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Kumar, V, Vallipuram K, Adebajo AC, Reisch J.  1995.  2,7-dihydroxy-3-formyl-1-(3´-methyl-2´-butenyl)carbazole from Clausena lansium. Phytochemistry. 40(5):1563-1565.
Salpietro, V, Dixon CL, Guo H, Bello OD, Vandrovcova J, Efthymiou S, Maroofian R, Heimer G, Burglen L, Valence S et al..  2019.  AMPA receptor GluA2 subunit defects are a cause of neurodevelopmental disorders, 2019. Nature Communications. 10(1) Abstract

AMPA receptors (AMPARs) are tetrameric ligand-gated channels made up of combinations of GluA1-4 subunits encoded by GRIA1-4 genes. GluA2 has an especially important role because, following post-transcriptional editing at the Q607 site, it renders heteromultimeric AMPARs Ca2+-impermeable, with a linear relationship between current and trans-membrane voltage. Here, we report heterozygous de novo GRIA2 mutations in 28 unrelated patients with intellectual disability (ID) and neurodevelopmental abnormalities including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Rett syndrome-like features, and seizures or developmental epileptic encephalopathy (DEE). In functional expression studies, mutations lead to a decrease in agonist-evoked current mediated by mutant subunits compared to wild-type channels. When GluA2 subunits are co-expressed with GluA1, most GRIA2 mutations cause a decreased current amplitude and some also affect voltage rectification. Our results show that de-novo variants in GRIA2 can cause neurodevelopmental disorders, complementing evidence that other genetic causes of ID, ASD and DEE also disrupt glutamatergic synaptic transmission.

Olayiwola, G, Iwalewa EO, Omobuwajo OR, Adebajo AC, Adeniyi AA, Verspohl EJ.  2004.  The antidiabetic potential of Jatropha tanjorensis leaves. Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine. Vol. 8:55-58.
Adebajo, AC, Ayoola MD, Obagbemi OR, Obuotor EM, Ogunsina OM, Pinkoane M, Verspohl EJ.  2013.  Antihyperglycaemic and Anti-oxidant Activities of Eugenia uniflora Leaf: Evaluation of Ethnomedical Claims {IV}, 1–5th Sept, 2013. 61st Conference of the GA, Planta Medica; 79(13): PE2. 79, Number 13, Institut für Pharmazeutische Biologie und Phytochemie, WWU, Münster, Germany: Georg Thieme Verlag {KG} Abstract


Adebajo, AC, Ayoola MD, Obagbemi OR, Obuotor EM, Ogunsina MO, Verspohl EJ.  2013.  Antihyperglycaemic and antioxidant activities of Eugenia uniflora leaf: Evaluation of ethnomedical claims IV. Ife Journal of Science & Technology . 1(1):1-18.
Esimai, OA, Fatoye FO, Quiah AG, Vidal OE, Momoh RM.  2008.  Anxiety and depressive symptoms: A study of Nigeria women during the three semesters of pregnancy.. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 28(2):202-203.
Muzamil, H, Duarte R, Dickens C, Dix-Peek T, Naidoo S, Vachiat A, Grinter S, Manga P, Naicker S.  2020.  APOL1 Genetic Variants Are Associated with Serum-Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein Levels and Subclinical Atherosclerosis in South African CKD Patients, 06. Nephron. 144:1-10. Abstract
Muzamil, H, Dix-Peek T, Duarte R, Dickens C, Naidoo S, Vachiat A, Grinter S, Manga P, Naicker S.  2020.  Association of chronic inflammation and accelerated atherosclerosis among an indigenous black population with chronic kidney disease, 07. PLOS ONE. 15:e0232741. Abstract
Folayan, M, El Tantawi M, Schroth R, Vukovic A, Kemoli A, Gaffar B, Obiyan M, Group E.  2020.  Associations between early childhood caries, malnutrition and anemia: a global perspective, 2020/05/04. 6:16. Abstract
Oguntola, S, Muzamil H, Duarte R, Dix-Peek T, Dickens C, Olorunfemi G, Vachiat A, Paget G, Manga P, Naicker S.  2018.  Atherosclerotic vascular disease and its correlates in stable black South African kidney transplant recipients, 07. International Journal of Nephrology and Renovascular Disease. Volume 11:187-193. Abstract
Olasehinde, O, Alatise O, VL A, Olajide O, Omisore A, Boutin‐Foster C.  2019.  Barriers to mammography screening in Nigeria: A survey of two communities with different access to screening facilities, 01. European Journal of Cancer Care. 28 Abstract
Ammar, N, M. Aly N, Folayan M, Khader Y, Virtanen J, Al-Batayneh O, Mohebbi S, Attia S, Howaldt H-P, Böttger S, Maharani D, Rahardjo A, Khan I, Madi M, Rashwan M, Pavlić V, Cicmil S, Choi Y-H, Joury E, El Tantawi M.  2020.  Behavior change due to COVID-19 among dental academics-The theory of planned behavior: Stresses, worries, training, and pandemic severity, 2020/09/29. 15::e0239961. Abstract
Bisi-Johnson, MA, Obi CL, Eloff J, Samuel BB, Baba K, Vasaikar S, Adefisoye MA.  2012.  Can herbal remedies be the answer to multidrug resistance? Profile of drug resistance in Salmonella species in Eastern Cape, South Africa Journal of Experimental and Integrative Medicine. 2(2):147-153.
S.A.Adewinbi, B.A.Taleatu, V.M.Maphiri, O.Fasakin, E.Omotoso, K.O.Oyedotun, N.Manyala.  2021.  Characterization of two-way fabricated hybrid metal-oxide nanostructured electrode materials for photovoltaic and miniaturized supercapacitor applications. Solid State Sciences. 119:106699.
B. Favoretto Pigatin, L´via, Atoloye IA, Abosede Obikoya O, Vinicius Borsato A´lio, Olı´mpia Oliveira Rezende M.  2016.  Chemical study of vermicomposted agroindustrial wastes, 2016/02/08. Int J Recycl Org Waste Agricult. 5 Abstract

PurposeThe disposal of solid waste is a serious environmental problem for humanity. Vermicomposting is used as one of the methods for recycling of organic waste, resulting in a humified material of great agronomic potential which promotes carbon sequestration when applied to the soil. The aim of this study was to evaluate the chemical characteristics of vermicomposts from cattle manure (CM), orange peel (OP) and filter cake (FC).
Three compost piles were set up, 2:1 OP + CM, 3:1 FC + CM and CM. The piles were initially composted for 60 days. Thereafter, earthworms were added to the piles to initiate the vermicomposting process.
The pH and the organic carbon contents were above the minimum recommended values for organic fertilizers. The N content was below the minimum value but the C/N ratio was in the required range. The C/N values where lower in OP + CM and FC + CM than in CM. Further, the N contents of treatments were different with OP + CM having the highest value. The C/N ratios of the piles were 9.52, 9.62 and 11.03 for OP + CM, FC + CM and CM, respectively, and were lower than the maximum recommended value by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (Ministry of Agriculture 2009).
Thus, co-vermicomposting of filter cake and orange peel with cattle manure has the potential for application sustainable agriculture.

Sartelli, M, Catena F, Ansaloni L, Moore E, Malangoni M, Velmahos G, Coimbra R, Koike K, Leppaniemi A, Biffl W, others.  2013.  Complicated intra-abdominal infections in a worldwide context: an observational prospective study (CIAOW Study). World Journal of Emergency Surgery. 8:1–7., Number 1: BioMed Central Abstract
Sartelli, M, Catena F, Ansaloni L, Coccolini F, Corbella D, Moore EE, Malangoni M, Velmahos G, Coimbra R, Koike K, others.  2014.  Complicated intra-abdominal infections worldwide: the definitive data of the CIAOW Study. World Journal of Emergency Surgery. 9:1–10., Number 1: BioMed Central Abstract
Folayan, M, El Tantawi M, Virtanen J, Feldens C, Rashwan M, Kemoli A, Villena R, Al-Batayneh O, Amalia R, Gafar B, Mohebbi S, Arheiam A, Daryanavard H, Vukovic A, Schroth R.  2021.  Correction to: An ecological study on the association between universal health service coverage index, health expenditures, and early childhood caries, 2021/05/26. 21 Abstract
Muzamil, H, Duarte R, Dix-Peek T, Vachiat A, Naidoo S, Dickens C, Grinter S, Manga P, Naicker S.  2016.  Correlation between volume overload, chronic inflammation, and left ventricular dysfunction in chronic kidney disease patients, 08. Clinical Nephrology. 86 (2016) Abstract
Morobe, IC, Mthethwa NS, Bisi-Johnson MA, Vasaikar SD, Obi CL, Oyedeji AO, Kambizi L, Eloff JN, Hattori T.  2011.  Cytotoxic effects and safety profiles of extracts of active medicinal plants from the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and infection. 26(3):141.
Ogundapo, SS, Soniran OT, Vining-Ogu CI, Ngobidi KC, Obasi NA, Olugbue VU, Adegbola JA, Ogundapo AF.  2021.  Data on pilot assessment of efficacy of artemether lumefantrine when co-administered with ciprofloxacin in malaria-typhoid co-infected patients. Data in brief. 34:106732.: Elsevier Abstract
Lynch, K, Omisore A, Famurewa O, Olasehinde O, Odujoko O, Vera J, Kingham T, Alatise O, Egberongbe A, Morris E, Atkinson T, Sutton E.  2021.  Designing Participatory Needs Assessments to Support Global Health Interventions in Time-Limited Settings: A Case Study From Nigeria, 05. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. 20:160940692110024. Abstract
Vitali, L. A., Petrelli, D., Lamikanra, A., Prenna, M., Akinkunmi EO.  2014.  Diversity of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Staphylococcal Cassette Chromosome mec elements in Faecal Isolates of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci from Nigeria. . BMC Microbiolgy. 14(106)