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Oluwatope, AO, Oyewo DT, Olayiwola FE, Aderounmu GA, Adagunodo EA.  2012.  Buffer Ocupancy of Double-Buffer Traffic Shaper in Real-Time Multimedia Applications across Slow-Speed Links. Communications and Network. abstract17.docx
Oluwatope, A, Iyanda D, Aderounmu G, Adagunodo R.  2012.  Computational Modeling of Collaborative Resources Sharing in Grid System. Computer Science and its Applications. 19(1)abstract11.docx
Olayiwola, O, Oyewo D, Oluwatope A, Aderounmu A, Adagunodo R.  2012.  Double-Buffer Traffic Shaper Modelling for Multimedia Applications in Slow Speed Network. 9abstract9.docx
Oyeyinka, KI, Oluwatope AO, Akinwale AT, Folorunso O, Aderounmu GA, Abiona OO.  2011.  TCP Window Based Congestion Control Slow-Start Approach. Communications and Network. 3:85-98.abstract18.docx
Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Oluwatope A, Oluwaranti A, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2011.  A User Identity Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Paradigm. abstract19.docx
Oluwatope, AO, Aderounmu AG, Obembe O, Ogwu FJ.  2010.  An Efficient Host-to-Host Available Bandwidth Estimation Scheme. abstract15.docx
Eludiora, S, Abiona O, Aderounmu G, Oluwatope A, Onime C, Kehinde L.  2010.  A Load Balancing Policy for Distributed Web Service. Communications, Network and System Sciences. 3:645-654.abstract20.docx
Bello, SA, Abiona OO, Oluwatope AO, Sanni ML, Onime CE, Eludiora SI, Aderounmu GA, Adagunodo ER, Kehinde LO.  2009.  An e-Business Grid Model Architecture for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.
I.K, O, A.T. A, A.O. O, O. F, O.O A.  2009.  Multiple Startup Scheme for TCP. Computer Science and its Applications. 16abstract21.docx
Abiona, O, Temitope Aladesanmi, Onime C, Oluwaranti A, Oluwatope A, Olakanmi Adewara, Tricha Anjali, Kehinde L.  2009.  A Scalable Architecture for Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Using Free Open Source Software. Communications, Network and System Sciences. 6:528-539.
A.O, O, G.A A, Oyebisi T.O..  2006.  Failure Events Trend Analysis of Computer Systems in Nigeria. NSE Technical Transaction. 41(2)abstract.docx
Oluwatope, AO, Ojo BA, Aderounmu GA, Adigun MO.  2006.  A Memory Optimized Public-Key Crypto Algorithm Using Modified Modular Exponentiation (MME). 3
Oluwatope, OA, Babatunde AO, Akinola AA, Adagunodo ER, Aderounmu GA.  2005.  Scheduling and Packetizing for AAL2 Services in Mobile ATM Networks: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation. ABACUS. 32(2B):461-476.abstract6.docx
Oluwatope, AO, Kumolalo FO, Adagunodo ER, Akinde AD.  2003.  Issues of Internet Applications Traffic on Communication Infrastructure. abstract7.docx
Oluwatope, AO, Aderounmu GA, Adagunodo ER, Abiona OO, Ogwu FJ.  2001.  Available Bandwidth Based Congestion Avoidance Scheme for TCP: Modeling and Simulation. abstract2.docx