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Fayomi, I, Oladokun TT, Adedokun. AR.  2021.  Assessment of Real Estate Outsourcing Practice of Banks and Telecommunication Companies in Lagos, Nigeria. UNIOSUN Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, . 3(2):2-.
Oyesiji, OO, Oluwale BO, Awoleye OM, Ayoola PO.  2021.  Assessment of Technical Innovation among Auto-Allied Artisans in Southwestern Nigeria. SAU Journal of Management and Social Sciences. 6(1):74-89.oyesiji_awoleye_oluwale_and_ayoola_2021.pdf

Background: Panton-Valentine Leucocidin (PVL)-producing Staphylococcus aureus strains have been implicated in serious community-associated invasive infections and their increasing multidrug resistance is a major global health concern. Thus, we investigated the prevalence of the PVL gene and the antimicrobial resistance profile of nasal S. aureus isolates from healthy adults in Tundu-Wada, Gombe State of Nigeria. Methods and Materials: A total of 262 nasal samples from healthy adults were obtained and cultured. The isolates were identified as S. aureus by standard morphological and biochemical methods alongside with the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplification of their 16S rRNA gene. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing was performed by the disc diffusion technique and the presence of mecA and PVL genes was determined by PCR analysis. Results: The overall nasal colonization of S. aureus was 17.6%. The prevalence of haemolysin and biofilm production among the isolates was 25(54.3%) and 42(91.3%), respectively. Only 2(4.3%) and 5(10.9%) possessed mecA and PVL genes respectively but none of the isolates harboured these two genes. All the isolates were resistant to amoxicillin but were highly susceptible (93.7%) to gentamicin. The prevalence of multi-drug resistance (MDR) among the isolates was M 45.7% and all PVL-producing isolates were MDR while one of the isolates with mecA gene exhibited extensive-drug resistance (XDR). Conclusion: This is the first report of nasal colonization of MDR PVL-producing S. aureus in healthy adults in Gombe, Northeastern Nigeria. This study highlights the importance of routine surveillance of healthy populations to provide useful strategies for controlling the spread of virulent multidrug-resistant organisms within the community.

Ojediran, AO, Aluko BT, Oladokun TT.  2021.  Characteristics and Causes of Void in Multi-Tenanted Property in Lagos, Nigeria. REAL ESTATE FINANCE. 38(2, Fall):136-146.
Odunfa, VO, A. O. Agboola, Oladokun TT.  2021.  Characteristics of Land Market in Nigeria: Case of Ibeju Lekki Local Government, Lagos, Nigeria.. Current Urban Studies. 9(1)
Abdullahi, U., Oripelaye, M.M., Olanrewaju, F.O., Onayemi, O., Olasode, O.A., Oninla O.  2021.  Clinical, Haematological and Immunological Profile of a Cohort of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-infected Subjects Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy at a Tertiary Treatment Centre in Nigeria. . Journal of Medical and Basic Scientific Research. 1(1):59-6. Abstractclinical_haematological_and_immunological_profile_of_hiv_patients.pdfWebsite

Background: Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) continues to be a global health problem. It is a systemic disease that can affect virtually all organ systems including the immunological and haematological systems. Haematological abnormalities are among the most common complications of HIV infection; and are strong independent predictors of morbidity and mortality in HIV-infected individuals.This study aimed to determine the changes in clinical, haematological and immunological profile of HIV-infected patients commencing antiretroviral therapy, as well as the correlation of these parameters with the CD4 cells count.
Method: This study was a hospital-based secondary data analysis from 200 HIV-infected patients aged 18 years and above, who were initiated on HAART and have been on these drugs for 12 months. Relevant data were extracted from patient's case notes. Frequencies, proportions, correlations and paired sample t test were performed and the level of significance was set at p value <0.05.
Results: The mean (±SD) age of the studied population was 40.5±10.9 years and majority were females 68% (n=136). The comparative means (±SD) values of the parameters at baseline and 12 months after commencement of HAART were: haemoglobin concentration (10.26 ± 1.68 vs 11.50 ± 1.11 g/dl, P value <0.0001), lymphocyte count (40.0 ± 13.36% vs 44.13 ± 11.70%, 95%, P value 0.001), eosinophils count concentration (13.46 ± 6.76% vs 11.39 ± 6.51%, 95%, P value 0.003) and platelets count (211.73 ± 108.32 vs 255.98 ± 92.42 X109/L, 95%, P value <0.0001). The mean (±SD) change in CD4 count was (162 ± 96 vs 346 ± 173 cells/mm3, 95%, P value <0.0001). The mean (±SD) of the BMI before and after HAART were (21.22 ± 4.26 vs 24.85 ± 4.47 kg/m2, 95%, P value <0.0001).
Conclusion: Haematological abnormalities remain a common finding in HIV-infected patients. The role of HAART in improving the clinical, haematological and immunological parameters in HIV-positive treatment-naïve patients was confirmed by significant improvements observed in the abnormal parameters following HAART use.

Adeyemi, OO.  2021.  THE CONCEPT OF CORRUPTION: A THEORETICAL EXPOSITION. Social and Government. 2(2)abstract.docx
Orimoogunje, OOI, Adeleke BO, EJABENA HO.  2021.  COVID-19 PANDEMIC: A CURSE OR A BLESSING TO THE MOTHER NATURE. :369-396., Lagos: University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Ltd.
Orimoogunje, OOI, Adeleke BO, DADA E, Shote AA, EUDOXIE-OKAFOR AN, NWAYOR JI.  2021.  DYNAMISM OF LANDSCAPE TRANSFORMATION IN IBIONO-IBOM, AKWA-IBOM STATE, NIGERIA. Journal of Landscape Ecology. 14(1):19-38.dynamism_of_landscape_transformation_in_ibiono-ibom_akwa-ibom_state_nigeria.pdf
Adesina, FA, Oderinde FO.  2021.  Exploiting the potentials of Ecological Resources for enhanced climate change response.. Towards Achieving a Sustainable Environment . , Ibadan: Department of Geography, University of Ibadanadesina_and_oderinde.docx
Ayodele, TO, Adegoke OJ, Kajimo-Shakantu K, Olaoye O.  2021.  Factors Influencing Real Estate Graduates Soft Skill Gap in Nigeria. Property Management.
Ayodele, TO, Adegoke OJ, Kajimo-Shakantu K, Olaoye O.  2021.  Factors Influencing Real Estate Graduates Soft Skill Gap in Nigeria. Property Management.
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Awoleye, OM, Abraham AO, Oyebisi TO.  2021.  ICT-driven channels as innovative service delivery among selected banks in Southwestern Nigeria. African J. Accounting, Auditing and Finance. 7(4):386-408.
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Adewinbi, SA, Buremoh W, Owoeye VA, Ajayeoba YA, Salau AO, Busari HK, Tijani MA, Taleatu BA.  2021.  Preparation and characterization of TiO2 thin film electrode for optoelectronic and energy storage Potentials: Effects of Co incorporation. Chemical Physics Letters . 779:138854.