Undergraduate Geriatric Dentistry Programs in Spain

San-Martin, L, CASTAO SEIQUER SR A, Ribas PĂ©rez D, Ogunbodede E.  2014.  Undergraduate Geriatric Dentistry Programs in Spain, 2014/06/26. Current Research in Dentistry. 6


Objective: Over the past few decades, the world has experienced a gradual increase in the percentage of elderly people aged 65 years and over. As this elderly population increases, evidence suggests that their demand for dental services would increase. The increasing population of the elderly population in Spain has underlined the need for the dental profession to take pay particular attention to the oral health needs of older patients. The aim of this report is to present a preliminary assessment of the undergraduate Geriatric Dentistry programs in Spanish dental schools.Method: Study participants included all the dental schools in Spain (n=19). Using a simple, 12-item questionnaire, information was collected regarding the geriatric dental education programs from the official websites of all the schools.
Results: Only 42% (n=8) of schools offered a specific geriatric dentistry course. No significant differences were found in the proportion of public and private dental schools with geriatric dentistry departments (p=0.1312).
Conclusion: More studies on the curriculum content, design, implementation and evaluation of geriatric dentistry programs at the undergraduate level should be developed. Research must also focus on assessing the access and improvement to the oral care of the elderly population. Dental schools, organizations, local and state governments need to work together, using a multidisciplinary approach, in responding to the unmet needs of the elderly population.