Cordelia Olatokunbo OSASONA (nee Odubanjo) was admitted into the University of Ife, as a Direct Entry student, in 1977. She belongs to the first set of students to study Architecture, in this great citadel of learning. The only female in the set, she is thus, the first Architecture alumna of the University. In addition, despite the obvious odds, she finished with the best result at both the B.Sc. and M.Sc. levels – an academic feat that formed the basis for her being prevailed on to stay and pursue an academic career within her alma mater.

Since taking up appointment with the University, in 1985, she has worked her way up assiduously through the ranks, attaining the rank of full Professor in 2010. She is, thus, the first alumna of the Faculty not only to be so appointed, but also the first female Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design and Management. Beyond the confines of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Osasona is the first female Professor of Architecture in southwestern Nigeria.

In her area of specialization (History of Architecture), Professor Osasona has published extensively (books, journal articles and learned conference proceedings), focusing in particular on African traditional and Vernacular architectural forms and practices, and championing the cause of conservation of imperiled architectural heritage. She also has a Master Degree in Fine Arts – a qualification that has appropriately equipped her to extend her research and publications to the art-content of these architectural variants. Some of these research findings have not only been the bedrock of her teaching here at OAU, but have constituted resource-material for professional registration preliminary evaluation. At the international level, one of her books (“Colonial Architecture in Ile-Ife, Nigeria”) has been translated into the French language. She has been a member of the Wessex Institute of Technology (STREMAH Conferences) International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC), since 2013, and has also served, at different times, on Editorial Boards of some international and local journals.

At the professional level, Professor Osasona became the first product of the Obafemi Awolowo  University to become a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (becoming only the second Fellow in Osun State, at the time), and sharing this distinction at the national level, with a former classmate of hers. She has served both the Institute and the Architects’ Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) as a member of the Board of Architectural Education (NIA-BAE, ARCON-BAE), since 2008. On the platform of BAE activities, she has been involved in several professional accreditation exercises within Nigeria (frequently serving as Secretary or Chairman of such Panels). Similarly, she has represented both professional bodies at five (5) Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) accreditation exercises within the African continent.