Caring for the people living with HIV/AIDS and AIDS orphans in Osun State: a rapid survey report

Folayan, M, Fakande I, Ogunbodede E.  2001.  Caring for the people living with HIV/AIDS and AIDS orphans in Osun State: a rapid survey report, 2001/10/01. Nigerian journal of medicine : journal of the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria. 10:177-81.


The aim of the study is to obtain the views and opinions of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAS), community leaders and other stake holders (care providers and AIDS orphans), so as to assess the role of Non-Governmental Organisations in the control of HIV infection with the purpose of making appropriate recommendations for policy formulation on issues related to the health and care of PLWHAs. A qualitative research was carried out using in-depth interview method with a questionnaires as a guide. In all, 12 seropositives, 13 community leaders and 34 AIDS orphans were interviewed. Results indicate that there was a lack of networking between the six Non-Governmental Organisations working in the state in relation to HIV/AID. Also, none of these PLWHAs had concrete plans for the future of their children, though they all expressed some form of anxiety about their children's future. The burden of care of AIDS orphans often fall on the maternal family members. Top on the list of the problem of AIDS orphans was their poor education due to financial difficulties. There is the need for the government to provide, support, encourage and monitor the activities of the Non-Governmental Organisations and network with them so as to maximise the benefits that can be obtained from the role they play in HIV/AIDS management.