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Adeleke, B. O., Orimoogunje O. O. I., & Shote A. A. (2017).  Land use dynamics and rural landscape transformations in southwestern Nigeria. Canadian Journal of Tropical Geography. 4(2), 22-33.Land use dynamics and rural landscape transformations
FASHAE, O. A., AYOMANOR R., & Orimoogunje O. O. I. (2017).  LAND USE DYNAMICS AND SURFACE WATER QUALITY IN A TYPICAL URBAN CENTRE OF SOUTH-WESTERN, NIGERIA. Analele Universităţii din Oradea, Seria Geografie. 27(1), 98-107.10.auog_724_adeola.pdf
Faniran, A., & Oluwagbenga O. O. I. (2016).  Creation and Environmental Care for Global Security and Peace: The Theocentric Option. American Journal Academic Research. 1(1), A12-A24. Abstractcreation-and-environmental-care-for-global-security-and-peace-the-theocentric-option.pdfWebsite

The main thrust of this paper is to assess the impacts of the human being on the environment as a result of their perception of the environment mainly as a resource that must be exploited. Particular attention was paid to different strategies adopted by scholars in terms of managing nature both in the past and present with a view to ascertaining the extent of degradation and the tendency of wanton anthropogenic modification of the environment. The study was based on archival research methods and expository review of relevant studies. Suggestions on how environmental sustainability could be attained in the near future were proposed. Finally, as an alternative to ecocentrism and anthropocentrism, a theocentric perspective was suggested since materialism was regarded as one of the most serious dysfunctional values for the ecosystem. Therefore Christians needed to re-orientate their relationship with the material properties.

Oluwagbenga, O. O. I., Fashae O. A., Oke T. O., & Akinwumiju A. S. (2016).  Flood Vulnerability in a Part of Southwestern Nigeria. Academic Journal of Environmental Science. 4(3), 055-061.flood_vulnerability_in_a_part_of_southwestern_nigeria.pdf
Adeleke, B. O., & Orimoogunje O. O. I. (2016).  GIS-Supported Assessment of Land use Dynamics of Abeokuta Metropolis from 1960 to 2005. Journal of Agricultural Science in Environment. 16(2), 88-106.gis-supported_assessment_of_landuse_dynamics_2016.pdf
Oluwagbenga, O. O. I. (2015).  Ecological Degradation under Selected Tree Crop Ecosystems in Ondo State, South-western Nigeria. . Frontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century. , Ibadan: Ibadan University Pressoluwagbenga_o.i._orimoogunje_ecological_degradation_under___selected_tree_crop_ecosystems_in_ondo_state.pdf
Gbadegesin, A. S., Eze E. B., Oluwagbenga O. O. I., & Fashae O. A. (2015).  Frontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century. , Ibadan: Ibadan University Press AbstractFrontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century_Contents

The primary object of this book is to present current issues and problems relating to environmental sustainability and to discuss them as elements of the earth’s surface. This book is timely because of the widespread interest in geographical approaches to solving environmental problems. However, the celebration of the two Giants of Geography – Emeritus Professor Adetoye Faniran and Professor Olusegun Areola from the Department of Geography, University of Ibadan, Nigeria afforded scholars to share their interest especially because of the opportunity to celebrate the erudite Giants by holding a National Colloquium on Frontiers in Environmental Research and Sustainable Environment in the 21st Century. The collections of articles in this book result from the scholars’ concerns to evaluate environmental geographical applicability to environmental management in several natural resource fields. The study of such complexes requires more than one individual. This has led to the concept of interdisciplinary research which involves diversity of skills and specialties. Environmental geography has for some time been prominent in research and management studies, but only a few components have been measured or considered in most instances.

Balogun, V. S., & Oluwagbenga O. O. I. (2015).  Geo-Spatial Mapping of Air Pollution in Benin City, Nigeria . Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International . 3(3), 1-17.geo-spatial_mapping_of_air_pollution_in_benin_city_nigeria.pdf
Adewolw, M. B., Ahmed D. H., Orimoogunje O. O. I., & Olowoake A. A. (2014).  Uptake and Distribution of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon by Sunflower from Crude Oil Contaminated Soils Using Agro-Industrial Wastes as Soil Amendments. African Journal of Environmental Health Sciences. 1(1), 1-7.ajehe_v1_n1_2014.pdf
Oluwagbenga, O. O. I., Ekanade O., & Ndidi E. O. (2013).  The Dynamics of agricultural Landuse Using Multi-Spectral Imageries in Southern Part of Nigeria,. Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview, USA. 1-5.the_dynamics_of_agricultural.pdf
Oluwagbenga, O. O. I., & Ajibola-James O. (2013).  Mangrove Ecosystem Recovery and Restoration from Oil Spill in the Niger Delta: The GIS Perspective. Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview, USA. 1-5.mangrove_ecosystem_recovery.pdf
Ekanade, O., Ayanlade A., & Orimoogunje O. O. I. (2011).  Climate change impacts on Coastal urban settlements in Nigeria. Journal of Interdisciplinary Environmental Review . 12(1 ), 48-62.climate_change_impacts_on_coastal_urban_settlements.pdf
Adeoye, N. O., Oluwagbenga O. O. I., & Yusuf M. J. (2011).  Geospatial Analysis of Wetlands Analysis in Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria Utilisation in South-Western Nigeria: The GIS Perspective. Ife Research Publication in Geography. 10 (1), 115-124.
Oluwagbenga, O. O. I. (2011).  Mapping Wetlands Potentials for Sustainable Environment: The GIS Perspective. Ilorin Journal Business and Social Sciences (IJBSS), Ilorin, Nigeria. 15(1), 181-196.
Oluwagbenga, O. O. I., Adegboyega S. A., Banjo O. O., & Funmilayo O. A. (2011).  Population Growth: Implications for Environmental Sustainability. Ife psychologIA . 19(2), 56-69.
Oluwagbenga, O. O. I., & Gadiga B. L. (2011).  Remote Sensing for Mapping Riparian Vegetation Change in the Upper Yedzeram Bazin. Environmental Research and Challenges of Sustainable Development in Nigeria. , Ile-Ife: Obafemi Awolowo University Pressremote_sensing_for_mapping_ripparian_vegetation.pdf
Oluwagbenga, O. O. I., Ayanlade A., Akinkuolie T. A., & Odiong A. U. (2010).  Perception on effect of gas flaring on the Environment. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Science. 2(4), 188 - 193.perception_on_effect_of_gas_flaring_on_the_environment.pdf