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Akindele, O, Gbadamosi O, Taiwo K, Oyedele D, Adebooye O.  2017.  Proximate, Mineral, Sensory Evaluations and Shelf Stability of Chinchin Enriched with Ugu and Indian Spinach Vegetables, 2017/01/10. International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review. 18:1-14. Abstract
Githua Macigo, F, Mutave R, Ogunbodede E, Gathece L.  2016.  Sugar consumption and dental caries experience in Kenya, 2016/04/05. International dental journal. 66 Abstract

Introduction:There have been claims that dental caries experience and prevalence in Kenya has been increasing as a result of increased sugar consumption. A review of the literature in 1986 failed to link dental caries experience with an increase in gross national sugar consumption. Subsequently, a number of studies were conducted, necessitating further review to examine trends in dental caries experience and to relate this to changes in per capita sugar consumption.
Studies conducted since 1980 for children 3-15 years of age were examined. Dental caries prevalence and experience for 3-5 years' (deciduous teeth) and 12 years' (permanent teeth) age groups were analysed. Calculation of per capita sugar consumption was performed using gross national annual sugar consumption for 1969-2009 national population census years.
There was a gradual increase in per capita sugar consumption, from 35.5 g/day in 1969 to 60.8 g/day in 2009. Dental caries experience in deciduous teeth for children 3-5 years of age increased from a decayed, missing and filled teeth/decayed and filled teeth (dmft/dft) index of 1.5 in the 1980s to 2.95 in the 2000s. At 12 years of age, caries experience for permanent teeth increased from a DMFT of 0.2 to a DMFT of 0.92 over the same period. Dental caries prevalence for both deciduous and permanent teeth also increased with time.
These observations suggest that dental caries prevalence and experience increased with time, in parallel to an increase in per capita sugar consumption. However, a clearer understanding can be derived from longitudinal studies, based on actual household age-specific sugar consumption and dental caries incidence.

Gbadegesin, AS, Eze EB, Oluwagbenga OOI, Fashae OA.  2015.  Frontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century. , Ibadan: Ibadan University Press AbstractFrontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century_Contents

The primary object of this book is to present current issues and problems relating to environmental sustainability and to discuss them as elements of the earth’s surface. This book is timely because of the widespread interest in geographical approaches to solving environmental problems. However, the celebration of the two Giants of Geography – Emeritus Professor Adetoye Faniran and Professor Olusegun Areola from the Department of Geography, University of Ibadan, Nigeria afforded scholars to share their interest especially because of the opportunity to celebrate the erudite Giants by holding a National Colloquium on Frontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century. The collections of articles in this book result from the scholars’ concerns to evaluate environmental geographical applicability to environmental management in several natural resource fields. The study of such complexes requires more than one individual. This has led to the concept of interdisciplinary research which involves diversity of skills and specialties. Environmental geography has for some time been prominent in research and management studies, but only a few components have been measured or considered in most instances.

Ogunfolakan, A, Ogundiran A, Oshineye BK, Steyn G, Géloin CG, Mande CI, Martineau J-L, Amutabi CMN, Owino PM, Ojo CO, others.  2009.  Movements, borders, and identities in Africa. 40: University Rochester Press Abstract
De Vries(nci, J, Murtomaa H, Butler(com M, Cherrett(nci H, Ferrillo(nci P, Ferro M, Gadbury-Amyot C, Haden K, Manogue M, Mintz J, E. Mulvihill(nci J, Murray(nci B, Nattestad A, Nielsen(nci D, Ogunbodede E, Parkash H, Plasschaert(nci F, T. Reed(nci M, L. Rupp(com R, Shanley(nci D.  2008.  The Global Network on Dental Education: a new vision for IFDEA, 2008/02/15. European Journal of Dental Education. 12:167-175. Abstract

The advent of globalization has changed our perspectives radically. It presents increased understanding of world affairs, new challenges and exciting opportunities. The inequitable distribution and use of finite energy resources and global warming are just two examples of challenges that can only be addressed by concerted international collaboration. Globalization has become an increasingly important influence on dentistry and dental education. The International Federation for Dental Educators and Associations (IFDEA) welcomes the challenges it now faces as a player in a complex multifaceted global community. This report addresses the new circumstances in which IFDEA must operate, taking account of the recommendations made by other working groups. The report reviews the background and evolution of IFDEA and describes the extensive developments that have taken place in IFDEA over the past year with the introductions of a new Constitution and Bylaws overseen by a newly established Board of Directors. These were the consequence of a new mission, goals and objectives for IFDEA. An expanded organization is planned using as the primary instrument to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, programmes and expertise between colleagues and federated associations throughout the world, thereby promoting higher standards in oral health through education in low-, middle- and high-income countries of the world. Such aspirations are modified by the reality and enormity of poverty-related global ill health.

Ogunbodede, E, Folayan M, GO A.  1997.  Oral Cancer: A Review of the Risk factors, Diagnosis, Prevention and Management, 1997/01/01. Nigeria Medical Journal. 32:80-84. Abstract
Book Chapter
) Udoro, EO, Gbadamosi OS, Taiwo KA.  2013.  Studies on the Production and Utilization of Dried Cassava Chips as Human Food. Using Food Science and Technology to Improve Nutrition and Promote National Development. , Chicago: International Union of Food Science & Technology
Gbadegesin, J.T., Oladokun TT, O.J A.  2012.   Effects of Home Ownership on Good Governance in Nigeria Ile Ife,. Urban Governance and Environmental Challenges in a West African Sub Region.. , Ile Ife, Nigeria: Faculty of Environmrntal Design and management, OAU
Oladokun, T.T., Gbadegesin JT, Odunfa VO.  2011.   Factors influencing Effective Property Rights Governance In Lagos State. Urban Governance and Environmental Challenges in a West African Sub Region. , Ile Ife, Nigeria: Faculty of Environmrntal Design and management, OAU
Oluwagbenga, OOI, Gadiga BL.  2011.  Remote Sensing for Mapping Riparian Vegetation Change in the Upper Yedzeram Bazin. Environmental Research and Challenges of Sustainable Development in Nigeria. , Ile-Ife: Obafemi Awolowo University Pressremote_sensing_for_mapping_ripparian_vegetation.pdf
Conference Paper
Lal, C, DiSanto G, Caputo M, Panighel M, Taleatu BA, Goldoni A, Jain IP.  2014.  Electronic Structure of Fe3Si on Si(100) Substrates, Dec.. AIP Proceedings. , India
Lal, C, Jain IP, DiSanto G, Caputo M, Panighel M, Taleatu BA, Goldoni A.  2013.  XPS study of 2H-TPP at Fe/Si(111) system, Dec. 2012. AIP Proceedings. , India
Fisusi, A, Grace D, Mitchell P.  2013.  Energy Efficient Cluster-Based Resource Allocation and Topology Management for Beyond Next Generation Mobile Broadband Networks, 9-13 June. 2013 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC). , Budapest, Hungary.
Panighel, M, DiSanto G, Caputo M, Lal C, Taleatu BA, Goldoni A.  2013.  Review of 2H-tetraphenylporphyrins metalation in ultra-high vacuum on metal surfaces. IOP Conf. Series. , Trieste, Italy
Conference Proceedings
Adegoke, OJ, Aluko BT, Gbadegesin JT.  2017.  The Significance of Socio-Economic Characteristics on Residential Location Choice in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria. Environmental Design and Management International Conference on Advances in Built Environment Research: Recent Advances and Future Directions. :739-748., Conference Centre, Obafemi Awolowo, University, Ile-Ife: Faculty of Environmental Design and Management, Obafemi Awolowo, University, Ile-Ife
Panighel, M, DiSanto G, Caputo M, Lal C, Taleatu BA, Goldoni A.  2013.  Review of 2H-Tetraphenylporphyrins Metalation in Ultra-high Vacuum on Metal Surfaces. IOP Conference Series. :1088-1742., England: Journal of Physics
Sartorius, B, VanderHeide J, Yang M, Goosmann E, Hon J, Haeuser E, Chowdhury MAK, Perkins S, Jahagirdar D, Schaeffer L, Serfes A, LeGrand K, Abbastabar H, Hailemariam Z, Eshete A, Abu-Gharbieh E, Accrombessi M, Adebayo O, Adegbosin A.  2021.  Subnational mapping of HIV incidence and mortality among individuals aged 15–49 years in sub-Saharan Africa, 2000–18: a modelling study, 2021/06/05. Abstract
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Sorsa, T, Alassiri S, Grigoriadis A, Räisänen IT, Pärnänen P, Nwhator SO, Gieselmann DR, Sakellari D.  Submitted.  Active MMP-8 (aMMP-8) as a grading and staging biomarker in the periodontitis classification. Diagnostics. 10:61., Number 2 Abstract
Sorsa, T, Gursoy UK, Nwhator SO, Hernandez M, Tervahartiala T, Leppilahti J, Gursoy M, Könönen E, Emingil G, Pussinen PJ, Mäntylä P.  Submitted.  Analysis of matrix metalloproteinases, especially MMP-8. in gingival crevicular fluid, mouthrinse and saliva for monitoring periodontal diseases. 70:142–163., Number 1 Abstract
Hernández-Ríos, P, Hernández M, Garrido M, Tervahartiala T, Leppilahti J, Kuula H, Nwhator S.  Submitted.  Oral fluid matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-8 as a diagnostic tool in chronic periodontitis. Metalloproteinases Med. 3:11–18. Abstract
Nwhator, SO, Ogunwemimo MT, Gieselmann DR, Lazzara M, Sorsa T.  Submitted.  Simple periodontal treatment predict preterm surrogate marker levels. Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences. 19:1–5., Number 3 Abstract
O.M.Adesina, Adebiyi KE, O.A.Effiom, G.O.Omoniyi-Esan, F.J.Owotade.  2022.  Comparative immunohistochemical analysis of p53 and α-SMA in ameloblastoma, AOT and OKC. West African Journal of Med. 39(3)
Ayodele, SA, Gbadegesin JT, Ayodele TO, Agbato SE, Oyedele JB, Oladokun TT, Ebede EO.  2022.  Property managers’ awareness of the potential benefits of vertical greenery systems on buildings. , International Journal of Construction Management. . :1-10.
Asaolu, OS, Jaiyeola TG, Usikalu MR, Gayawan E, Atolani O, Adeyemi OS.  2022.  U-index: A New Universal Metric as Unique Indicator of Researcher’s Contributions to Academic Knowledge. Scientific African. 16:e01231.
Liu, Q, Atere CT, Shahbaz M, Wei X, Pausch J, Wu J, Ge T.  2022.  Vertical and horizontal shifts in soil microbial biomass and community composition based on long-term fertilization regimes in paddy soil profiles. Applied Soil Ecology. 169:104248