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Elufioye, T, Cyril-Olutayo M.  2020.  Identification of the Anti-sickling Activity of Anogeissus leiocarpus and In Silico Investigation of Some of Its Phytochemicals, 10. Avicenna Journal of Medical Biochemistry. 8 Abstract


Elufioye, T, Oladele A, Cyril-Olutayo M, Agbedahunsi J, Adesanya SA.  2012.  Ethnomedicinal study and screening of plants used for memory enhancement and antiaging in Sagamu, Nigeria, 07. Abstract
Elujoba, AA, Odeleye O, Cyril-Olutayo M.  2004.  Traditional medicine development for medical and dental primary health care delivery system in Africa, 12. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines. 2 Abstract
Elujoba, AA, Nagels L, Sofowora A, Dongen WV.  1989.  Chromatographic analysis of antisickling compounds in Zanthoxylum species. :1-3.
Elujoba, AA, Ogunti EO, Soremekun RO, Iranloye TA.  1992.  The Pharmacognosy and dosage formulation of Cassia podocarpa leaves with reference to senna. :14-18.
Eluyemi, M, Eleruja M, Adedeji AV, Olofinjana B, Fasakin O, Akinwunmi O, Ilori O, Famojuro A, Ajayi E.  2016.  Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis Method:, 2016/01/01. 05:143-154. Abstract

Graphene Oxide (GO) was chemically synthesized from Natural Flake Graphite (NFG). The GO waschemically reduced to Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) using hydrazine monohydrate. Thin films of
GO and RGO were also deposited on sodalime glass substrate using spray pyrolysis technique (SPT).
The samples were characterized using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, Scanning
Electron Microscopy (SEM) with Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDS) facility attached to it, UV-Visible
Spectrometry and Four-Point probe. The FTIR spectra showed the addition of oxygen functionality
groups in GO while such groups was drastically reduced in RGO. SEM micrograph of GO thin film
showed a porous sponge-like structure while the micrograph of RGO thin film showed evenly distributed
and well connected graphene structure. The EDX spectrum of RGO showed that there was
decrease in oxygen content and increase in carbon content of RGO when compared to GO. The optical
analysis of the GO and RGO thin films gave a direct energy bandgap of 2.7 eV and 2.2 eV respectively.
The value of sheet resistance of GO and RGO films was determined to be 22.9 × 106Ω/sq and 4.95 ×
106Ω/sq respectively.

Emma-Okon, BO, Ogundipe OK, Eziyi J.  2020.  Perspectives of Final Year Students and Newly Qualified Doctors of the Teaching of Preclinical Courses at the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 2020/11/01. 61:297. Abstract

Background:It is established that there is a strong relationship between perception and outcome of learners' satisfaction, achievement, and success and that a positive learning environment well received by learners is necessary for positive learning outcomes. This study is a first step in providing an answer to the question "how do learners perceive preclinical medical education in Ife" with the aim of obtaining information which can serve as basis for the review of teaching methods and improvement of learning environment.
A questionnaire adopted from two validated questionnaires (Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure questionnaire from Dundee and another from a study carried out in Bangladesh) was administered to 187 respondents comprising 106 final year students and 81 newly qualified doctors to obtain the information about their perception of teaching and learning of the three major preclinical participants. Items were rated using the 5-point Likert scale, and each item was scored 4-0. Data were analyzed using the descriptive and inferential statistics. Values were expressed as the mean of scores.
The mean gross scores for the 19 items rated for anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology were 28.92, 35.76, and 45.06 (out of 76), respectively. Physiology had the highest score in all the subdomains examined, with 62% of the respondents rating their overall quality of learning experience in the subject "very good." Scores for perception of learning environment were generally low (7.54 ± 0.43, 10.44 ± 0.42, and 12.51 ± 0.47, out of a total of 28 for anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology, respectively).
The opinion of learners in this study emphasizes the need for the improvement of teaching methods and learning environment.

Emmanuel, JB.  2012.  “Housing Quality” To the Low Income Housing Producers in Ogbere, Ibadan, Nigeria. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. 35:483–494.: Elsevier {BV} AbstractWebsite
Enaruvbe, GO, Atedhor GO.  2015.  SPATIAL ANALYSIS OF AGRICULTURAL LANDUSE CHANGE IN ASABA, SOUTHERN NIGERIA. Ife Journal of Science. 17(1)enarvube__atedhor_6edited.pdf
Eniayewu, OI, Adegbola AJ, Adeagbo BA, Bolaji OO.  2021.  Influence of Amlodipine on the Disposition of Quinine in Healthy Volunteers. American Journal of Therapeutics. : LWW Abstract
Eniola, A., G, Oginni O, Akinsulore A.  2015.  Suicide Attempts as a Medical Emergency. Journal of the Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Student's Association (IFEMED). 20:23–25., Number 1 Abstract
and Eregare, AI: EEO(E)EOMO.  2018.  “Is Church Politics Arts or Science in the 21st Century?” A Survey of Church Politics in the Twenty-First Century: Re-Examining Religion State Governance, Leadership and Laities. , Ilishan Remo: Babcock University Press,
Eremutha, F, {Taiwo B.} H, {K. C. Sridhar} M, {Olufemi. O.} A.  2016.  {Evaluation of Sanitary Conditions in Kuje Market in Abuja, Nigeria with Diverse Cultural Practices and Provision of a Dry Ecological Toilet System}, nov. Sociology and Anthropology. 4:1011–1019., Number 11 AbstractWebsite
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Erhabor, GE, Adewole OO, Ogunlade O.  2006.  A five-year review of tuberculosis mortality among hospitalized patients in Ile-Ife.. Indian Journal of Chest Diseases & Allied Sciences. 48:253-256.paper_1_five-year_review_of_tb_mortality.pdf
Erhabor, GE, Adewole O, Adisa A, Olajolo O.  2003.  A 3 – year Review of Directly Observed Short Course Therapy for Pulmonary Tuberculosis – A report of a three-year experience in a teaching hospital. Journal of the National Medical Association. 95(11):1082-1088.
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Erhabor, C, Aderogba M, Erhabor J, Nkadimeng S, Mcgaw L.  2021.  In vitro bioactivity of the fractions and isolated compound from Combretum elaeagnoides leaf extract against selected foodborne pathogens, 02. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 273:113981. Abstract
Erhabor, GE, Adewole OO, Ogunlade O.  2006.  A five-year review of tuberculosis mortality among hospitalized patients in Ile-Ife.. Indian Journal of Chest Diseases & Allied Sciences. 48:253-256.