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Ogunbodede, EO, Folayan MO, GO A.  1997.  Oral cancer: a review of the risk factors, diagnosis, prevention and management. Nigeria Medical Journal. 32(3):80-84.
Ogunbodede, E, Adamolekun B, Akintomide A.  1998.  Oral Health and Dental Treatment Needs in Nigerian Patients with Epilepsy, 1998/07/01. Epilepsia. 39:590-4. Abstract

We determined the prevalence of oral disorders and the dental treatment needs of outpatients with epilepsy.A questionnaire was administered to 56 consecutive patients (35 males, 21 females) presenting to an outpatient clinic. All patients underwent dental examinations. The clinical and diagnostic features of each patient's epilepsy were also obtained.
The mean age (+/-SD) of the patients was 25.1 +/- 12.1 years (range, 12-56 years). Of 9 patients receiving phenytoin (PHT) monotherapy, 3 (33.3%) had gingival hypertrophy; 15 of 18 (83.3%) patients receiving PHT in combination with phenobarbital (PB) manifested the disorder. Traumatized anterior teeth were found in 26 (46.4%) patients with the males significantly more affected than females (p = 0.02). When the dental treatment needs were considered, 24 (42.9%) patients required dental prophylaxis with oral hygiene instruction, and an equal number required various types of restorative treatments. Only 13 patients (23.2%) had previously visited a dental clinic; the 43 (76.8%) who had never sought dental treatment claimed they did not see any need for it.
Our study showed an increased predilection to anterior dental injuries in patients with epilepsy as compared with the prevalence earlier reported for those without epilepsy in Nigeria (p = 0.00). There is a clear need for effective interaction between medical and dental practitioners in the management of epilepsy.

Ogunbodede, E, Fatusi O, Folayan M, Olayiwola G.  2005.  Retrospective survey of antibiotic prescriptions in dentistry, 2005/06/01. The journal of contemporary dental practice. 6:64-71. Abstract

To evaluate dentists' prescription writing patterns and their appreciation of the characteristics of antibiotics.Evaluation of drug prescriptions written over a six-month period.
Dental Hospital, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
Retrospective analysis of 313 prescriptions written by dentists attending to outpatient dental patients.
The total number of drugs on one prescription ranged from one to seven with Penicillins being the most commonly prescribed drug. Some prescriptions were found to be incorrect with regards to dose, frequency, and duration. Instructions as to the best time of administering drugs with regards to meals were not stated in any prescription.
Improvement through continuing education is desired on the part of prescribers to ensure a good standard of care and avoid practices that may increase antimicrobial resistance. Drug information services including side effects and drug interactions for professionals and consumers at the hospital is highly desirable.

Ogunbodede, E.  2014.  Inequality in oral health between rural and urban areas, 2014/06/24. Abstract
Ogunbodede, EO, Folayan MO, Adedigba MA.  2005.  Oral healthcare workers and HIV infection control practices in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Tropical Doctor . 35(3):147-150.
Ogunbodede, E, Fatusi O, Akintomide A, Kolawole K, Ajayi A.  2005.  Oral health status in a Nigerian diabetics, 2005/11/01. The journal of contemporary dental practice. 6:75-84. Abstract

Oral manifestations of diabetes mellitus have been documented, but the effect of glycemic control on the oral tissues has been scantily reported. The oral health status of 65 metabolically controlled adult diabetic patients attending the Diabetes Clinic of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, was prospectively assessed over six months and compared with that of 54 non-diabetic acting as controls. The mean duration of diabetes was 100.5+/-85.1 months. The difference in periodontal status of the patients and control, assessed using the Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN), was not statistically significant (p=0.07). The degree of hyposalivation between the two groups was, however, statiscally significant (p<0.05). No significant difference was observed in the altered taste, burning mouth sensation, angular cheilitis, glossitis, and stomatitis status of the two groups. We conclude, with adequate metabolic control, the oral health status of a diabetic may not be significantly different from that of a non-diabetic except for xerostomia. A good understanding of the interactions between systemic diseases and oral health is imperative for physicians and dental practitioners. The need for early detection and closer linkages between the dental and medical professions in managing diabetic patients is emphasized.

Ogunbodede, E, Folayan M, GO A.  1997.  Oral Cancer: A Review of the Risk factors, Diagnosis, Prevention and Management, 1997/01/01. Nigeria Medical Journal. 32:80-84. Abstract