Parotid gland neoplasms presenting as discrete infra-auricular swellings

Bello, SA, Famurewa B, Omoregie OF.  2020.  Parotid gland neoplasms presenting as discrete infra-auricular swellings, 2020/01/01. 23:67.


Background: Parotid gland neoplasms usually present as pre-auricular swellings. Sometimes, they present as solitary infra-auricular swellings which make their localization difficult as they may be confused with submandibular gland or other lateral upper neck masses. Clinicopathological reports of discrete infra-auricular parotid lesions and their surgical managements are few. Objectives: To describe the clinical features and management of discrete infra-auricular parotid masses in a series of Nigerian patients seen during a surgical outreach mission. Methodology: This is a retrospective study of all infra-auricular swellings managed by a Nigerian surgical mission over 6 years. Patients' demographics, duration of swelling, symptoms, treatment, histopathological diagnosis, postoperative complications were retrieved from patients' records. Results: A total of 124 facial tumors were seen, of which 15 (12.1%) were parotid tumors. Eight cases (53.3%) of parotid tumors presented as discrete infra-auricular masses. Age range was 13–57 years (mean = 40.9 ± 15.4 years) with male predilection. Duration of swelling was between 1 and 15 years. All lesions were treated with extracapsular dissection. One patient had postoperative facial nerve paresis, but no facial palsy and sialocele. The histopathological results were 5 (62.5%) pleomorphic adenomas, 1 (12.5%) Warthin's tumor, and 2 (25%) low-grade mucoepidermoid carcinomas. Conclusion: Discrete infra-auricular swellings may present as benign and malignant parotid gland neoplasms.