Climate Change and Adaptation in Nigeria: Some Background to Nigeria's Response-III

Adesina, F, Odekunle T.  2021.  Climate Change and Adaptation in Nigeria: Some Background to Nigeria's Response-III, 2021/10/15.


This concluding part of the larger paper evaluates some aspects of the Nigeria's vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and discusses potential adaptation strategies that can help in coping with or reducing the impacts of the change in the agriculture and forestry sectors. The vulnerabilities of the various parts of the country were computed, using a wide range of socio-economic parameters and physical environmental factors. The results show that there had been important variability in the rainfall and temperature regimes which 'expose' the country to severe impacts of climate change. The vulnerability assessment further shows that the country's resilience to climate change impact is very weak especially in the Sudano-Sahelian zone. Considering the nature of the vulnerabilities, the paper proposed a number of adaptation strategies mainly in the Agriculture and Forestry sectors. The paper concludes that development and implementation of appropriate policy instrument will be important in ensuring that the country effectively addresses its adaptation challenges.