Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture Through Space Technology in Nigeria

Ologeh, I, Akarakiri J, Adesina F.  2016.  Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture Through Space Technology in Nigeria, 2016/01/17. :99-112.


Agriculture is one of the sectors mostly affected by climate change. Nigerian farmers have been losing their harvests to the impacts of climate change leading to lower crop production and poorer livelihoods. Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is an adaptation strategy that helps rural farmers to be resilient to and cope with the effects of climate change. It can be improved through the use of space technology by empowering key actors, providing them with reliable weather forecasts at the right time.This paper presents an assessment of already adopted space applications in Nigerian agricultural sector; the distribution of mobile phones to rural farmers by government for easy access to CSA information from extension workers. It is also a policy research on other unpractised space applications, especially the conversion of geo-data to relevant information on climate and hazards that can help local farmers, nourishing them with timely agricultural advice which enables them to have higher crop yields and a more efficient use of seeds, water and fertilizers. The farmers will also receive early warnings for drought, flooding and/or diseases on their mobile phones, thus maximizing its use. The results of this paper will be useful for crop production agencies and NGOs in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.