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Deshpande, A, Miller-Petrie M, Lindstedt P, Baumann M, Johnson K, Blacker B, Abbastabar H, Abd-Allah F, Abdelalim A, Abdollahpour I, Abegaz K, Abejie A, Guimarães Abreu L, Abrigo M, Abualhasan A, Accrombessi M, Adamu A, Adebayo O, Isaac A, Reiner R.  2020.  Mapping geographical inequalities in access to drinking water and sanitation facilities in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000–17, 2020/09/01. 8:e1162-e1185. Abstract
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Dibaba, Y, Mutua M, Mohiddin A, Ijadunola M, Faye C, Coll C, J D Barros A, Kabiru C.  2021.  Intimate partner violence against adolescents and young women in sub-Saharan Africa: who is most vulnerable?, 06 Reproductive Health. 18 Abstract
Dinyain, A, Omoniyi-Esan OG, Olaofe OO, Sabageh D, Komolafe AO, Ojo OS.  2014.  Autopsy-certified maternal mortality at Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 2014. 6:41.: Dove Press Abstract
DiSanto, G, Castellarin-Cudia C, Fanetti M, Taleatu B, P B, Sangaletti L, Floreano L, Magnano E, Bondino F, Goldoni A.  2011.  Conformational Adaptation and Electronic Structure of 2H-Tetraphenylporphyrin on Ag(111) during Fe Metalation. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 115:4155-4162.
DiSanto, G, Castellarin-Cudia C, Fanetti M, Taleatu B, Borghetti P, Sangaletti L, Floreano L, Magnano E, Bondino F, Goldoni A.  2011.  Conformal Adaptation and Electronic Structure of 2H-Tetraphenylporphyrin on AG(111) Fe Metalation. Physical Chemistry C. 115:4155-4162.di_santo_et_al._2011-jpc.pdf
DOPEMU Olawale, MONDAYJ.  2018.  Tax Incentives and Business Growth in Nigeria: Evidence from Panel Data Analysis of Selected Quoted Manufacturing Companies, 14 August. 1st Annual International Academic Conference on "Taxation and the Contemporary Economic Reality",. , Nasarawa State University, Keffi
Doukumo, DM, Faponle AF, Bolaji BO, Adenekan AT, Olateju SOA.  2011.  Effects of Lidocaine and K-Y jellies on sore throat, cough and hoarseness of voice following Endotracheal Anaesthesia. Journal of West African College of Surgeons. 1(3):1-13.
Drew, C, Ajayi SA.  2010.  Transforming the Nigerian seed sector. :46pp., Abuja: USAID-MARKETS Project
Durodola, OD, Ajayi CA, Oloyede SA.  2011.  Impact of Property Assets Management Styles on Effective Service Delivery in South Western Nigerian Hotels. Journal of Sustainable Development (Canada). 4(4):116-137..
Durosinmi, MA, Oyekunle AA, Olusina DB, Ibegbulam OG, Ocheni S.  2010.  Chronic myeloid leukemia presenting as priapism: a report of 2 cases and review of literature., Dec. 2010. Journal of College of Medicine. 15:76-81., Number 2 AbstractWebsite
Durosinmi, MA, Faluyi JO, Oyekunle AA, Salawu L, Adediran IA, Akinola NO, Bamgbade OO, Okanny CC, Akanmu S, Ogbe OP, others.  2008.  The use of Imatinib mesylate in Nigerians with chronic myeloid leukemia. Cellular Therapy and Transplantation. 1, Number 2: Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего … Abstract
Durosinmi, MA.  2013.  Imatinib (Glivec) and gastrointestinal stromal tumours in Nigerians. African journal of medicine and medical sciences. 42:325–332., Number 4 Abstract