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Ishola, A, Asaleye M, Ayoola O, Loto O, Idowu B.  2016.  Reference Ranges of Fetal Cerebral Lateral Ventricle Parameters by Ultrasonography, 2016/10/17. 38 Abstract

ObjectivesThis study was done to evaluate the normal fetal cerebral lateral ventricle dimensions with transabdominal ultrasonography. The atrial width (AW), ventricle-tochoroid measurement (V-C), ventricle-to-hemisphere ratio (VHR), and combined anterior horn measurement (CAHM) were taken.
This was a cross-sectional study involving 400 normal singleton pregnant subjects whose gestational ages were between 14 and 40 weeks. Transabdominal sonography was performed to obtain the values of the fetal cerebral lateral ventricle (FCLV) parameters. Data were reported as mean standard deviation (SD) for continuous variables. The degrees of correlation between FCLV parameters and the estimated gestational age (EGA) were obtained using Pearson's correlation. Regression equations were used to generate the reference limits for the FCLV measurements.
The values of AW, V-C measurements and CAHM increased with advancing gestation. The mean values of the AW, V-C and CAHM from 14 to 40 weeks increased from 6.60 0.94 mm to 9.75 0.07 mm (R² = 0.114), 0.80 0.00 mm to 1.90 0.14 mm (R²= 0.266), and 6.95 0.06 mm to 23.07 4.02 mm (R²= 0.692) respectively, while the mean VHR decreased from 61.20 1.60% to 42.84 2.91% (R² = 0.706) over the same period.
The AW, V-C, and CAHM increase, while VHR decreases with advancing gestation.

Yusuff, O, Owolabi F, Lawal-Bello A, Amjo O, Soyoye D, Kolawole B.  2016.  Type 2 DM risk evaluation in Nigerian undergraduates in Ile Ife: a comparison of the Finnish vs Indian risk scoring system, 2016/10/14. Abstract

Background & objectives: Type 2 diabetes is on the increase especially among young people around the world due to increase in obesity and sedentary life style. Many risks scoring system has been developed and validated worldwide. Most are simple and inexpensive.This research was to determine the applicability of these scoring systems in our environment and to compare the sensitivity of the Finnish versus the Indian scoring system in OAU undergraduates at Ile-Ife.
Methods: Hundred and eighty undergraduate students of OAU were recruited, the two questionnaires were administered which incorporated simple parameters such as age, abdominal obesity, BMI, physical activity, family history of DM, consumption of fruits and vegetable.
Results: 73.3% had low risk while 26.7% had moderate risk, 0% had high risk using the IDRS. While FINDRISC had 87.2% with low risk, 12.2% slightly elevated risk and 0.6%with moderate risk. The IDRS was more sensitive in detecting those at risk compared to the FINDRISC.
Conclusions: Most of the respondents had low risk of developing type 2 DM, It is important to educate them on prevention of type 2 DM. A Nigerian DM risk score should be developed.
Keywords: T2DM, India Diabetes Risk Score (IDRS), Finnish Diabetes risk score (FINDRISC), Prevention.

Ayoola, O, Bulus P, Loto O, Idowu B.  2016.  Normogram of umbilical artery Doppler indices in singleton pregnancies in south-western Nigerian women: Umbilical Doppler values in pregnancy, 2016/10/01. 42 Abstract

Aim:To determine the Doppler indices of the umbilical arteries in normal singleton pregnancy with a view to generating local reference ranges.
In this prospective, cross-sectional study, 400 pregnant women at 15-39 weeks' gestational age, with estimated fetal weight within the 10th and 90th percentile, no fetal malformation(s), and without any history of maternal medical disease, were recruited. Umbilical arteries were assessed on ultrasound, with the subjects in the supine position. Resistivity index (RI), pulsatility index (PI) and systolic/diastolic (S/D) ratio were recorded and analyzed.
All the umbilical arteries were paired; no single umbilical artery was seen. Mean RI, PI, and S/D ratio declined with gestational age, and decreased from 1.265 to 0.829, from 0.760 to 0.585 and from 4.068 to 2.365, respectively, from 15 to 39 weeks of gestation. With regard to correlation between gestational age and Doppler indices, r = - 0.598 for PI (P < 0.05), - 0.437 for RI (P < 0.05), and - 0.538 for S/D ratio (P < 0.05). Decline in the Doppler indices was progressive with gestational age.
A normogram of umbilical artery Doppler indices was constructed, which showed that the indices decreased with gestational age. These normative data could serve as reference ranges for evaluation of the umbilical artery circulation in this locality.

Sorsa, T, Hernandez P, Hernández M, Tervahartiala T, Leppilahti J, Kuula H, Mäntylä P, Rathnayake N, Nwhator S, Heikkinen A, Garrido M.  2016.  Oral fluid matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-8 as a diagnostic tool in chronic periodontitis, 2016/05/01. :11. Abstract
Hernandez, P, Hernández M, Garrido M, Tervahartiala T, Leppilahti J, Kuula H, Heikkinen A, Mäntylä P, Rathnayake N, Nwhator S, Sorsa T.  2016.  Oral fluid MMP-8 as a diagnostic tool in chronic periodontitis, 2016/04/19. Abstract
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Aworinde, O, Ayoola O, Loto O, Olufemi-Aworinde K, Idowu B, Adeniji A, Owonikoko K.  2015.  First trimester Prediction of Hypertensive disorders in Pregnancy using Doppler ultrasonography in an African population, 2015/01/01. Abstract
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Olowookere, SA, a. a. Fatiregun, a. Adebowale S, Aluko OO, a Ladipo MMA, Adewole IF.  2014.  {Assessment of the Living Conditions of Rural Based People Living With Hiv/Aids With Clinical Presentations in Nigeria}, oct. East African medical journal. 91:347–352., Number 10 AbstractWebsite

OBJECTIVE: To describe the living conditions of rural based people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and their clinical presentations DESIGN: descriptive cross-sectional study, SETTING: University College Hospital, Ibadan. SUBJECTS: PLWHA on anti-retroviral therapy. RESULTS: One hundred and fifty PLWHA participated. The mean age of the respondents was 28.7 +/- 8.9 years. Majority of the respondents visited had advanced disease (97%), were poor (75%) and presented with opportunistic infections such as oral candidiasis (92%), chronic diarrhoea (70%) and pulmonary tuberculosis (46%). Majority were treated for malaria (72%) and anaemia (61%). All respondents lived in homes predisposed to these opportunistic infections. They drink unsafe water and had poor disposal of their domestic wastes. CONCLUSION: PLWHA visited lived in homes that predispose them to various opportunistic infections. Improved living conditions and economic empowerment will improve the health conditions of PLWHA.

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