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Kuteyi, EA, Akinsola A, Ezeoma IT.  1999.   Renal disease: the need for community based screening in rural Nigeria.. African Journal of Medical Practice. 6(5):198-201.
Kayode P. Ayodele, Olawale Akinwale, Kehinde L, Oladipo O. Osasona, Ajayi EOB, Akinwunmi OO.  2009.   An FPGA-Based Remote Laboratory for Teaching Digital Electronics . an_fpga-based_remote.docx
Oladokun, TT, Komolafe MO.  2017.   Drivers of Rural Housing Development in Edo State, . Journal of Construction Business and Management.. 1(2):35-45.drivers_of_rural_housing_in_edo_state.pdf
KE, A, KC N, SB A.  2012.  ) Odontogenic and soft tissue myxomas: clinicopathologic analysis of 16 cases from Ile-Ife, Nigeria.. Afr. J Med. Med Sci.. 41:445-449..
Kumar, V, Vallipuram K, Adebajo AC, Reisch J.  1995.  2,7-dihydroxy-3-formyl-1-(3´-methyl-2´-butenyl)carbazole from Clausena lansium. Phytochemistry. 40(5):1563-1565.
Birindelli, A, Sartelli M, Di Saverio S, Coccolini F, Ansaloni L, van Ramshorst GH, Campanelli G, Khokha V, Moore EE, Peitzman A, others.  2017.  2017 update of the WSES guidelines for emergency repair of complicated abdominal wall hernias. World journal of emergency surgery. 12:1–16., Number 1: BioMed Central Abstract
Birindelli, A, Sartelli M, Di Saverio S, Coccolini F, Ansaloni L, van Ramshorst GH, Campanelli G, Khokha V, Moore EE, Peitzman A, others.  2017.  2017 update of the WSES guidelines for emergency repair of complicated abdominal wall hernias. World journal of emergency surgery. 12:1–16., Number 1: BioMed Central Abstract
Adebajo, AC, Kumar V, Reish J.  1998.  3-formylcarbazole and furocoumarins from Clausena lansium, jan. Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine. 2:57-58., Number 1: African Journals Online ({AJOL}) AbstractWebsite


San-Martin, L, Ogunbodede E, Kalenderian E.  2013.  A 50-year audit of published peer-reviewed literature on pit and fissure sealants, 1962–2011, 2013/06/14. Acta odontologica Scandinavica. 71 Abstract

Objective:Pit and fissure sealants have been used for many decades to prevent the initiation of caries on susceptible tooth surfaces. The purpose of this study was to analyze the peer-reviewed published scientific literature on pit and fissure sealants over the last 50 years.
Materials and methods:
On the PubMed database, all publications on pit and fissure sealants from 1962-2011 were extracted using the search phrase [(pit OR fissure) AND (sealant OR sealants OR adhesive)]. Details of all retrievals were individually entered into SPSS for analysis.
A total of 2829 publications were found. The mean number of authors was 2.73 ± 1.90 (range = 1-23). Although single-authorship was the modal group with 32.1%, it had a sustained decrease from 75.0% for 1962-1971 to 17.6% for 2002-2011. On the contrary, publications with three or more authors increased from 8.3% to 47.3% during the same period. Human studies accounted for 88.6% and clinical trial was 11.9%, followed by reviews at 10.2% and randomized controlled trials at 6.9%. English was the language of reporting for 82.0% of the studies.
It is anticipated that future research on pit and fissure sealants will focus on newer and more effective materials.

Igumbor, E, OMOTOSO E, Khaleed A, Taleatu B.  2018.  Ab initio study of transition metals impurities and stability of complexes in germanium (Ge), 2018/08/13. 20:433. Abstract
Soyoye, D, Ikem R, Kolawole B, Ala O, Owolabi F, Yusuff O, Ayandele CO.  2016.  Abstract #253: Relationship of Hyperglycaemia and Inflammation to Obesity in Type 2 Diabetes, 2016/05/01. 22:57-58. Abstract
Badejoko, OO, Ijarotimi AO, Awowole IO, Loto OM, Badejoko BO, Olaiya DS, Fatusi AO, Kuti O, Orji EO, Ogunniyi SO.  2012.  Adjunctive rectal misoprostol versus oxytocin infusion for prevention of postpartum hemorrhage in women at risk: a randomized controlled trial.. 2. J Obstet Gynaecol Res.. 38(11):1294-301.
Ayodele, KP, Akinwale OB, Kehinde LO, Osasona O, Ajayi EOB, Akinwunmi OO.  2009.  Advanced Digital Laboratory: An FPGA-Based Remote Laboratory for Teaching Digital Electronics. 2009 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. :PaperAC2009-1206., Austin, TX: ASEE
Adedoja, O, Samways M, Kehinde T.  2021.  Age class of alien tree stands retained for mammal protection have differential effects on flower-visiting insect assemblages, 2021/07/10. Abstract

• Limited sunlight reduces plant productivity and foraging activities of pollinators, such as when alien trees shade out native flowering plants. The conservation management response is to remove the impoverishing effect of the alien tree canopy. However, alien trees can provide benefit for certain species when they provide significant scarce resources. We assess how flower-visiting insects respond to shading from young, small-sized, open canopy vs. mature, tall, closed-canopy alien pine trees retained specifically as refuges for certain rare mammals.• We sampled flower–visitor species diversity and interactions at various distances from pine stands of both sizes in a matrix of low sclerophyllous natural vegetation. We sampled flower–visitors using coloured pan traps and estimated flower–visitor interactions and flower diversity.
• Reduction in percentage light reaching the understorey significantly reduced flower abundance, with zero flowers in tall pine understorey. Flower–visitor species composition differed across sampling locations with increasing distance from tall pine understorey. Although pine tree size led to a decline in flower–visitor interaction frequency and network specialisation in all pine tree stands, some bee species that are mostly tree nesters, were observed in unique interactions in association with tall pines only.
• We show that alien pines, especially tall trees, have an impoverishing effect on flowering plants and flower–visitors. However, these trees also confer benefit to specialised groups such as tree-nesting bees. While active alien pine removal is encouraged where the trees are actively invading, maintaining well-contained small stands is of value for two different taxa of conservation concern.

Owolabi, MO, Salaam K, Ogunniyi A, Ogbole GO, Akinyemi R, Mongkolwat P, Omisore AD, Agunloye AM, Makanjuola A, Efidi R, Odo J, Akpalu A, Sarfo F, Owolabi L, Obiako R, Wahab K, Adebayo P, Komolafe A, Osaigbovo G, Sunmonu T, Olowoyo P, Chukwuonye I, Obiabo Y, Ibinaiye P, Dambatta A, Mensah Y, Abdul S, Olabinri E, Ikubor J, Oyinloye O, Odunlami F, Akpa O, Melikam S, Saulson R, Ovbiagele B.  2017.  AIM on Clear Canvas Enriched Stroke Phenotyping Software (ACCESS).
Waschke, O, Fehse B, Kabisch H, Zander AR, Fehse N, Renges H, Kroger N, Zabelina T, Ayuk F, Schieder H, Oyekunle AA.  2006.  Allogeneic stem-cell transplantation in patients with refractory acute leukemia: a long-term follow-up, Jan. Bone Marrow Transplant. 37:45-50., Number 1 AbstractWebsite

We examined retrospectively 44 patients with refractory acute leukemia (acute myeloid leukemia (AML)/acute lymphoblastic leukemia=25/19) who underwent allogeneic transplantation at our center between 11/1990 and 04/2004. The median leukemic blasts was 25% and age 28 years (range, 3-56). Twenty-one patients had untreated relapse, 13 failed reinduction, eight in partial remission and two aplastic. Conditioning was myeloablative using cyclophosphamide, busulfan, total-body irradiation and etoposide (Bu/Cy/VP, n=22; TBI/Cy/VP, n=17; others, n=5) followed by marrow or peripheral blood transplant (n=23/21) from unrelated or related donors (n=28/16). All patients had graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) prophylaxis with cyclosporin and methotrexate. One patient experienced late graft failure. Severe acute-GVHD and chronic-GVHD appeared in eight and 14 patients, respectively. Thirteen patients (30%) remain alive after a median of 25.3 months (range, 2.4-134.1); with 31 deaths, mostly from relapse (n=15) and infections (n=12). Overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) at 5 years was 28 and 26%, respectively. OS and PFS were significantly better with blasts < or =20% and time to transplant < or =1 year while transplant-related mortality was less with the use of TBI. We conclude that patients with refractory leukemia can benefit from allogeneic BMT, especially with < or =20% marrow blast.

Yasuko, S, Akanmu MA, Masato M, Kazuhiko Y, K.Honda.  2010.  Alpha-fluoromethylhistidine, a histamine synthesis inhibitor, inhibits orexin-induced wakefulness in rats. Behaviourable brain research. Vol. 207:151-154.
Salpietro, V, Dixon CL, Guo H, Bello OD, Vandrovcova J, Efthymiou S, Maroofian R, Heimer G, Burglen L, Valence S et al..  2019.  AMPA receptor GluA2 subunit defects are a cause of neurodevelopmental disorders, 2019. Nature Communications. 10(1) Abstract

AMPA receptors (AMPARs) are tetrameric ligand-gated channels made up of combinations of GluA1-4 subunits encoded by GRIA1-4 genes. GluA2 has an especially important role because, following post-transcriptional editing at the Q607 site, it renders heteromultimeric AMPARs Ca2+-impermeable, with a linear relationship between current and trans-membrane voltage. Here, we report heterozygous de novo GRIA2 mutations in 28 unrelated patients with intellectual disability (ID) and neurodevelopmental abnormalities including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Rett syndrome-like features, and seizures or developmental epileptic encephalopathy (DEE). In functional expression studies, mutations lead to a decrease in agonist-evoked current mediated by mutant subunits compared to wild-type channels. When GluA2 subunits are co-expressed with GluA1, most GRIA2 mutations cause a decreased current amplitude and some also affect voltage rectification. Our results show that de-novo variants in GRIA2 can cause neurodevelopmental disorders, complementing evidence that other genetic causes of ID, ASD and DEE also disrupt glutamatergic synaptic transmission.

Abiona, O, Tricha Anjali, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2008.  Analysis of a Cyclic Multicast Proxy Server Architecture. I. J. Communications, Network and System Sciences, . 4:285-385.analysis_of_a_cyclic_multicast_proxy_server_architecture.docx
Bamire, AS, Kehinde AD, Fatunbi O, Amujoyegbe BJ.  2016.  Analysis of Agrochemical Usage among Cocoa Farmers in the Innovation Platform of the Humidtropics Programme in Southwestern Nigeria. International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences. 3(11)(2348 - 8069)
Opawole, A, Babatunde S, Kajimo-Shakantu K, Ateji O.  2020.  Analysis of barriers to the application of life cycle costing in building projects in developing countries: A case of Nigeria, 03. Smart and Sustainable Built Environment. ahead-of-print Abstract
Ogunfowokan, AO, Kaisam JP, Balogun MO, Adelusola KA.  2008.  Analysis of Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn, Hg and Mn in kidneys and liver from human cadavers - A case study in South Western Nigeria . Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry . 90(4):653-662.
Ogunfowokan, AO, Kaisam JP, Balogun MO, Adelusola KA.  2008.  Analysis of Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn, Hg and Mn in kidneys and liver from human cadavers – A case study in South Western Nigeria. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry. 90(4):653-662.