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K, OG, I EE, E PO.  2017.  Assessment of Marketing Practice of Quantity Surveying Firms in Lagos State. Journal of Environmental Design and Management (JEDM). 9(1):117-128.marketing_practice-edmj.docx
K, N, Braimah RO, FJ O, SB A.  2016.  A Randomized,double-blind, clinical trial in a Nigerian University Teaching Hospital.. Niger J Surg. 22(2):70-76.
K., OO, S. OF, Olaniyi HB, Wegrzynek D.  2006.  Model Estimated Uncertainties in the Calibration of Total-Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer using Single Element Standards. X-ray Spectrometry . 35(4):249-252.
K., JM, O. O, A FB.  1996.  Feeding Practices of Mothers During Childhood Diarrhoea in a Rural Area of Nigeria. Trop. Med. And Intl.. Hith.. 1:684-689.
K. Hammed, M, Adedigba M, Ogunbodede E.  2007.  The role of secondary school teachers in HIV prevention in Nigeria, 2007/07/31. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies. August 2007; Vol. 2:173-179. Abstract

The purpose of this study was to investigate knowledge about HIV/AIDS among classroom secondary school teachers and document any efforts at educating their pupils about HIV prevention. A self-administered questionnaire addressed issues on demography, knowledge and awareness on HIV/AIDS and their roles in HIV/AIDS prevention. All consenting school teachers in the Irewole local government area of Osun State, Nigeria, participated in this study. The response rate was 91.7% (n = 180). There were more males (76.4%) than females (23.0%) The mean (± SD) age of the respondents was 41.5 (±15.5) years. More than 90% had adequate knowledge of HIV/AIDS and indicated that it could be prevented. Furthermore, 86.1% wanted HIV/AIDS preventive education to be made compulsory in the secondary school curriculum. There were 131 (n = 165, 79.4%) teachers who did not teach HIV/AIDS prevention, while 32 (19.4%) teachers believed that the pupils were too young and that the non-availability of guidelines and resources are reasons for not teaching it. One hundred and fifty-three (92.7%) of the respondents would like to attend a course/programme/workshop to update their knowledge and 139 (84.2%) of teachers would like to be part of an HIV/ AIDS prevention group for their community. There is a need for school teachers to be trained adequately and provided with a structured educational programme to follow in order to enhance effectiveness in HIV/ AIDS preventive education to pupils.

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Kadiri, DS, Onabanjo BO.  2021.  AN EVALUATION OF PROCUREMENT METHODS IMPACTING CONSTRUCTION PROJECT COST PERFORMANCE IN IBADAN, NIGERIA. Environmental Design and Management International Conference. , Ile-Ife, Nigeria: Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ifeprocurement_methods_impacting....doc
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Kadiri, DS, Akwa VM.  2017.  A SURVEY OF CURRENT PRACTICE OF PREPARING BILL OF QUANTITIES IN SOUTHWEST NIGERIA. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies & Management. 10(7):931-941.a_survey_of_current_practice_of_preparing_bill_of_quantities_in.pdf
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