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Laniyan, TA, Ajibade OM, Bayewu OO, Oshomoji AO.  2015.  IMPACT OF URBAN ACTIVITIES ON GROUNDWATER QUALITIES IN ABEOKUTA SOUTHWESTERN, NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 17(2)laniyan_et_al_1.pdf
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A, B, P M, N T, W A, M E, C M, R A, C O, P A, O O, A A, H O, B A, R B, A O, I O, E A, P O, L A-R, A A.  2015.  Multidisciplinary approach to genomic research in Africa: the AfriCRAN model. . Pan African Medical Journal . 21(229):1-5.
Olowookere, SA, a. a. Fatiregun, a. Adebowale S, Aluko OO, a Ladipo MMA, Adewole IF.  2014.  {Assessment of the Living Conditions of Rural Based People Living With Hiv/Aids With Clinical Presentations in Nigeria}, oct. East African medical journal. 91:347–352., Number 10 AbstractWebsite

OBJECTIVE: To describe the living conditions of rural based people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and their clinical presentations DESIGN: descriptive cross-sectional study, SETTING: University College Hospital, Ibadan. SUBJECTS: PLWHA on anti-retroviral therapy. RESULTS: One hundred and fifty PLWHA participated. The mean age of the respondents was 28.7 +/- 8.9 years. Majority of the respondents visited had advanced disease (97%), were poor (75%) and presented with opportunistic infections such as oral candidiasis (92%), chronic diarrhoea (70%) and pulmonary tuberculosis (46%). Majority were treated for malaria (72%) and anaemia (61%). All respondents lived in homes predisposed to these opportunistic infections. They drink unsafe water and had poor disposal of their domestic wastes. CONCLUSION: PLWHA visited lived in homes that predispose them to various opportunistic infections. Improved living conditions and economic empowerment will improve the health conditions of PLWHA.

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