small-sized, open canopy vs. mature, tall, closed-canopy alien pine trees retained specifically as refuges for certain rare mammals.• We sampled flower–visitor species diversity and interactions at various distances from pine stands of both sizes in a matrix of low sclerophyllous natural vegetation. We sampled flower–visitors using coloured pan traps and estimated flower–visitor interactions and flower diversity.
• Reduction in percentage light reaching the understorey significantly reduced flower abundance, with zero flowers in tall pine understorey. Flower–visitor species composition differed across sampling locations with increasing distance from tall pine understorey. Although pine tree size led to a decline in flower–visitor interaction frequency and network specialisation in all pine tree stands, some bee species that are mostly tree nesters, were observed in unique interactions in association with tall pines only.
• We show that alien pines, especially tall trees, have an impoverishing effect on flowering plants and flower–visitors. However, these trees also confer benefit to specialised groups such as tree-nesting bees. While active alien pine removal is encouraged where the trees are actively invading, maintaining well-contained small stands is of value for two different taxa of conservation concern.

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Akinola, NO, Durosinmi MA, Salawu L, Oyekunle AA, Ndakotsu MA, Bolarinwa RA.  2009.  AIDS-related lymphomas in Nigeria, Oct. Braz J Infect Dis. 13:359-61., Number 5 AbstractWebsite

Aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), including primary central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma, lymphoblastic lymphoma and non-endemic Burkitt's lymphoma have been recognized as AIDS-defining cancers in most developed countries. However, HIV/AIDS epidemics appear not to have been associated with higher incidence of lymphomas in Africa. We therefore carried out this study to highlight the significance or otherwise of HIV/AIDS epidemics in the pathogenesis of lymphomas in a population of Nigerians with the disease. Since January 1993 to the present, all patients with haematologic cancers are routinely screened (following appropriate counseling) for HIV infection. Patients with a histological diagnosis of malignant chronic lymphoproliferative diseases {non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), Burkitt's lymphoma (BL) and Hodgkin lymphoma (HL)} at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals' Complex, Ile-Ife from January 1993 to August 2008 were noted. Those patients confirmed to be HIV/AIDS positive among the cohort with lymphomas were retrospectively studied using their clinical case notes. Data obtained were analyzed using appropriate descriptive and inferential statistics. A total of 391 patients were histologically confirmed to have lymphoma {NHL-109, (27.9%); CLL-76, (19.4%); BL-178, (45.5%) and HL-28, (7.2%)} during the study period. Nine patients (2.3%) were confirmed to be HIV- positive, all within the age bracket 24-60 (median = 50) years. Six of these, five males and one female, ages 24-60 (median = 37.5) years, had NHL while another three, all females (age 50 - 68 years; median = 56 years) had CLL. None of the patients with HL and BL were HIV positive. Patients with NHL presented at advanced stage of the disease (at least clinical stage IIIb), and all those with CLL presented at stage C of the International Working Party Classification. All the HIV-positive patients with NHL succumbed to the disease within one to three weeks of admission into the hospital. The prevalence of AIDS-related lymphomas is 2.3% compared to 4.4% found in the general population. However, it is interesting that no single case of AIDS-associated BL was seen, despite the fact that Burkitt's lymphoma is endemic in this part of the world. All the patients presented at a very advanced stage of the disease with significantly shortened survival.

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