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Onigbinde, AT, Olafimihan KF, Ojoawo A, Adedoyin RA, Omiyale O, Mothabeng J.  2010.  The Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation (Type B) on Decubitus Ulcers. The Internet Journal of Applied Health Sciences and Practice. 8(1):1-6.
Moyo, B, Momodu D, Fasakin O, Bello A, Dangbegnon J, Manyala N.  2018.  Electrochemical analysis of nanoporous carbons derived from activation of polypyrrole for stable supercapacitors, 2018/04/01. 53 Abstract

In this study, activated carbon was derived from polypyrrole (PPY) using a K2CO3 activating agent with varying mass ratios of the activating agent to PPY polymer (AA:PP), for the optimization of the hierarchical pore structure necessary for improved electrochemical performance. The textural study of the as-synthesized samples (AC-PPY) displayed an increase in the specific surface area (SSA) and pore volume with increase in the amount of the activating agent up to a threshold for AA:PP of 6:1. The increase in the SSA was due to the presence of hierarchical pores in the material structure for efficient ion penetration. Initial half-cell electrochemical tests performed on the different activated carbon samples with varying SSA revealed superior charge storage capability for the 6:1 sample in both negative and positive operating potentials. The highest current response value was obtained from the signatory EDLC-type cyclic voltammogram, along with the longest discharge time from the chronopotentiometry plot as a result of the lowest ion diffusion length for successful fast ion transport reported from the impedance spectroscopy analysis. A full symmetric device (AC-PPY-6) assembled from the best material using KNO3 neutral electrolyte yielded a specific capacitance of 140 F g⁻¹, 12.4 Wh kg⁻¹ energy density at 0.5 A g⁻¹ gravimetric current. An energy density of 7.12 Wh kg⁻¹ was still maintained at a specific current of 2 A g⁻¹. Interestingly, after the ageing test to ascertain device stability, the device energy density increased back to 12.2 Wh kg⁻¹ as a result of the creation of additional active pores within the nanostructured material for charge storage via voltage holding tests which also led to the enhancement in specific capacitance to 137.5 F g⁻¹ at 2 A g⁻¹. A 99.0% capacitance retention was recorded even after 10000 cycles at a moderate specific current of 2 A g⁻¹. A substantial approach was used to elucidate the degradation phenomena from the device self-discharge profile, which showcased the device retaining up to 70% of its operating potential after 80 h (> 3 days) on open circuit. The results obtained demonstrate the potential of adopting the AC-PPY material in potential device for energy storage purposes.

Fisusi, A, Grace D, Mitchell P.  2013.  Energy Efficient Cluster-Based Resource Allocation and Topology Management for Beyond Next Generation Mobile Broadband Networks, 9-13 June. 2013 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC). , Budapest, Hungary.
Melvin, AO.  2013.  Enhancing masculinity and sexuality in later life through modern medicine: Experiences of polygynous Yoruba men in southwest Nigeria. Aging Men, Masculinities and Modern Medicine. :148-165.: Routledge Abstract
MONDAY James, AGORZIE Claudius, BELLOAJAMES-UNAMF.  2015.  Enhancing Sustainable Development of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises through Total Quality Management: Evidence from Nigeria. Ife Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Management, . Vol. 1(1):25-37.articles_9_-_monday_-_tqm_in_smes_ifeds_final_correction.pdf
Arbab, E, Taleatu B, Mola GT.  2014.  Environmental stability of PTB7:PCBM bulk heterojunction solar cell, 2014/12/15. 61 Abstract

The short life span of organic photovoltaic (OPV) cell in an ambient laboratory condition is one of the challenges hindering the realization of organic-based devices. The presence of moisture and oxygen in conjugated polymer matrix is the major factor responsible for the degradation of organic molecules. The chemical degradation of OPV cell generally depends on the nature of the semiconductor polymer used in the preparation of the devices. However, the lifespan of unprotected OPV cells often ranges in the order of few hours in simple laboratory environment. We are reporting here the lifetime of organic photovoltaic cell in ambient laboratory condition whose active layer is composed of PTB7:PCBM blend.

Mabayoje, V, Akindele R, Akinleye C, Muhibi M, Owojuyigbe T, Fadiora S.  2013.  Epidemiological Factors and Liver Enzymes in Patients Co-Infected With HIV/AIDS in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital, 2013/12/05. 1:409-114. Abstract

Objective: HIV and HCV share routes of infection. Co-infection and its complications are therefore emerging as a major concern as patients on HAART have longer life expectancy. These complications have been well documented. It is necessary to determine in our environment what epidemiological factors are associated. This is expected to improve treatment protocols leading to increase quality of life and prolonged lifespan. Liver enzymes may be useful to monitor therapy. Materials and Methods: This is a prospective study. Seventy age and sex matched co-infected patients participated. Sera of the participants were subjected to anti-HCV antibody (IgG) screening using third generation ELISA kit from DIA.PRO, Italy. The epidemiological variables were determined and depicted using bar charts and tables. HIV was determined by detecting the antibodies using two different kits. Determine and Unigold. Results: There were 14 males and 56 females in the co-infected group. While there was a definite raise in Liver enzymes in the co-infected patients, only ALT was significantly raised in both sexes and not only the male sex. The majority of patients were above thirty years of age (mean 35.84). Among mono infected and co-infected patients age was the only statistically significant variable. Conclusion: It is vital to determine the HCV status of HIV positive patients at any point of entry into a particular health care facility. This would further improve the quality of life and life span of individuals as a result of improved treatment protocols. INTRODUCTION Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) was first discovered by Gallo 1 . Hitherto it was described in homosexual men in California and New York in 1981 2 who presented with Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP). The prevalence in Africa and especially Nigeria and South Africa have become alarming over time. Sub-Saharan

Famurewa, BA, Oginni FO, Adewara BA, Fomete B, Aniagor C, Aluko-Olokun B, Morgan RE, Amedari MKI.  2021.  Epidemiology of Blindness From Facial Trauma: A Multi-Centre Nigerian Study, dec. Craniomaxillofacial Trauma {&} Reconstruction. :194338752110609.: {SAGE} Publications AbstractWebsite
Haire, B, Folayan MO, Hankins C, Sugarman J, McCormack S, Ramjee G, Warren M.  2013.  Ethical considerations in determining standard of prevention packages for HIV prevention trials: Examining PrEP. Developing World Bioethics . 13(2):87-94doi:10.1111/dewb.12032..
Mobolaji, JW, Fatusi AO, Adedini SA.  2020.  Ethnicity, religious affiliation and girl-child marriage: a cross-sectional study of nationally representative sample of female adolescents in Nigeria. BMC public health. 20:1–10., Number 1: BioMed Central Abstract
Adewunmi, CO, Agbedahunsi JM, Adebajo AC, Aladesanmi AJ, Murphy N, Wando J.  2001.  Ethno-veterinary medicine: Screening of Nigerian medicinal plants for trypanocidal properties. Journal of Ethnopharcology. 77(1):19-24.
Adewunmi, CO, Agbedahunsi JM, Adebajo AC, Aladesanmi AJ, Murphy N, Wando J.  2001.  Ethno-veterinary medicine: Screening of Nigerian medicinal plants for trypanocidal properties. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 77:19-24.
Kayode, B, Folayan MO, Musah T.  2014.  Ethnographic studies and the imperatives for improving community engagement in the future biomedical HIV prevention research . Nigerian Journal of Health Sciences . 14:39-42.
Shittu, AK, Mbada KA, Odeyemi TI.  2021.  Evaluating the Impact and Effectiveness of Community-Based Health Insurance Policy Among Informal Sector in Lagos State Using Donabedian Model. International Journal of Public and Private Perspectives on Healthcare, Culture, and the Environment (IJPPPHCE). 5(2):65-80.
Akinpelu, B, Godwin A, Aderogba M, Makinde AM, Azeez S, Oziegbe M.  2018.  Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and genotoxicity potentials of the fractions of Archidium ohioense (Schimp. Ex Mull) extract, 11. Ife Journal of Science. 20:487. Abstract
Babatunde, S, M.O. B, Jagboro G, Opawole A.  2013.  An Evaluation of Factors Predisposing Building Elements to Variation in Nigeria, 04. Civil Engineering Dimension. 15 Abstract
Fatusi, AO, Makinde ON, Adeyemi AB, Orji EO, Onwudiegwu U.  2008.  Evaluation of health workers' training in use of the partogram.. Int J Gynaecol Obstet. . 100(1):41-4.
Fatusi, AO, Makinde ON, Adeyemi AB, E.O.Orji, Onwudiegwu U.  2008.  Evaluation of health workers’ training in use of the partogram.. International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. 100(1):41-44.