Oesophageal denture impaction producing Horner's syndrome: A case report

Akinpelu, V, Amusa Y, Eziyi J, Haastrup AA, Ameye S.  2007.  Oesophageal denture impaction producing Horner's syndrome: A case report, 2007/10/01. 121:e17.


Dentures in the oesophagus have been associated with various complications; however, Horner's syndrome following denture impaction has not been reported in our locality.Horner's syndrome developed in a 26-year-old woman following accidental swallowing of an upper denture which then became impacted in the oesophagus. The denture was retrieved via cervical oesophagotomy. The syndrome abated completely by the seventh day post-surgery. The clinical features of Horner's syndrome are discussed.
Compression of the stellate ganglion, with resultant Horner's syndrome, can be associated with denture impaction in the cervical oesophagus.