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B, R, Bianchi A, Alizai NK, OA S.  1998.  Aesthetic and lateral thracotomy in the neonate. Journal of Pediatric Surgery . vol. 33(12):1798-1800..
B. Favoretto Pigatin, L´via, Atoloye IA, Abosede Obikoya O, Vinicius Borsato A´lio, Olı´mpia Oliveira Rezende M.  2016.  Chemical study of vermicomposted agroindustrial wastes, 2016/02/08. Int J Recycl Org Waste Agricult. 5 Abstract

PurposeThe disposal of solid waste is a serious environmental problem for humanity. Vermicomposting is used as one of the methods for recycling of organic waste, resulting in a humified material of great agronomic potential which promotes carbon sequestration when applied to the soil. The aim of this study was to evaluate the chemical characteristics of vermicomposts from cattle manure (CM), orange peel (OP) and filter cake (FC).
Three compost piles were set up, 2:1 OP + CM, 3:1 FC + CM and CM. The piles were initially composted for 60 days. Thereafter, earthworms were added to the piles to initiate the vermicomposting process.
The pH and the organic carbon contents were above the minimum recommended values for organic fertilizers. The N content was below the minimum value but the C/N ratio was in the required range. The C/N values where lower in OP + CM and FC + CM than in CM. Further, the N contents of treatments were different with OP + CM having the highest value. The C/N ratios of the piles were 9.52, 9.62 and 11.03 for OP + CM, FC + CM and CM, respectively, and were lower than the maximum recommended value by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (Ministry of Agriculture 2009).
Thus, co-vermicomposting of filter cake and orange peel with cattle manure has the potential for application sustainable agriculture.

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Babatola, A, Olatunya O, Ogundare E, Ajibola A, Ojo T, Oluwayemi O, Aebukola A, Adeniyi A, Komolafe A, Fadare J, Oyelami O.  2021.  Pediatric Discharges Against Medical Advice: A Review of Cases in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria, 08. Journal of Comprehensive Pediatrics. In Press Abstract
Babatunde, S, M.O. B, Jagboro G, Opawole A.  2013.  An Evaluation of Factors Predisposing Building Elements to Variation in Nigeria, 04. Civil Engineering Dimension. 15 Abstract
Babatunde, S, Opawole A, I.C. U.  2012.  An Appraisal of Project Procurement Methods in the Nigerian Construction Industry, 09. Civil Engineering Dimension. 14 Abstract
Babatunde, TO, Ajayi CA, Oladokun TT.  2016.  The Use of Social Media in Real Estate Transactions in Lagos, Nigeria.. 9th CIDB Postgraduate Conference. , River Club in Cape Town, South Africa
Babatunde, TB, Ajayi CA, Oladokun TT.  2015.  The Use of Social Media in Real Estate Transactions in Lagos, Nigeria. , Cape Town South Africa: 6thcidb Postgraduate Conference hosted from 2-4 February 2016
Babatunde, S, Opawole A, Akinsiku O.  2012.  Critical success factors in public-private partnership (PPP) on infrastructure delivery in Nigeria, 07. Journal of Facilities Management. 10:212-225. Abstract
Babatunde, S, Perera S.  2017.  Cross-sectional comparison of public-private partnerships in transport infrastructure development in Nigeria, 2017/10/09. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management. 24:00-00. Abstract

PurposeAlthough scientific research community has shown considerable interest in identifying critical success factors (CSFs) for public-private partnership (PPP) projects, yet effort at assessing and compare CSFs within similar PPP infrastructure projects received scant attention. The purpose of this study is to identify, assess, and compare the CSFs in PPP transport infrastructure projects.
The study adopted literature review and three PPP case studies including structured interviews and review of documentary reports in each case study. The outcome of literature review provided a total list of 26 identified success factors, which was used to design a case study protocol using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) technique. FMEA was conducted on each 26 identified success factor to assess their criticality in the three PPP case studies.
The results of FMEA revealed a total of 10 CSFs in the concession of the road; four CSFs in the concession of the airport; and eight CSFs in the concession of the seaport. Also, the cross-case analysis showed the three prevalent CSFs, this includes government involvement by providing guarantees, political support, and project economic viability.
Practical implications
The study findings including lessons learnt in each case study would positively influence policy development towards PPP transport infrastructure projects and the manner in which partners (i.e. public and private sector) go about the development of PPP transport projects.
This research would help PPP stakeholders to focus their attention and priorities in managing the identified CSFs in achieving long-term success in PPP transport infrastructure projects implementation.

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