Isaac Oluwajoba Abereijo holds doctoral degree in Technology Management with specialisation in Technology Entrepreneurship. He has more than 20 years of teaching and research experience in entrepreneurship and small business development in the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. With 23 publications in both local and international journals, he has so far focused on SMEs development in the context of business development services and technological innovation, and has examined the promotional, developmental, and assistance aspects of SMEs. Apart from his teaching and research activities, he is also involved in consultancy relating to small business development, as well as industrial extension services providing training and in-plant counselling to small enterprises. He has also attended many local and international conferences and training workshops relating to small business development. Some of which are:

  1. ERP4School Foundation Training Workshop on Enterprise Resource Planning (using SAP software) at Cape Town, South Africa, June 2013.
  2. SME Toolkit Nigeria Conference on Increasing Access to Small Business Solutions, at Pan African University, Lagos, Nigeria, April 2013
  3. African Enterprise Educator Conference on Exploring Enterprise Education in Africa, at Pan African University, Lagos, Nigeria, January 2013
  4. Incubator Manager Training Workshop at Cape Town, South Africa, March 2011.
  5. Brown International Advanced Research Institute (BIARI) on Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, at Providence, USA, June 2009.
  6. Training Workshop on Small Business Counselling, Abuja, Nigeria, February 2008.
  7. Training of Trainers Workshop on Start-Your-Business at Lagos, Nigeria, March 2004.