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S.A.Adewinbi, B.A.Taleatu, V.M.Maphiri, O.Fasakin, E.Omotoso, K.O.Oyedotun, N.Manyala.  2021.  Characterization of two-way fabricated hybrid metal-oxide nanostructured electrode materials for photovoltaic and miniaturized supercapacitor applications. Solid State Sciences. 119:106699.
Orimoogunje, OOI, Adeleke BO, EJABENA HO.  2021.  COVID-19 PANDEMIC: A CURSE OR A BLESSING TO THE MOTHER NATURE. :369-396., Lagos: University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Ltd.
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Ihekoronye, MR, Osemene KP, Erhun WO, Afolabi MO.  2021.  Customers’ Perspectives of Service Quality in Community Pharmacies in Nigeria: A Cross-Sectional Survey. Journal of Health and Medical Sciences. 4, Number 1 Abstract
Adewara, BA, Badmus SA, Olugbade OT, Ezeanosike E, Adegbehingbe BO.  2021.  Distribution of phthisis bulbi and status of fellow eyes at a tertiary eye-care centre in Nigeria: a ten-year review. African Health Sciences. 21:437–44., Number 1 Abstract
Eniayewu, OI, Adegbola AJ, Adeagbo BA, Bolaji OO.  2021.  Influence of Amlodipine on the Disposition of Quinine in Healthy Volunteers. American Journal of Therapeutics. : LWW Abstract
Oluwadaisi, AM, Omopariola OA, Ekhosuehi AT, Oyetola EO.  2021.  Ramsay Hunt Syndrome: A case report and literature review.. Journal of Case Reports in Dental Medicine. 3:1–4., Number 1 Abstract
Ademola-Popoola, DS, Fajolu IB, Gilbert C, Olusanya BA, Onakpoya OH, Ezisi CN, Musa KO, Chan RVP, Okeigbemen VW, Muhammad RC, others.  2021.  Strengthening retinopathy of prematurity screening and treatment services in Nigeria: a case study of activities, challenges and outcomes 2017-2020. BMJ open ophthalmology. 6:e000645., Number 1: BMJ Specialist Journals Abstract
Onanuga, A, Eboh D, Odetoyin B, Adamu O.  2020.  Detection of {{ESBLs}} and {{NDM}}-1 Genes among Urinary {{Escherichia}} Coli and {{Klebsiella}} Pneumoniae from Healthy Students in {{Niger Delta University}}, {{Amassoma}}, {{Bayelsa State}}, {{Nigeria}}, jun. Pan African Medical Journal. 2 Abstract

Abstract Introduction: increasing emergence of multidrug-resistant uropathogens among healthy individuals is a serious public health problem capable of causing difficult-to-treat urinary tract infections (UTIs) with limited treatment options. This study therefore, determined the prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB) and molecular characteristics of antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from healthy students of Niger Delta University, Amassoma, Nigeria. Methods: mid-stream urine samples were collected from 303 healthy students and cultured for significant bacteriuria. Escherichia coli and K. pneumoniae were isolated and identified by conventional methods and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of the isolates were determined by the disc diffusion technique. The isolates were screened for Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBLs) production by combined disc method, ESBLs and carbapenemases genes by PCR. Results: the prevalence of ASB was 21.1%, with a significantly higher proportion among the females (P {$<$} 0.0001). Escherichia coli and K. pneumoniae isolates were recovered in equal proportion (n=21; 6.9%), with E. coli significantly isolated from the females (P= 0.002). The isolates exhibited 57-95% resistance to cefotaxime, ceftazidime, and co-trimoxazole, and 10-24% resistance to levofloxacin and imipenem. Multidrug resistance (MDR) was found in 9 (42.9%) E. coli and 18 (85.7%) K. pneumoniae isolates; 60% of E. coli and 72.7% of K. pneumoniae were ESBLs producers. blaTEM (50%) and blaCTX-M (30%) were detected in E. coli while blaSHV (83.3%) and blaTEM (55.6%) were detected in K. pneumoniae. One E. coli and two K. pneumoniae isolates harboured NDM-1 gene. Conclusion: the ASB from this study\textasciiacute s healthy individuals was characterized by MDR bacteria that harboured ESBLs and NDM-1 genes. Thus, emphasizing the need for regular surveillance of bacterial resistance and proper hand hygiene to contain the spread of MDR pathogens in the community.

Anyanwu, L-J, Sowande O, Asaleye M, Saleh M, Mohammad A, Onuwaje M, Olajide T, Talabi A, Elusiyan J, Adejuyigbe O.  2020.  Testicular volume: correlation of ultrasonography, orchidometer and caliper measurements in children, 2020/12/01. 26 Abstract

BackgroundTesticular size assessment is an important and initial technique for the evaluation of gonadal function. Our study aims to determine the correlation between paediatric testicular volumes measured with the orchidometer, high-resolution ultrasonography (US) and intra-operative measurements using calipers.
This is a prospective observational study of 127 boys presenting to our institution with non-emergent scrotal conditions between January 2007 and October 2008. Volume estimates of both testes were measured using the Prader orchidometer. The patient was then sent to a radiologist who measured the testicular volumes using US, being blinded to the orchidometer estimates. At surgery, the testicular dimensions on the side of the pathology were obtained with a vernier caliper. The testicular volumes by US and caliper were calculated using the formula 0.71 × Length × Width × Height. The relationship between the measured volumes was determined using Pearson’s correlation statistic and Student’s t test. The level of significance for all analysis was set at p < 0.05. Their ages ranged from 18 days to 13 years (median 3 years). There was significant correlation between testicular volumes (for both sides, i.e. right and left) measured with the orchidometer and US ( r = 0.544; 0.537, p < 0.001), significant correlation between testicular volumes measured with the orchidometer and caliper ( r = 0.537; 0.638, p < 0.001) and also significant correlation between volumes measured by US and caliper ( r = 0.382; 0.829, p < 0.01).
Prader orchidometer testicular volume estimates correlate significantly with US estimates in children. In resource-constrained settings, it could be used for an accurate and quick testicular volume assessment.

Folayan, M, Alimi P, Alade M, El Tantawi M, Adeniyi A, Finlayson T.  2020.  Validation of maternal report of early childhood caries status in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 2020/11/25. 20:336. Abstract
Folayan, M, El Tantawi M, Oginni O, Arowolo O.  2020.  Is chronotype profile a risk indicator for caries in children and adolescents in sub‐urban Nigeria?, 2020/11/22 31 Abstract
Ammar, N, M. Aly N, Folayan M, Mohebbi S, Attia S, Böttger S, Howaldt H-P, Khader Y, Maharani D, Rahardjo A, Khan I, Madi M, Shamala A, Al-Batayneh O, Rashwan M, Pavlić V, Cicmil S, Galluccio G, Polimeni A, El Tantawi M.  2020.  Knowledge of Dental Academics about the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multi-Country Online Survey, 2020/11/02. Abstract
Emma-Okon, BO, Ogundipe OK, Eziyi J.  2020.  Perspectives of Final Year Students and Newly Qualified Doctors of the Teaching of Preclinical Courses at the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 2020/11/01. 61:297. Abstract

Background:It is established that there is a strong relationship between perception and outcome of learners' satisfaction, achievement, and success and that a positive learning environment well received by learners is necessary for positive learning outcomes. This study is a first step in providing an answer to the question "how do learners perceive preclinical medical education in Ife" with the aim of obtaining information which can serve as basis for the review of teaching methods and improvement of learning environment.
A questionnaire adopted from two validated questionnaires (Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure questionnaire from Dundee and another from a study carried out in Bangladesh) was administered to 187 respondents comprising 106 final year students and 81 newly qualified doctors to obtain the information about their perception of teaching and learning of the three major preclinical participants. Items were rated using the 5-point Likert scale, and each item was scored 4-0. Data were analyzed using the descriptive and inferential statistics. Values were expressed as the mean of scores.
The mean gross scores for the 19 items rated for anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology were 28.92, 35.76, and 45.06 (out of 76), respectively. Physiology had the highest score in all the subdomains examined, with 62% of the respondents rating their overall quality of learning experience in the subject "very good." Scores for perception of learning environment were generally low (7.54 ± 0.43, 10.44 ± 0.42, and 12.51 ± 0.47, out of a total of 28 for anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology, respectively).
The opinion of learners in this study emphasizes the need for the improvement of teaching methods and learning environment.

Olumurewa, K, Olofinjana B, Fasakin O, Akhigbe G, Eleruja M, Ajayi E.  2020.  Effect of hydrothermal and chemical treatment on the optical and electrical properties of reduced graphene oxide deposited on ITO glass, 2020/10/21. 7:1-12. Abstract

In this work, the effect of hydrothermal and chemical treatment on the optical and electrical properties of reducedgraphene oxide (RGO) was investigated. Reduced graphene oxide was synthesized by both hydrothermal route using
a locally fabricated Teflon lined autoclave and chemical method using hydrazine monohydrate. The thin film was
obtained by depositing RGO on Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) glass via spray pyrolysis technique. In RGO hydrothermal,
the Raman spectroscopy analysis showed greater restoration of the conjugated networks in graphene sheet. The optical
transmittance of RGO hydrothermal and RGO hydrazine decreased after the reduction methods unlike in highly
oxidized graphene oxide (HOGO) where eighty percent transmittance was observed at 600nm and above. For RGO
hydrothermal and RGO hydrazine; the optical analysis gave an energy band gap value of 2.1 eV and 2.4 eV
respectively, while the resistivity were calculated to be 0.3 Ω m and 0.09 Ω m respectively. This research showed a
correlation between the band gap value of RGO and the electrical conductivity. Our results have shown that the optical
and electrical properties of RGO deposited on ITO glass will yield better result when the degree of oxidation of
graphene oxide is moderate. This observation is consistent with literature where it was proven using density
functional calculations that incomplete oxidation of GO is thermodynamically favorable compared to complete

Lozano, R, Fullman N, Mumford J, Knight M, Barthelemy C, Cristiana A, Abbastabar H, Abd-Allah F, Abdollahi M, Abedi A, Abolhassani H, Eshete A, Guimarães Abreu L, Abrigo M, Haimed A, I. Abushouk A, Adabi M, Adebayo O, Adekanmbi V.  2020.  Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019, 2020/10/17. 396:1250-1284. Abstract
Folayan, M, El Tantawi M, Gaffar B, Schroth R, Catillo J, Al-Batayneh O, Kemoli A, Medina A, Díaz M, Pavlic V, Rashwan M.  2020.  An ecological study of the association between environmental indicators and early childhood caries, 2020/10/08. 13:474. Abstract
Ammar, N, M. Aly N, Folayan M, Khader Y, Virtanen J, Al-Batayneh O, Mohebbi S, Attia S, Howaldt H-P, Böttger S, Maharani D, Rahardjo A, Khan I, Madi M, Rashwan M, Pavlić V, Cicmil S, Choi Y-H, Joury E, El Tantawi M.  2020.  Behavior change due to COVID-19 among dental academics-The theory of planned behavior: Stresses, worries, training, and pandemic severity, 2020/09/29. 15::e0239961. Abstract
James, S, Castle C, Dingels Z, Fox J, Hamilton E, Liu Z, Roberts N, Sylte D, Bertolacci G, Cunningham M, Henry N, LeGrand K, Abdelalim A, Abdollahpour I, Suliankatchi R, Abedi A, Abegaz K, Eshete A, I. Abushouk A.  2020.  Estimating global injuries morbidity and mortality: Methods and data used in the Global Burden of Disease 2017 study, 2020/08/24. 26:injuryprev-2019. Abstract