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Lal, C, DiSanto G, Caputo M, Panighel M, Taleatu BA, Goldoni A, Jain IP.  2014.  Electronic Structure of Fe3Si on Si(100) Substrates, Dec.. AIP Proceedings. , India
Taleatu, BA, OMOTOSO E, Lal C, Makinde WO, Ogundele KT, Ajenifuja E, Lasisi AR, Eleruja MA, Mola GT.  2014.  XPS and some surface characterizations of electrodeposited MgO nanostructure. Surface and Interface Analysis. 46(6):372-377.
Lal, C, Jain IP, DiSanto G, Caputo M, Panighel M, Taleatu BA, Goldoni A.  2013.  XPS study of 2H-TPP at Fe/Si(111) system, Dec. 2012. AIP Proceedings. , India
Taleatu, BA, Makinde WO, Eleruja MA, Fasasi AY.  2013.  Band alignment and charge transport characteristics of TPP/ZnO hybrid for photovoltaic cell potential. current applied physics. 13:97-102.taleatu_et_al._2013_-_cap.pdf
Panighel, M, DiSanto G, Caputo M, Lal C, Taleatu BA, Goldoni A.  2013.  Review of 2H-tetraphenylporphyrins metalation in ultra-high vacuum on metal surfaces. IOP Conf. Series. , Trieste, Italy
OMOTOSO, E, ADEGBOYEGA GA, Eleruja MA, Olofinjana B, Akinwunmi OO, ILORI OO, Taleatu BA, Ajayi EOB.  2013.  SYNTHESIS AND SOME PROPERTIES OF MOCVD LEAD SULPHIDE AND LEAD CADMIUM SULPHIDE THIN FILMS. Non-oxide glasses. 5(1):9-19.omotoso-et_al__2013-_jnog.pdf
Adekoya, SO, Eleruja MA, Olofinjana B, Akinwunmi OO, Taleatu BA, Ajayi EOB.  2012.  Enhanced Light Absorption in Textured Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposited (MOCVD) CdO Thin Films, 2011. MRS Proceedings. 1432(1), San Fransisco, USA
Caputo, M, DiSanto G, Parisse P, Petaccia L, Floreano L, Verdini A, Panighel M, Struzzi C, Taleatu B, Lal C, Goldoni A.  2012.  Experimental Study of Pristine and Alkali Metal Doped Picene Layers: Confirmation of the Insulating Phase in Multilayer Doped Compounds. Physical Chemistry C. 116:19902-19908.caputo_et_al._2012-_jpc.pdf
DiSanto, G, Castellarin-Cudia C, Fanetti M, Taleatu B, Borghetti P, Sangaletti L, Floreano L, Magnano E, Bondino F, Goldoni A.  2011.  Conformal Adaptation and Electronic Structure of 2H-Tetraphenylporphyrin on AG(111) Fe Metalation. Physical Chemistry C. 115:4155-4162.di_santo_et_al._2011-jpc.pdf
Taleatu, BA, Fasasi AY, DiSanto G, Bernstorff S, Goldoni A, Fanetti M, Floreano L, Borghetti P, Casalis L, Sanavio B, Castellarin-Cudia C.  2011.  Electro-chemical deposition of zinc oxide nanostructures by using two electrodes. AIP Advances. 1(3):032147-032157.taleatu_et_al._2011-aip_adv.pdf
Olofinjana, B, Egharevba G, Taleatu B, Akinwunmi O, Ajayi EO.  2011.  MOCVD of Molybdenum Sulphide Thin Film via Single Solid Source Precursor Bis-(Morpholinodithioato-s,s’)-Mo. modern physics. 2:341-349.olofinjana_et_al_2011-jmp.pdf
Olofinjana, B, Egharevba GO, Eleruja MA, Jeynes C, Adedeji AV, Akinwunmi OO, Taleatu BA, Mordi CU, Ajayi EOB.  2010.  Synthesis and Some Properties of Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposited Molybdenum Oxysulphide Thin Films. Materials Science and Technology. 26(6):552-557.olofinjana_et_al_2010-_jmst.pdf
Mordi, CU, Eleruja MA, Taleatu BA, Egharevba GO, Adedeji AV, Akinwunmi OO, Olofinjana B, Jeynes C, Ajayi EOB.  2009.  Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposited Thin Films of Cobalt Oxide Prepared via Cobalt Acetylacetonate. Materials Science and Technology. 25(1):85-89.mordi_et_al._2009-_jmst.pdf