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FANIRAN, G.  2016.  Assessment of Urban Conurbation along the Development Corridor of Abuja-Keffi, Nigeria, 04. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications. 6:187-196. Abstract
FANIRAN, G, Afon A, Dada O.  2017.  Solid waste management during monthly environmental sanitation exercise in Ibadan municipality Nigeria, 08. Management of Environmental Quality An International Journal. 28:868-878. Abstract
Faniyi, I, Olofinjana B, Fasakin O, Ajenifuja E, Alo F, Eleruja M, Ajayi E.  2021.  Effects of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide on thermal and mechanical properties of expanded polystyrene-based composites, 2021/06/01. 44 Abstract

Graphene oxide (GO) acts as an insulator but when reduced to reduced graphene oxide (RGO), it has high heat storage capacity. This can result in lowering the phase change temperature when embedded in a material such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), thus making it a good heat-resistance material. In this study, the thermal and the mechanical effects of GO and RGOs over EPS were analysed. GO was synthesized using modified Hummer’s method, while the reduction process was taken through different routes using three different reductants: hydrazine (RGO-HZ), ascorbic acid (RGO-AA) and the extract of Amaranthus hybridus (RGO-AH). The same content of graphite and its derivatives were separately and chemically bonded together with EPS forming composites (i.e., graphite composite, GO composite, RGO-HZ composite, RGO-AA composite and RGO-AH composite) and cast on a mould at room temperature to form a dog-bone shape. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, differential thermal analysis, scanning electron microscopy and mechanical tests were conducted on ordinary EPS and on each of the composite samples. The results showed a significant enhancement of thermal and mechanical properties of the composites over ordinary EPS.

Faponle, AF, Makinde ON.  2007.  Caesarean Section: Intra-operative blood loss and its restitution. East Afr Med Jour . 84 (1):31-34.
Faponle, AF.  2002.  Anaesthesia as a career- the influence of undergraduate education in a Nigerian Medical School. Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal . 9(1):11-12.
Faponle, AF, Sowande OA, Adejuyigbe O.  2004.  Anaesthesia for neonatal surgical emergencies in a semi-urban hospital, Nigeria. East Afr Med J . 80(11):568-573.
Faponle, AF, Adenekan AT.  2011.  Obstetric admissions into the Intensive Care unit of a sub-Urban University Teaching Hospital. Nepal Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 6(2):33-36.
Faponle, AF, Soyannwo OA, Ajayi I.  2001.  Post-operative pain therapy: a survey of prescribing patterns and adequacy of analgesia in Ibadan, Nigeria. Central Africa Journal Med.. 47:70-74.
Faponle, AF, Ussang UED.  2007.  Post-operative symptoms at home in children following Day case surgery. Mid East J Anaes. 19(1):185-196.
Farinde, AJ, Owolarafe OK, Ogungbemi OI.  2007.  An overview of production, processing, marketing and utilisation of okra in egbedore local government area of Osun State, Nigeria. Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal. Abstract
Fasakin, O, Eleruja M, Akinwunmi O, Olofinjana B, Ajenifuja E, Ajayi E.  2013.  Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposited Copper Titanium Oxide (Cu-Ti-O) Thin Films from Single Solid Source Precursor, 2013/01/01. 04:1-6. Abstract
Fasakin, O, Oyedotun K, Kebede M, Rohwer M, Roux L, Mathe M, Eleruja M, Ajayi E, Manyala N.  2020.  Preparation and physico-chemical investigation of anatase TiO2 nanotubes for a stable anode of lithium-ion battery, 2020/02/01. 6 Abstract

Ab-initio, anatase titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanotubes were prepared from pristine anatase titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles via a low temperature modified stirring-hydrothermal technique. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) characterization of the as-synthesized sample depicted uniformly distributed one-dimensional nanotubular morphology, with an average length, thickness and diameter of ∼ 4μm, 17 nm and 20 nm, respectively. N2 physisorption of the sample revealed two distinct peaks at mesopore and macropore scales of 3 nm and 100 nm, respectively. The specific surface area of the materials was observed to have increased from 8 m² g⁻¹ for the pristine to 62 m² g⁻¹ for the nanotubes. X-ray diffraction analysis indicated a tetragonal symmetry for the anatase TiO2nanotubes sample, which is similar to those reported in the literature. Core levels and elemental analyses showed the presence of titanium and oxygen in good proportion. Electrochemical performances of the TiO2nanotubes electrode offered good cyclic stability, good rate capability and a fairly large capacity of 160 mA h g⁻¹ at a specific current of 36 mA g⁻¹.

Fasakin, O, Dangbegnon J, Momodu D, Madito M, Oyedotun K, Eleruja M, Manyala N.  2018.  Synthesis and characterization of porous carbon derived from activated banana peels with hierarchical porosity for improved electrochemical performance, 2021/01/29. 262:187-196. Abstract

Banana peels, a common fruit waste was adopted as a material precursor in this study to synthesize highly porous activated carbon from banana peels (ABP) which serves as an electrode material for a symmetric supercapacitor device. The activation was done using KOH pellets at different carbonization temperatures ranging from 750 C to 950 C. The ABP sample obtained from the 900 C carbonization temperature (ABP900) exhibited unique material properties such as hierarchical porous nano-architecture containing micropores, and mesopores with the highest specific surface area (1362 m 2 g À1). Electrochemical performance investigation in different neutral aqueous electrolytes showed that the best response was obtained in NaNO 3 for the ABP900 electrode. The symmetric device subsequently assembled using 1 M NaNO 3 operated in a potential window of 1.8 V, exhibited a specific capacitance of 165 F g À1 with a corresponding energy density of 18.6 W h kg À1 at 0.5 A g À1. A 100% capacitance retention and columbic efficiency were obtained after 10000 continuous charge-discharge cycles at 5 A g À1. Remarkably, after subjecting the symmetric device to a voltage holding test for 60 h, the specific capacitance was observed to increase from 165 F g À1 to 328 F g À1 with a corresponding increased energy density to about 36.9 W h kg À1 at 0.5 A g À1 , suggesting a 98% increase in device energy density from its initial value after voltage holding. Thus, the results reported showcase the ABP900 material as a potential nanostructured porous material useful in the design of high-performance electrodes for stable electrochemical capacitors.

FASHAE, OA, AYOMANOR R, Orimoogunje OOI.  2017.  LAND USE DYNAMICS AND SURFACE WATER QUALITY IN A TYPICAL URBAN CENTRE OF SOUTH-WESTERN, NIGERIA. Analele Universităţii din Oradea, Seria Geografie. 27(1):98-107.10.auog_724_adeola.pdf
Fashakin, E, Akinola D, Odesanmi W.  1989.  Fatal accident puncture of the left ventricle: case report, 12. The Central African journal of medicine. 35:537-8. Abstract
Fashina, CD, Babalola GO, Osunde MO.  2018.  Prevalence and Molecular‎ Characterization of E. coli O157: H7‎ Isolated from Water Bodies in Ile-Ife and‎ Environs. J. Bacteriol. Parasitol . 9(4):340-344.
Fasiku, A, Abdulsamad I, Adegoke J, Afolabi A, Adedayo S, Olanipekun A, Ojo T.  2021.  Perception of Medical Students on the Effect of Covid-19 on Medical Education in Nigeria, 08. International Journal of Medical Students. Abstract
Fasiku, BB, Awoleye OM, Oyebisi TO.  2020.  Assessment of Quality of Internet Service Delivery in Selected Southwestern Universities in Nigeria. International Journal of Computer Applications. 177(34):27-33.fasiku-2020-ijca-919819.pdf
Fasikun, TO.  2004.  Policy Issues in Poverty Reduction through Adult Education in Julia Preece (ed) Adult Education and Poverty Reduction: A Global Priority. . A Paper which appeared in the conference proceedings held at the University of Botswana,. :115-120.
Fasina, TM, Dueke-Eze, Familoni OB, Idika N, Mphahlele MJ.  2016.  SYNTHESIS AND ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTY STUDIES OF THE N'-(4-SUBSTITUTED) ISONICOTINOHYDRAZIDES AND THEIR COPPER (II) COMPLEXES. Ife Journal of Science. 18(3):595-603.fasina_et_al_2.pdf