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Kayode P. Ayodele, Olawale Akinwale, Kehinde L, Oladipo O. Osasona, Ajayi EOB, Akinwunmi OO.  2009.   An FPGA-Based Remote Laboratory for Teaching Digital Electronics . an_fpga-based_remote.docx
Abiona, O, Tricha Anjali, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2008.  Analysis of a Cyclic Multicast Proxy Server Architecture. I. J. Communications, Network and System Sciences, . 4:285-385.analysis_of_a_cyclic_multicast_proxy_server_architecture.docx
Abiona, OO, Oluwaranti AI, T.Anjali, Onime CE, Popoola EO, Aderounmu GA, Oluwatope AO, Kehinde LO.  2009.  Architectural Model for Wireless Peer-to-Peer (WP2P) File Sharing for Ubiquitous Mobile Devices . architectural_model_for_wireless_peer-to-peer.docx
Bello, SA, Abiona OO, Oluwatope AO, Sanmi ML, Onime CE, Eludiora SI, Aderounmu GA, Adagunodo ER, Kehinde LO.  2013.  An e-Business Grid Model Architecture for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. an e-business grid model architecture.
Buraimoh-Igbo, LA, Kehinde LO.  1975.  Equilibrium Position of Dynamic Systems. Proc. NICONTAM. 1:168.
Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Aderounmu G, Oluwatope A, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2010.  A Load Balancing Policy for Distributed Web Service . Int. J. Communications, Network and System Sciences. 3:645-654.a_load_balancing_policy_for_distributed_web_service.docx
Moninuola, OA, Ayodele KP, Kehinde LO, Yesufu TK.  2009.  A PLATFORM FOR INERTIAL MOTION CAPTURE AND MODELING OF HUMAN MOVEMENT. Ife Journal of Technology. 18(2):63-71.
Abiona, O, Temitope Aladesanmi, Onime C, Oluwaranti A, Oluwatope A, Olakanmi Adewara, Tricha Anjali, Kehinde L.  2009.  A Scalable Architecture for Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Using Free Open Source Software . Int. J. Communications, Network and System Sciences. 6:528-539.a_scalable_architecture_for_network_traffic_monitoring.docx
Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Oluwatope A, Oluwaranti A, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2012.  A User Identity Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Paradigm. ”, International Journal of Communications, Network and System. 4(3):152-163.