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Ejianreh, EL, Aransiola EF, Adebimpe AI, Solomon BO.  2019.  Utilization of Airlift Fermenters in the Mass Propagation of Pseudomonas and AureobasidiumSpecies for the Bioremediation of Crude Oil Polluted Aquatic Environments. Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology. 36:95–113., Number 2 Abstract
Ekanade, O, Orimoogunje OOI.  1997.  Alley Farming and Sustainable Headwaters Environment in South western Nigeria. Ife Research Publication in Geography. 6(1 and 2):19-26.
Ekanade, O;, Salami A. T., and Aborode M.  1996.  "Floristic Changes in the Tropical Rainforest of Southwestern Nigeria", . Malaysian Journal of Tropical Geography, . 27(2):pp7-13..
Ekanade, O, Adesina F, Egbe NE.  1991.  Sustaining tree crop production under intensive land use: an investigation into soil quality differentiation under varying cropping patterns in western Nigeria, 1991/03/01. 32:105-113. Abstract

Declining soil productivity is a major constraint to crop production in the humid tropics. This paper examines the efficiency of multiple cropping as an economic and biological method of sustaining tree crop productivity in western Nigeria. Soil characteristics under different crops and crop combinations were examined. In addition, soils under a forest in the same locality were considered as an illustration of soil quality in a condition of little or no human interference. The results show the forest unit to be the best in terms of soil quality, followed by cocoa/kola, plantain, kola, and cocoa units in that order. It is suggested that suitable combinations of tree crops can make for higher soil quality. In particular, the combination of plantain with cocoa may help to raise nutrient status, which is usually low under the latter.

and Ekanade, O., SOATTO.  1998.  Adoption of Modern Farming Techniques in Rural South-Western Nigeria. Journal of Sciences Research, University of Ibadan. 4(1):63-67.
Ekanade, O, Orimoogunje OOI.  2001.  The effect of alley cropping on runoff and soil loss from south western Nigeria. Ife Research Publication in Geography. 8:31-35.
Ekanade, O, Ayanlade A, Orimoogunje OO.  2011.  Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Urban Settlements in Nigeria,. , Interdisciplinary Environmental Review. 12(1):48-62. Abstract

This study investigates the possible impact of climate change on the coastal cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt using the Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change (MAGICC-SCENGEN) and geographical information system (GIS) interpolation techniques. The results confirm that sea level rise may occur with a consequence of submerging all coastal cities of the Niger delta area and a larger part of Lagos. The parts left un-submerged may face the risk of incessant flooding. These will also disrupt communications, damage vital infrastructures and affect urban settlements along the coast. The study establishes that precipitation variability with increased temperature will have serious impacts on the social-economic state of the people living in the coastal cities of Nigeria. The projected impact of this on environmental stability and life in the coastal urban settlements of Nigeria is better imagined than experienced.

Ekanade, O, Ayanlade A, Orimoogunje OOI.  2011.  Climate change impacts on Coastal urban settlements in Nigeria. Journal of Interdisciplinary Environmental Review . 12(1 ):48-62.climate_change_impacts_on_coastal_urban_settlements.pdf
Ekanade, O., Salami, A. T., and Odekunle T.  1998.  "Adoption of Modern Farming Techniques in Rural Southwestern Nigeria",. Journal of Science Research,. 4(1):pp63-67.
Ekanem, S, Jagboro G, Opawole A, Adewuyi T.  2020.  Modelling Delay of Road Construction Projects in 'No Funding- Stress' Scenario using Ordinal Logistic Regression Approach, 10. Civil and Environmental Research. 12:60-78. Abstract
Ekemode, BG, Adegoke OJ, Aderibigbe A.  2017.  Factors Influencing Land Title Registration Practices in Osun State, Nigeria. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment. 9(3):240-255.
Ekundayo, O, Babalola O.  2020.  Sexual Risk Behaviour: The Roles of Impulsivity, Family Type and Peer Pressure Among Undergraduate Students in Nigeria, 2020/06/01. 13:15-23. Abstract

The study examined the influence of impulsivity on undergraduates’ sexual risk behaviour and also scrutinized the mediating roles of family type and peer pressure on undergraduates’ sexual risk behaviour in Southwestern Nigeria. The study was a descriptive survey that employed a multi-stage sampling procedure in which respondents were selected at different levels and stages. A total of 1080 respondents selected from six Universities participated in the study. Their age ranges from 15-19 years with a mean of 15.9±1.2 years. Data gathered through Impulsive Behaviour Scale and the Sexual Behaviour Inventory was analysed by t-test and ANCOVA. The result showed that impulsivity (t = 6.04, df =1078, p <0.05) had significant influence on the sexual risk behaviour of undergraduates in Southwestern Nigeria. The result further showed that age: F (2, 1077) = 18.20, p < 0.05; family type F (2, 1077) = 25.41, p <0. 05 and peer pressure F (2, 1077) = 53.13, p< 0.05 have an intervening impact on the influence of impulsivity F (2, 1073) = 1.37, p < 0.05) on sexual risk behaviour of the undergraduates. The study concluded that impulsivity enhances sexual risk behaviour of undergraduates in Southwestern Nigeria.

El Tantawi, M, Folayan MO, Mehaina M, Vukovic A, Castillo JL, Gaffar BO, Arheiam A, Al-Batayneh OB, Kemoli AM, Schroth RJ, GHM L.  2018.  Early childhood caries: country level determinants of prevalence and data availability. . American Journal of Public Health . 108(8):e1-e7.doi:10.2105/AJPH.2018.304466.
El Tantawi, M, Folayan M, Oginni O, Adeniyi A, Mapayi B, Yassin R, Chukwumah N, Sam-Agudu N.  2021.  Association between mental health, caries experience and gingival health of adolescents in sub-urban Nigeria, 2021/04/30. 21 Abstract
Elegbeleye, OS, Olasupo MO.  2012.  Parental Socio-Economic Status as Correlate of Child Labour in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Educational Research & Reviews. 7(8):201-206.
Eleruja, MA, Adedeji AV, Olofinjana B, Akinwunmi OO, Ojo IAO, Egharevba GO, Ajayi EOB.  2010.  Preparation and Characterization of Mercury Cadmium Sulphide Thin Films. . Journal of Non-Oxide Glasses. Vol. 2(4):175-182.
Eleruja, MA, Egharevba GO, Akinwunmi OO, Jeynes C, Ajayi EOB.  2007.  Preparation and characterization of metal organic chemical vapor deposited nickel oxide and lithium nickel oxide thin films. Journal of Materials Science . Vol. 42(8):2758-2765.
Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Aderounmu G, Oluwatope A, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2010.  A Load Balancing Policy for Distributed Web Service. Communications, Network and System Sciences. 3:645-654.abstract20.docx
Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Oluwatope A, Oluwaranti A, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2011.  A User Identity Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Paradigm. abstract19.docx
Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Oluwatope A, Oluwaranti A, Onime C, and Kehinde L.  2011.  A User Identity Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Paradigm. Int. J. Communications, Network and System Sciences. Vol. 4, (USA. [Online:]):pp.152-163.. Abstract

Cloud computing paradigm is a service oriented system that delivers services to the customer at low cost. Cloud computing needs to address three main security issues: confidentiality, integrity and availability. In this paper, we propose user identity management protocol for cloud computing customers and cloud service providers. This protocol will authenticate and authorize customers/providers in other to achieve global secu-rity networks. The protocol will be developed to achieve the set global security objectives in cloud comput-ing environments. Confidentiality, integrity and availability are the key challenges of web services’ or utility providers. A layered protocol design is proposed for cloud computing systems, the physical, networks and application layer. However, each layer will integrate existing security features such as firewalls, NIDS, NIPS, Anti-DDOS and others to prevent security threats and attacks. System vulnerability is critical to the cloud computing facilities; the proposed protocol will address this as part of measures to secure data at all levels. The protocol will protect customers/cloud service providers’ infrastructure by preventing unauthorized users to gain access to the service/facility.

Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Aderounmu G, Oluwatope A, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2010.  A Load Balancing Policy for Distributed Web Service . Int. J. Communications, Network and System Sciences. 3:645-654.a_load_balancing_policy_for_distributed_web_service.docx
Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Oluwatope A, Oluwaranti A, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2012.  A User Identity Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Paradigm. ”, International Journal of Communications, Network and System. 4(3):152-163.