Clinical profile of otomycosis in a sub-saharan African tertiary health center

Ameye, S, Adeyemo A, Eziyi J, Amusa Y.  2018.  Clinical profile of otomycosis in a sub-saharan African tertiary health center, 2018/05/01. 10:52-55.


Aims: This study is aimed at determining the presentation, predispositions, types and treatment outcomes of patients diagnosed with otomycosis in our center. Materials and methods: We reviewed 83 cases of otomycosis who visited the otorhinolaryngology clinic of our center in the period of 5 years. Diagnosis of otomycosis was clinically based on presentation and findings on otoscopic appearance. Results: Records of 83 cases of otomycosis consisting of 40 males and 43 females were analysed. The mean age was 43.19 ± 20.74 years. Twenty-eight (33.7%) patients were asymptomatic with the otomycosis discovered following otoscopy during a clinic visit. Pruritus, ear ache and hearing loss were the commonest complaints among the symptomatic patients. Unilateral disease was seen in 57 (68.7%) of the patients and bilateral disease in 23 (27.7%) of the patients. The affected side was not stated in 3 (3.6%) of the patients. Examination findings revealed in most cases (78, 94.0%) reveal presence of fungal debris. The use of ototoptic medication was noted as the risk factor for more three-quarter of those with identifiable risk factor. Total fifty-one (61.4%) patients had complete resolution. Conclusion: We found otomycosis to be predominantly an adult disease and it is an incidental finding many case. The overall outcome is good regardless of the mode of treatment employed. Clinical significance: The limitation to due to non-available of a particular mode of treatment should not impair obtaining a good outcome when managing otomycosis. © 2018, Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. All rights reserved.