As a historian with specific interest in Agriculture and Economy, I have over the years focused on trying to proffer solutions to socio-economic problems confronting the Nigerian society in particular and the African continent in general. As a result much of my research works and publications have focused on issues like Land Management, Climate Change, Migration, Conflict, Crop production and marketing. Studies have also been done in areas of Ethno-Religious Conflict with focus on role of economy and governance, the Almajarai system and economic implications in Nigeria and Poverty and Terrorism. Some of these research outputs have been published as articles in reputable local and off-shore journals such as West Bohemian Historical Review, Developing Countries Studies, Modern Africa, Journal of Asian and African Studies and Historical Yearbook as well as chapters in books. These works have been able to impact not only on the academic community but also on the larger Nigerian Community and as such I have been at various times privileged to address much larger audience, both at intellectual and participatory levels. For instance, in 2010, I was invited by the Pan Igala Renaissance to speak on Trade and Commerce along the River Niger Basin. I have also worked with Center for Public Policy and Inter-religious Affairs on issues relating the socio-economic problems and possible solutions in Northern Nigeria. The work on Terrorism and its Implication on Infrastructure and Economic Development: A Review of Selected Cases across the Country since c.1980 published by Africa and Science, Germany, led to the body through her editor Moses Chi, requesting that I collaborate with one of their research who was then at the level of framework of research program on terrorism in Nigeria and Cameroun in 2015. The result of this led to my completion and subsequent publication of “Poverty and Terrorism in Northern Nigeria: Some Reflective notes on the manipulation of the almajirai System and its implication on National Development” in Modern Africa, Czech 2016 and “Emerging Religious Movements and its Implications for   African History and Heritage”; European Scientific Journal, Republic of Macedonia 2016. In 2016, through my contribution in the area of intergroup relations, I was appointed member of the Study Committee on Inter-religious Affairs, Universal Peace Federation, West Africa and Nation Agricultural Production Cooperative Union of Nigeria (NAPCON).  My research on the Economy, Minorities  and Poverty in Northern Nigeria with specific reference to the Maguzawa and Nigeria citizenship: Reflecting on Identity Politics and National Question in Africa caught the attention of Nigerian Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAN) through which i was consulted to help work on Environment and Social Impact Assessment Study of Flood and Erosion, Northeastern Nigeria.  I have consulted for the Kukah Centre Abuja, on Intergroup Relations, Conflict Prevention and Management in the Southern Kaduna area of Nigeria focusing on Economic Impact/Implications. I have also consulted for  The Catholic Poverty Reduction Group in the area of History of the Marginalized Indigenous groups in Northern Nigeria. I am also a Resource Person and Contributor to the  Nigerian History Project (NHP),  a  Centre under the auspices of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Foundation (OOPLF) for research, documentation and curation of galleries based on selected historical themes or events in Nigeria. As a way of mentoring, apart from my primary assignment in the University, I teach history as part of Community Development Project to pupils of Sunshine Primary School, Ile-Ife. I also reach out to the larger community through analysis on radio (Matters Arising on Odua FM 90.9 Ile-Ife and Crunch Time on Crown FM 101.5,Ile-Ife), articles and news in Independence Newspaper, Ibadan, Katolink Paper, Osogbo; The Olivebranch Newspaper, Zaria; The Cross News, Kaduna and The Caritas, Bauchi.