Mr. Atoloye Idowu is a Presidential Doctoral Research Fellow at Utah State University, US. He holds M.Phil (Soil Science) and B.Agric. (Soil Science) degrees from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. Currently, his research focuses on dryland organic wheat and how compost can enhance yield in the long-term. In future, he plans to research into how organic fertilizers and soil management practices can enhance or compromise soil carbon, microbial activities, and nutrient cycling and its impact on food security in agroecosystems in West Africa.

Idowu was awarded a Scholar Award by the International Plant and Nutrition Institue (IPNI) in 2013. He was one of the three selected out of 60 applicants from sub-Saharan Africa. He was the first person to win the award in West Africa. Likewise, he was awarded a Training Grant by the International Humic Substance Society (IHSS) in 2013. 


  • Soil organic matter and enzymes
  • Compost and vermicompost
  • Soil fertility in West Africa
  • Phosphorus